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Get Freelance Visa & Permit in Dubai, UAE 2023 Perfect Guide

Working as a freelancer in the UAE is a dream for many. If this is your case, you need to know all the information about the freelance visa Dubai. This way, you can apply for this self-sponsored visa in Dubai and start boosting your career.

In this article, you are going to learn everything you need to know about the Dubai freelance visa. From requirements up to the complete process. Let us observe:

  1. Latest news about the Freelance Visa Dubai
  2. Apply for a Freelance Visa Dubai in 2023
  3. See all the benefits of the Freelance Visa Dubai
  4. Step-by-step process to get a freelancer visa in Dubai
  5. Can you sponsor your family with your freelance visa?
  6. Here we have the sectors in which you can freelance
  7. Understanding the Cost of the Freelance Visa
  8. Apply for a green Visa for freelancers

1. Latest news about the Freelance Visa Dubai

freelance visa Dubai

Many foreign professionals want to move to the UAE to start a new life. However, it is not always easy to find a job in Dubai or any other of the Emirates.

For this reason, is that freelancing has been becoming an attractive option. So, with this in mind, the UAE Government issued a new permit that allows expatriates to apply for freelancing in the country.

Therefore, individuals may apply for a permit and then they can work from anywhere, either within the UAE or elsewhere in the world.

So, according to the latest news about the freelance visa in Dubai, the permit is available for those that meet the eligibility criteria.

2. Apply for a Freelance Visa Dubai in 2023

Since the UAE is looking to attract more qualified individuals, they have introduced the freelance visa for sale in Dubai.

So, UAE nationals are not the only ones that can apply for a freelance permit. Thus, UAE citizens, UAE residents, and even non-residents can take advantage of this opportunity.

What’s more, is that even freelancers can now apply for a Green Visa. Thus, they can obtain a long-term residency in the UAE.

Nonetheless, it is important to understand which type of document you will need. This is based on your condition of residency in the UAE.

2.1 Freelance Permit for UAE Residents

If you are a UAE resident, on a UAE family visa under your spouse or parent sponsorship, or maybe with a UAE employment visa, you cannot apply for a freelance visa.

In this case, since you are already under a visa, you will need a freelancer permit to start working.

Also, full-time employees can obtain this permit and perform their duties outside their regular work schedule.

So, if you have been considering freelancing vs a full-time job, you do not have to choose. You can have both.

Nonetheless, if your employer is your sponsor, you have to submit a No Objection Certificate (NOC) with your application.

2.2 Freelance visa for non-residents

If you are not a UAE resident, you will have to apply for a freelance visa. With this document, you can obtain your residency and also start working as a freelancer.

2.3 The Talent Pass

Lastly, if you are in the UAE, but you are residing in Dubai, you can apply for the talent pass license.

With it, you get a three-year residency and be part of the global talent that is living and working in Dubai.

But, the talent pass is aimed at individuals that work in the media, art, technology, education, marketing, culture, and consultancy sector.

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    3. See all the benefits of the Freelance Visa Dubai

    Being self-employed brings many benefits to your life. However, with a freelance visa in Dubai, you can even get more advantages.

    Some of the benefits you get are the following:

    • Work for several clients and multiple companies.
    • Offer your services at affordable rates since you can offer lower prices.
    • Live and work legally in the UAE, and even bring your relatives with a family visa.
    • Work as an independent contractor.
    • Rent an office in Dubai and even access the business centres.
    • Kickstart your freelancing career in one of the most prosperous job markets.

    4. Step-by-step process to get a freelancer visa in Dubai

    Before starting to consider how much is freelance visa in Dubai, you need to evaluate the entire process to determine how to succeed.

    Although getting your self-employment visa in the UAE may be easy, you may need extra support. Also, it is good to be well-versed in all the steps you have to follow so you can be prepared.

    4.1 Get the freelance permit

    The first step will be to apply for a freelance permit in any of the free zones in Dubai. So, you have to check your eligibility to determine if you can obtain it.

    Thus, make sure to gather all the following documentation for your application:

    • Updated CV.
    • Recent photograph.
    • Copy of your passport and visa (valid for 8 months at least).
    • Bank reference letter.
    • NOC issued by the sponsor (if applicable).
    • Proof of your qualifications duly certified by the UAE consulate of your home country or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (education sector).
    • Portfolio (media sector).

    Once you apply, you will have to wait for 5-7 days for approval. After that, you can complete the payment for the freelance permit.

    Then, you have to wait for 15 business days so your permit gets approved.

    4.2 Apply for the establishment card

    Once you got your freelance permit, the next step is to apply for the establishment card. It is worth mentioning that it has an additional cost.

    The only requirements are your freelance permit and a UAE mobile number.

    4.3 Obtain the entry permit

    With your establishment card, you can now apply for entry permission in the UAE.

