If you want to boost your professional life or your business in Egypt, get some of the Egypt Connect Resources services that we offer to you to start building without investing too much money or time. It is possible now that we have available offices in the country, ready to serve you when the time comes.
Whether you are an employee or an employer, our many different services will allow you to make your professional life grow along with the benefits and advantages we provide you. Among our available services, you can find staff outsourcing, PEO and EOR services, visa outsourcing, recruitment, executive search, and payroll outsourcing.

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    Staff Outsourcing Contract Staffing in Dubai with Connect Resources

    Staff Outsourcing Services

    Make your company more efficient with our staff outsourcing services, which will help you save time and money while your firm grows. Some advantages you can get with Connect Resources are:
    ● You will get only obtain high-qualified staff to fulfill your business’s needs.
    ● Our efficient methods will help us search the right candidates in a short time.
    ● Connect Resources team has professionals for every area you might need.
    ● You will be able to focus on your goals while we search for the staff you desire.
    ● There will be no risks of making bad hiring.
    ● We provide solutions and adapt our services to your requirements.

    Visa Outsourcing Services

    If you do not wish to go through tiresome processes, you can count on Egypt Connect Resources to help you get the legal documents you will need to officially start running your business in Egypt, like visa outsourcing and other related services that include employee and resident visas, family visas, labor quota applications, and many others.
    You will be able to reduce your costs and receive our high-qualified services, administrative support, and other solutions for your needs. We can also help you save your time due to the methods we use to provide our services, which make them more efficient and faster to fulfill your requirements quickly.

    Visa Outsourcing Services connect resources
    Staff Outsourcing Dubai, UAE with Connect Resources

    PEO (Professional Employer Organization)

    You can make your company even more efficient with our PEO services. We have experience offering these services for many other companies, helping them grow.

    You can obtain some benefits like:

    ● Allow your company to enter the market as a professional one.
    ● Minimize risks and ensure your business.
    ● Get HR services, law and regulations management, payroll functions, and other solutions.
    ● Make your company more profitable in less time.
    ● Get support for your HR department. We can manage employers’ duties for you.
    ● We will adapt our services to you and your requirements.

    EOR (Employer Of Record)

    Do not waste more time and money on making your business more profitable if you have limited resources. With Connect Resources, you can achieve this goal and go beyond along with the benefits and advantages you can get from our EOR services, including lower costs and legal protection for your firm.
    You can leave liabilities and responsibilities to us while you focus on your business strategies or any other important affair. We are able to manage employers’ tasks to make your company more efficient in less time. Our services provide flexibility, which allows us to adapt to your requests.

    Our Recruitment Services Connect Resources
    How are our recruitment services with Connect Resources

    Recruitment Services

    If you are looking for talented candidates for your company and its available positions, we offer our recruitment services to you, and you can get these advantages:
    ● You can count on related services we have available, including contract and temporary staffing, executive search, and many others.
    ● We will provide you with high-skilled employees for every field you need.
    ● You will not spend too much of your time hiring staff. We can do it for you.
    ● Our methods and systems allow us to contact and hire the best candidates in less time.
    ● You can reduce costs and risks with these services.
    ● Connect Resources also offers Emiratization services besides quota filling.

    Executive Search connect resources

    Executive Search

    To make your business more effective, you need to find high-level employees with the talent and skills your company requires. You can find them by using our executive search services, which provide you with these advantages:
    ● You will not have to waste your time by hiring these candidates on your own. Let us do it for you and you will get the best senior-level professionals.
    ● You can choose the candidates you need through the access we give to a talent pool.
    ● Since we know many fields and types of industries, we are able to provide you with the workers you need according to your type of business.
    ● With Connect Resources searching for the experts you need, you can reduce the risks of hiring inappropriate employees.
    ● Our services allow you to focus on your business while we search for the senior-level employees you need.
    ● We guarantee efficiency in our service to fulfill your needs in a matter of time and without loss.

    Payroll Outsourcing

    Another department that needs to be well managed to make your company more effective is the payroll department, and with Connect Resources by your side, you can make it more efficient and save money and time at the same time. Our services may include WPS payments counseling and guidance, incentive management, and others.
    Keep in mind that you can access to our settings and let us know what you need, and you can even choose if our experts should work remotely or at your offices. We can cover your bank and legal liabilities, making you feel comfortable. Connect Resources will manage your payroll department with efficiency and speed.

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