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Cloud Based Payroll

Automate important processes and free your human resources from monotonous duties. Wages Protection System simplifies your payroll (WPS).

HR Management

All of your HR needs can be automated with the help of an all-in-one HR cloud management solution.


We provide a platform for you and employees to access your insurance policy like never before.

Employee Self Service

The ConnectHR Cloud solution enables your team to have exceptional access to work, financial, and medical benefits meant to improve their well-being, productivity, and more

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Employee Benefits

To manifest continuous growth and measurable success for key – local and multinational – companies through:

  • Continuous & Strong relationships with Clients
  • Ongoing consultancy
  • Endless methodology development and advancement
  • Constant tools upgrade
  • Solid career path for employees
payroll software

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Payroll
Management Solutions

Remain Compliant With the Laws

Leave this hassle to us. Our agents will make sure that your company is acquiescent under the UAE’s Regulations.

Spend Less Time on Payroll Administration

Our tools help you reduce the time you usually spend on Payroll duties by automating this process. Subsequently, you can smoothly run operations with our support.

Pay Your Staff Members on Time

Keep your employees satisfied by using a timely, accurate payroll process.

Have Access to Your Information from Any Location

Our flexible HR Management Solution tools provide you with remote access to your business’ data in real-time through our cloud services

Boost Your Productivity

Thanks to our automated processes you can have some extra time to focus on expanding your business

Safeguard your Company

By using our platform, you can rest assured that all your sensitive data and information will remain safe from any malware or hacking attempt

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