Emirates ID Tracking Though Emirates Post: Perfect Guide



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The Emirates ID is an essential document that every UAE resident must carry with them daily. Whether you are a foreign expatriate or an Emirati national, you need to get your ID card. In this regard, the last step of getting this document is to do the emirates ID tracking emirates post. Since you will get your card through the mail, you must know how to track it in case the delivery has taken too long. And, since Emirates Post is in charge of delivering the ID cards, then you have to do the emirates id tracking emirates post to see if everything is fine with your documentation.

In this article, you will learn how to do the emirates id empost tracking. Moreover, you will gain more insight into how to get an electronic Emirates ID card or how to speed up the process. Let’s observe:

  1. Understanding the Emirates ID
  2. Learning the process to collect your new Emirates ID card
  3. See how to find an Emirates Post near your location
  4. Here we have how to do the emirates ID tracking emirates post
  5. What if you have not received the text message?
  6. Did you know you can get a digital copy of your Emirates ID?
  7. Get a new Emirates ID in just a few hours

1. Understanding the Emirates ID

emirates ID tracking emirates post

The Emirates ID is the identity card of the United Arab Emirates. The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security issues it. Thus, it is a legal requirement for every UAE citizen and resident to have it. This includes even newborn babies.

This identity card aims to facilitate identification and verification, as well as to protect the individual’s identity. Moreover, with the Emirates ID, the individual can get access to government services, and use it for several purposes.

The Emirates ID is known as a state-of-the-art identity card because it has great components. It is a smart card and has a public key infrastructure and fingerprint biometrics. Also, its electronic chip is contained all your personal information.

There are several news that has come up about the Emirates ID. One of the most recent ones is that it will replace the UAE residency visa page on passports. Also, UAE Visa Stamping is no longer required as long as the resident carries out the latest version of the Emirates ID.

The ICP also points out that it is illegal to retain a UAE visa or an emirates ID card an employee by an employer. So, you should always have your documentation with you, and your employer cannot take it from you.

1.1 How to get your Emirates ID card

If this is the first time you requesting an Emirates ID, you should know that you have to go through a process comprised of several steps:

  1. Use your email to register for the ICP Portal.
  2. Gather the documentation you need such as your passport, UAE unified number, and others.
  3. Take the photo as per the Emirates ID requirements.
  4. Fill out the application form.
  5. Make the payment.
  6. Collect your card.

Your Emirates ID card will be sent to your nearest post office. This is why you need to know how to do the emirates id tracking emirates post to see how it will take to arrive. You need to know the corporate delivery center where to get it once your application is approved.

It is worth noting that the Emirates ID is not the same as the E signature card in the UAE. Thus, there should not have been any confusion between these two.

Also, there are several processes you can do with your Emirates ID such as changing the mobile number on your UAE identity card.

1.2 Use your Emirates ID for different purposes

In general, you can use your Emirates ID card for the following:

  • Access secure eServices.
  • Have your identity information.
  • Register for ICA Smart Services.
  • Use it as a travel document (if you are a UAE citizen and you plan to travel within the GCC).
  • Use it as a document to pass immigration entering through smart gates and eGates at some airports in the UAE.

It is important to point out that if you are planning to travel with your Emirates ID you have to consider if you have to get a visa. For example, check how to get an Oman Visa for UAE residents.

1.3 The perfect time to apply for your Emirates ID

As you may know, once you arrive in the UAE you go through the process to get your medical fitness certificate for your UAE Residence Visa.

After that, you will get your UAE Visa. This process is mandatory for all types of residence visas, regardless if you are applying for a freelance visa or getting a UAE Property Visa.

With your UAE Visa, you can now apply for your Emirates ID card. It will take between 7-10 days to receive your document.

2. Learning the process to collect your new Emirates ID card

Once you have applied for your emirates ID, whether a new one or a replacement, you have to know how much time you will have to wait to get it.

After you have submitted your application to the ICP, you should receive a text message about the status of your application and the expected delivery date.

Since it takes 7-10 days to get your document, you can learn how to track emirates ID so you can know when to go to the post office.

However, that time is for when the Emirates ID card is a new one. If you are requesting a replacement, it will be issued 48 hours after your application. And, if you are eligible for an express service, you can receive it within 24 hours.

So, as you can see, the time varies depending on the type of your application. This is why individuals need to know the emirates post emirates id tracking so they can be fully prepared.

