The HR team is the central hub for every business. Organizations with an effective HR strategy have a better chance at outperforming competitors. An effective HR strategy aligns the HR function to the business strategy.

Connect Resources firm services lies in the consulting talent sourcing, which is done with a mixture of UAE and global sourcing abilities to source the best professionals to deliver the project requirements. That’s why you need us!


Connect Resources’ HR consulting services are principally aimed to support you with the Human Resources department in your business.

The services includes:

  • Guidance of HR policy and strategy – ensuring you are in track with the latest HR federal regulations.
  • Understand the PRO services we have assist you with.
  • Guidance on the type of positions in your company based on your business requirement and hiring process.
  • Workforce Strategic Development – manpower planning with our specialists.
  • Guidance on Salary, Compensation and Benefits – ensuring you are in the current salary market. Reward schemes will be a developing process.
  • Employee fulfillment – tracking and understanding employees’ view of your business matters. This is usually measured through a straightforward survey to determine improvements and recommendations.

Why Us?

• We have been in the HR industry for over 20 years.

• We are always up to date with the UAE laws and regulations.

• We provide a bespoke HR consulting service with excellent cost efficient solution.

• We can support small or large businesses with consulting services.

• We have a team of finest HR consultants to assist you in all areas of the HR department. Please get in touch with us!