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    UAE Green Visa Criteria

    Freelancers & Self-employed

    • 5 year residency visa
    • Bachelor degree or equivalent (fully attested)
    • Annual income of no less than AED 125,000 in the past 2 years
    • Proof of financial solvency throughout the stay in the UAE

    Investors or partners

    • Proof of participation in commercial activities
    • Proof of investment in UAE
    • Approval issued by competent local authorities

    Skilled professionals


    • Valid employment contract
    • Bachelor degree or equivalent (fully attested)
    • Salary no less than AED 15,000
    • Classified in the first, second or third occupational level by MOHRE

    Do you want to apply for a UAE Green Visa?

    What is the UAE Green Visa and how do you apply for it? The Green Visa is a new option in the UAE for skilled professionals looking for long-term residency. If you are a freelancer, employee or any skilled professional you could be eligible for this 5 year residence visa which has a flexible grace period.

    At Connect Resources we will check your UAE Green Visa eligibility and determine if this is the correct path for you. We will manage the entire process to ensure everything goes quick and efficiently.

    UAE Green VIsa

    Benefits of UAE Green Visa

    The UAE green visa means you can obtain a long-term residency and many more exclusive benefits. Besides obtaining the UAE residence, you can enjoy the following:

    Get 5-year of renewable of Green Visa card UAE

    A longer flexible grace period of up to six months after the visa is canceled or expires

    Enjoy a flexible lifestyle and know how to get resident visa in UAE

    No sponsor is needed and it is not necessary to find an employer

    With the green UAE, you can sponsor your first-degree relatives

    Process of UAE Green Visa

    Submit your Documents to check eligibility

    Submit Documents to Relevant Authories for approval

    Follow up & submit additional documents, if required

    Visa Process after approval received

    Requirements for obtaining the Green Visa

     Valid employment contract

    Proof of investment

    Certificate of annual income

    Self-employment/freelance permit

    Educational certificate

    Proof of financial solvency

    Approvals from Authorities

    Proof of commercial Establishment

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    UAE Green VIsa

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    Choosing us as your agency to begin your Green visa UAE process is the correct step. The advantages of obtaining a Green visa UAE are numerous, and obtaining one means that you can legally work and live in the UAE without difficulty.

    We have the lowest Green visa UAE cost, so you will not be going over budget when working with us. Also, we can make sure to provide you with your Green visa UAE insurance. Get in touch with our agents and request a quotation!