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    3. See how to find an Emirates Post near your location

    Emirates Post is the UAE’s postal service. The first one was established in the country, and it started in Dubai in 1909. From that date, it has evolved tremendously to offer great services.

    In fact, it is known as the world’s fastest postal delivery since 2016. So, whether you hold a UAE Green Visa or any other document that grants you residency, you can use this service.

    The Emirates Post operates across the UAE, so you can find offices near Kizad Abu Dhabi and near IFZA in Dubai, as well as almost anywhere.

    You just have to go to Emirates Post’s official website and click on the service titled “Find us near you”. After that, you can be sure that you can do the emirates id tracking emirates post and get it in the place that is nearest your location.

    Previously, individuals could do the tawzea tracking, but with Emirates Post is easier to get the Emirates ID.

    4. Here we have how to do the emirates ID tracking emirates post

    emirates ID tracking emirates post

    As you must know, you can check the status of your UAE identity card online for free. This includes checking the entire process from your application up to collection.

    Once you see your card has been issued, you can do the emirates id tracking emirates post to see the expected delivery date.

    Thus, if you want to know how can i track my emirates id in post office? You can follow any of the following two procedures, either by the website or by the app.

    4.1 Track your Emirates ID through the website

    1. Go to Emirates Post’s official portal.
    2. Type the tracking number you have received by text message.
    3. Click on the blue tab “Track.”

    After that, you will see a timeline of your shipment. Here, you can see when the Emirates ID card will be delivered or when it was delivered to the post office. Also, you can see the date for collection.

    4.2 Use the Emirates Post App to track your Emirates ID

    If you have a smartphone, you can download the Emirates Post App and track the shipment of your Emirates ID card. The App is available from Google Play Store and iOS Apple App Store.

    Follow the next steps to track your Emirates ID:

    1. Download the App to your smartphone.
    2. Search for the “Quick Actions” category and select “Track Shipment.”
    3. Follow the steps indicated by the App.

    Then, you will see the timeline of your shipment, such as the delivery date and date of collection.

    5. What if you have not received the text message?

    In case you have done the emirates id tracking emirates post, but you still have not received the text message indicating you can get your ID card at your nearest post office, you may feel worried.

    Whether you have applied through a typing centre or online, the process requires for you to wait until the Emirati Identity Authority lets you know when your new card is available.

    If you have not received your text message, you will have to call the hotline to follow up on your application. Keep in mind that your Emirates ID card may take up to 10 days to arrive. But, if it has been more than two weeks since your application, you need to take some action.

    This will allow you to know your emirates id delivery status. After you talk to one representative through a hotline, your process will be expedited.

    So, you may receive your text message soon indicating you can go to Emirates Post to get your ID card. This is why it is important to check the tracking of your Emirates ID, so you can take further steps to ensure you get your documentation.

    6. Did you know you can get a digital copy of your Emirates ID?

    You can carry out the emirates id delivery tracking to see the status of your card. However, if you have not got your Emirates ID, you can request a digital copy.

    So, while you do the emirates id tracking empost you can wait and get your digital copy. This is following ICP’s announcements made in June 2021.

    Here we have how you can get an electronic copy of your UAE identity card. It is a simple process that will let you use your document for several purposes while you wait for the physical card.

    7. Get a new Emirates ID in just a few hours

    If you do not want to go through the hassle of checking your empost emirates id tracking, and you want to get your documentation as soon as possible, you can apply for an express service.

    This service is known as “Fawri” but you will have to pay an urgent service fee. Also, you have to check if you are eligible for it.

    You can access this service if you are a UAE National or a GCC national residing in the UAE. Thus, this service is not available to expatriates unless the issuance or renewal of your Emirates ID is linked to procedures related to proof of residency.

    With this service, you can get your first-time Emirates ID, renew it or request a replacement and receive it within 24 hours.

    Therefore, you will not have to do the emirates id tracking emirates post since you can get your card in just a day.

    Keep in mind that if you do not renew your Emirates ID you can get fined. If you have incurred in late renewal, you can check the fines on your UAE identity card in seconds to see how much you will have to pay.

    In case you are looking for knowing more about different procedures to check your UAE documentation, we invite you to visit our blog. We have several guides such as how to check the GDRFA Application approval status or how to check the labour card UAE.

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