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Approved from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE), former Ministry of Labor, to operate and provide this services all over the United Arab Emirates

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Connect Resources is the UAE’s leading Recruitment and Staffing Agency in Dubai and an official alliance of Randstad. We offer supreme HR consultancy services and staffing solutions to our clients in the Middle East. We foster an unparalleled industry insight and a sophisticated consultative approach for both partners and job seekers to meet all your HR consultancy needs and solutions

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Enjoy to do business in a country that connect Europe, Africa and Asia.


Whether you’re helping a client find the right talent to grow their business, or guiding a job seeker through the challenges of finding a job they love, you’re always on the lookout for ways you can make a difference.

How Is Our Staff Outsourcing Process?

The staff outsourcing process we carry out in Connect Resources is suited to each company’s needs so you can find the best solution for your organization.
It consists in several steps where we make our best effort to define the requirements for the job position and company’s culture, so the candidate can be the best fit not only in the professional area, but also as a whole for the organization.

Understand the requirement: our team of experts will contact your company to gain a thorough understanding of your mission and goals, as well as the industry you’re working in, so we can define the qualifications and skill of the best candidate.

Candidate strategy: once everything is well-defined, we search the best match for your organization in our top-professional database to identify the best solution for you.

Candidate screening: we conduct several levels of screening so we can select only the best profiles for your company, so you can make the decision and choose the staff that you’re looking for.

Offer management: after making the decision, we help you with the negotiations so you can issue an offer and have your new employee right away.

What Are The Benefits Of Our Services?

In Connect Resources we offer a wide range of services for your company so you can start focusing on your core business thanks to our consultative approach, where you just have to tell us your requirements and we’ll find the best candidate for you.


You won’t have to invest in an HR department with experts because with us you’ll have all the help that you need.

Stop using your time setting up a company while with Connect Resources you can onboard your employees within days.


Are you looking for hiring a person right away? Don’t worry, with us you won’t waste any time with legalities and paperwork, because we’ll take care of everything so you can have the professional that you need very quick.


Whether you’re looking for staffs for junior or senior position, we have a wide database with the best candidates that will fulfill with you requirements.

Connect Resources has its own department for Talent Acquisition. Be in touch!


You no longer have to be alone in the hiring process, because we’ll help you in each step of the way, which is necessary if you need to hire people from abroad or if you’re looking for top management employees to boost your company.

Featured In Gulf News

 Connect Resources has announced the addition of a provision to increase visa quotas without the need for additional office space. As a result, firms and corporations will be able to grow and expand considerably more quickly. Connect Resources helps businesses to increase their number of employees by giving those individuals with a visa under Connect Resources sponsorship, letting enterprises and companies to use Connect’s visa quota instead of their own as they develop and expand.

This makes it much easier for enterprises and corporations to grow and flourishWith hundreds of satisfied clients and years of experience in the UAE industry . Connect Resources is well-equipped to offer in-depth knowledge and expert skills in the areas of visas, workforce, immigration, and business setup. Compliance with regulations, 24/7 assistance, and reasonable pricing are just a few of the benefits you may enjoy from this exceptional company

Connect Resources announces provision for increasing visa quotas without additional office space

Why Should You Choose Our Services?

Connect Resources is one of the top leading staff outsourcing companies in Dubai with over two decades of expertise in HR Solutions, so you’ll have a complete assistance in your requirements.

We specialize in outsourcing, recruitment, and staffing and we’ve helped many companies in several industries to find the best staff so they can take their business to another level.

We deliver highly specialized workforce to companies located in the UAE and we help them with Emiratisation, Work Visa, and Government Services to help them bring foreign staff to the country.

Whether you’re looking for On-Demand Staffing, Permanent Recruitment or Temporary Staffing, you can trust in Connect Resources to find the solution for your organization, without needing to spend money and effort in the search because we do all the process for you.

You can trust in our team of consultants that will be available for you to answer all of your inquiries, because they will be your allies in the contract staffing services.

So you can start focusing on your company’s main activity with the help of specialized staff in areas such as HR, Payroll, and IT services.

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