PEO – Professional Employer Organization Dubai

Do you need assistance with your HR-related functions? We can help you! Our comprehensive solutions will help you have a better management of your business.

Start focusing on your core activities and invest your resources in improving your organization while we handle everything related with your human resources.

PEO – Professional Employer Organization Dubai

Our PEO Services

We are a Professional Employer Organization UAE that offers a vast range of HR-related services to ensure a smooth operation in your company.

You can decide the scope and level of the service and we will adapt our solution according to your specific needs.

With our help you can concentrate on your productivity to generate revenue and boost your business. Our PEO services are aimed to help the established organizations in the UAE to thrive by staying in compliance with the law.

Advantages of our PEO Services

●You stay in compliance with regulations and laws

●You can offer better benefits for your employees at a better cost

●Our PEO services help you ensure a smooth on-boarding for your new employees

●You can hire top-quality staff thanks to our expertise

●You won’t have to worry about HR-related issues because we will take that hassle away

●You can avoid risks related with employment issues

EOR (Employer of Record)2
payroll outsourcing

Payroll management

Managing the payroll for your workforce could be challenging, particularly if you don’t have enough specialists or resources in your HR in-house department.

With our customizable solution, you won’t have to invest time and money in your monthly payroll processing, because we will take care of this matter.

Forget about the lengthy and confusing payroll process since we will set up and run it to help you stay compliant and offer better benefits for your employees.

Visa sponsorship

Our Professional Employer Organization Abu Dhabi can help you process all the necessary visas and permits for your employees so they can work legally in the UAE.

●We assist you with the UAE visa application process

●We are constantly updating our knowledge about the UAE unique and constantly changing immigration laws

●We help you overcome the language barrier to make the process easier

●We offer immigration support to help you solve all of your inquiries

●We help your employees with the basic requirements for applying for the work permit

PEO (Professional Employer Organization)

Employee outsourcing

With the help of a Professional Employer Organization United Arab Emirates you can get the top-level employees you need for your business.

We offer a comprehensive solution aimed to help you solve all of your issues in terms of sourcing, hiring and onboarding.

You won’t have to continue worrying about finding the perfect candidates since we have access to an extensive pool of talent to provide you a customized candidate shortlist based on your specific requirements.

Legal compliance and risk mitigation

Staying in compliance with the local laws and regulations could be challenging. For this reason, we have an onsite legal and HR team readily available to offer the best service to prevent risks in this matter.

●We help you elaborate employment contracts compliant with UAE labor laws

●We provide legal guidance to your business

●We ensure HR compliance in all areas

●We assist you with processing and understanding local tax

●We advise you on how to follow the best practices

●We help you understand employment and labor law


Why choose our services?

Running a business could be challenging, but we’re here to help you with the most time-consuming tasks so you can focus on your core activities to increase revenue.

You won’t need to invest all of your resources and efforts in your HR management since we can offer you a great solution for handling all of your HR related matters.

Our vast range of services is designed to help your business grow and increase its financial success, so don’t doubt on contacting us to offer you a customizable solution.