    Moreover, you have to submit your passport, medical insurance certificate and photograph with your application.

    4.4 Get your residence visa

    Lastly, you will receive your entry permit and you have 60 days to finalize the process for your residence visa.

    Thus, you have to pass the medical examination, and then you can get the visa stamp and start your freelancing journey.

    5. Can you sponsor your family with your freelance visa?

    freelance visa Dubai

    One of the many concerns of expatriates is that they want to bring their relatives with them to the UAE.

    The good news is that employees and employers with valid residence permits can sponsor their families.

    5.1 Conditions and Requirements

    The freelance visa Dubai requirements for sponsoring your relatives are the following:

    • Valid residence permit.
    • Minimum salary of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 plus accommodation.
    • Apply for the family visa within 60 days of obtaining the UAE Residence Visa.

    Also, here we have the conditions regarding the family member:

    • Wife: marriage certificate (authenticated).
    • Two wives: Muslim expatriates have to meet the terms established by the GDRFA.
    • Daughters: unmarried daughters (no age limit).
    • Sons: under 18 years old. If they are 18-21 years old is possible to sponsor them as long as you submit proof that they are studying.
    • Stepchildren: a NOC issued by the biological parent.

    5.2 How to apply

    The application process for a family visa is pretty straightforward. You have to follow the next steps:

    1. Apply for the entry permit for your relatives.
    2. Once approved, the family can travel to the UAE.
    3. The sponsor then has to apply to a typing centre in Dubai.
    4. Provide the duly filled application and documentation.
    5. The family has to undergo the medical examination and pass it (those that are over 18 years of age).

    6. Here we have the sectors in which you can freelance

    Since the UAE is becoming an attractive location for freelancers, many expatriates believe they have a chance to start working there.

    However, freelancing is only available in some sectors. Thus, it is important to check which activities are approved so you can apply and ensure you can succeed in the UAE as a freelancer.

    Currently, individuals that belong to the media, tech, education, and design sector can apply for a freelance permit.

    For this reason, here we have some of the activities they can perform with their freelance visa.

    6.1 Media activities

    • Animator
    • Artist
    • Director
    • Marketing Specialist
    • Musician
    • Actor
    • Copywriter
    • Graphic designer
    • Journalist
    • Photographer
    • Events planner
    • Editor
    • Critic
    • Translator
    • Writer
    • Web developer
    • Social media specialist
    • Producer

    6.2 Education sector

    Individuals have to apply at the Dubai Knowledge Park, and can only do it for one position:

    • Executive Coaching
    • Trainer
    • Education advisor
    • eLearning advisor
    • Researcher

    6.3 Activities in tech

    Individuals can only apply for one of the following:

    • IT and Telecommunications
    • Data Science
    • Customer Service
    • Web, Software or Mobile Development, Architecture

    The Dubai Internet City issues the permit

    6.4 Dubai design sector

    It is only available to opt for one of the following positions:

    • Fashion Artist
    • Textile Designer
    • Costume Designer
    • Visual Merchandiser
    • Wedding Planner
    • Image Consultant
    • Hairstylist
    • Interior Designer
    • Concept Designer
    • Makeup Artist
    • Personal Shopper

    7. Understanding the cost of the Freelance Visa

    If you are looking for a cheap freelance visa Dubai, you need to know which expenses you will incur:

    • Freelance permit: you have to pay a fee for its issuance and then an annual renewal fee.
    • Establishment card: It is necessary to pay a fee for issuance and then an annual renewal fee.
    • Employment visa: you can pay for a 3-year visa or a 5-year visa, which is costlier because it is for a longer term. After they expire, you have to pay a renewal fee.
    • Residence visa: if you are not a UAE resident, you have to apply for a residence visa too. It can be valid for 3 years, and you may pay a normal or express fee, depending on if you want it faster.
    • Health insurance: you also have to pay for valid health insurance in the UAE.

    The visa fee includes the cost of the medical fitness certificate, Emirates ID, and visa stamping.

    8. Apply for a green Visa for freelancers

    With your freelance visa Dubai, you can apply for a long-term residency. It is known as the green visa, and it grants a 5-year residency to its holder.

    The best part is that you will not need a sponsor. Nevertheless, you have to comply with the following requirements:

    • Have a freelance permit issued by the MoHRE
    • Meet the minimum educational level with a specialized diploma or a bachelor’s degree
    • Have earned a minimum of AED 360,000 in the past two years with your self-employment or proven financial solvency throughout your stay in the UAE.

    Freelancing in the UAE can be a great opportunity for improving your quality of life. For this reason, if you want to learn more about the topic, we invite you to visit our blog. Here you can learn so much about living in the UAE such as the working hours during Ramadan and how to track your Emirates ID through Emirates Post.

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