Counting on a business partner in the country of Kuwait will make your company or career grow exponentially in a matter of time. Our Connect Resources team has now available offices in Kuwait ready to offer you many services you will find useful for your professional life and have more experience.
Our efficient services will help you settle in the employer of record Kuwait and run your company without any inconvenience, or help you find your desired job if you are an employee. Among the services we offer you, you can count on staff outsourcing, visa outsourcing, recruitment services, PEO and EOR services, and payroll outsourcing.

    Kuwait with Connect Resources

    Our Solutions

    Staff Outsourcing Contract Staffing in Dubai with Connect Resources

    Staff Outsourcing Services

    Our most requested service is known for its efficiency in helping companies to thrive in the country, and you can ask for it to make your business more efficient without wasting time or considerable amounts of money. You can skip tedious hiring procedures and let us search for the staff you need in your company.
    We focus on delivering highly skilled staff in a matter of time and without distracting you from your work, allowing you to concentrate on your business strategies and goals. Our professionals have access to different fields and areas, making our services fit your desires, needs, and requirements.

    Visa Outsourcing Services

    In order to allow your company or your career grow in Kuwait, you need to get some legal documents as soon as you can, and Connect Resources can help you and give you these advantages:
    ● Save your time by letting us provide you with our efficient visa outsourcing services.
    ● Get different services regarding these types of documents, such as resident and employee visas, annual license renewal, opening a bank account, visit and family visas, and more.
    ● We guarantee high-quality services and speedy visa processing thanks to our methods and mechanisms.
    ● You can reduce costs, time, and skip time-consuming procedures.
    ● We offer this service to many companies and workers, which makes us experts in many fields.
    ● Connect Resources provides you with solutions and administrative support during the process.

    Visa Outsourcing Services connect resources
    Staff Outsourcing Dubai, UAE with Connect Resources

    PEO (Professional Employer Organization)

    PEO services will be very useful to you if you are planning to run your company with more efficiency, and Connect Resources allows you to accomplish that goal by offering these services to you. With them, you can minimize risks and enter the market safely and successfully.
    Besides, we offer you HR services and support to your human resources department, like managing the employers’ duties and payroll functions. We adapt our service depending on your needs, and we also provide many solutions to make your business more efficient and profitable in a short time without spending a lot of money.

    Employer Of Record (EOR) of Kuwait

    If you want to make your company reach success in no time, do not hesitate and contact Connect Resources and our Employer of record Kuwait services, which will give the following benefits:
    ● Lower costs in case of having a limited budget, which allows you to reduce costs.
    ● High-quality service with results that surpass your expectations and make your business more effective.
    ● Legal protection for your company during the entire process.
    ● Employers’ duties management, including payroll functions and other features, with guaranteed efficiency.
    ● Liabilities and responsibilities management. It will allow you to focus on more important affairs.
    ● Flexibility in the service to satisfy your needs whenever you need it. It will allow us to adapt our services according to your requirements without losing efficiency.

    Our Recruitment Services Connect Resources
    How are our recruitment services with Connect Resources

    Recruitment Services

    Connect Resources has many available recruitment services for you, like temporary staffing, contract staffing, and others. Save your time and reduce costs and risks by hiring our valuable and efficient services, which will allow your company to grow faster in the country of Kuwait. Be sure you will get the most talented candidates in the market.
    Moreover, we have access to a talent pool where we can find high-skilled employees from every field, and our systems and techniques make our search more efficient and easier. We also offer Emiratization services; in case it is among your requirements.

    Payroll Outsourcing

    Your company’s accounting area needs to be efficient in order to make your company more profitable, and Connect Resources has available payroll outsourcing services, which provide you with these advantages:
    ● Payroll outsourcing and other related services, such as WPS payments counseling and guidance, overtime, bonuses, and incentives management, and many others.
    ● You can save time and make your payroll department more efficient with our services.
    ● Connect Resources has advanced systems and software that allow us to offer these services efficiently.
    ● You will not have to worry about the bank and legal liabilities if you have Connect Resources as a business partner.
    ● We provide you with many solutions, including choosing whether our team should work at your offices or remotely.
    ● Connect Resources will adapt these services to your requirements. Therefore, you can feel safe and comfortable.

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