Setting and leading your business or practicing your professional life in EOR Qatar is one of the best and beneficial experiences you will have, as long as you count on a company like Connect Resources to solve many business-related issues in many different areas or fields.
If you are an investor or an entrepreneur, our different services will help you make improvements in your company to increase its efficiency. And if you are an employee, Connect Resources provides you several services to start working in this country without having any inconvenience.

    Qatar with Connect Resources
    Staff Outsourcing Contract Staffing in Dubai with Connect Resources

    Staff Outsourcing Services

    Staff outsourcing services will help achieve many of your company’s goals in a matter of time. With Connect Resources help, you will be able to fill available positions in your firm without spending a lot of time or money, with experienced staff capable of doing an exceptional performance to cover your requirements.
    Besides getting a well-trained staff to start working immediately, you will observe a remarkable efficiency increase in your company’s operations, improving its development in every area. Moreover, there will be additional staff outsourcing resources you might need at some point. Connect Resources will do its best to satisfy your business needs.

    Visa Outsourcing Services

    Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, you will need some legal documents to start working in the UAE. Connect resources offers you many services related to visas and other legal documents. Some advantages of working with our company:
    ● No need to go through a tedious process. Connect Resources will make everything easier for you.
    ● We offer a wide range of services to you, as resident and employee visas, visit or family visas, opening a company bank account, and many others.
    ● Connect Resources always focuses on technological innovations to offer better services, so we are constantly improving our assistance methods to fulfill your needs.
    ● You can save a lot of time and effort since the processes are fast. Our methods make them more efficient.
    ● There is no need to invest a lot of money.
    ● Thanks to our 20-year experience in many different fields, you can be sure that you will receive the assistance you need.

    Visa Outsourcing Services connect resources
    Staff Outsourcing Dubai, UAE with Connect Resources

    PEO (Professional Employer Organization)

    If you own a company in Qatar and need to hire high-qualified employees, you can get the highly recommended PEOs services with Connect Resources. Counting on us to do this task will help you avoid time-consuming processes and save time and money, making your firm even more efficient and profitable.
    We provide several services to help your company enter the market successfully, including payroll functions, administrative and HR services, and many other tasks related to your human resources department. We can ensure your firm and minimize risks, making it more efficient as it grows in a country like Qatar.

    Payroll Outsourcing

    EOR (Employer Of Record)

    As PEO services, Connect Resources also offers EOR services to help you manage your company and lead it to success. Some services and advantages that you will get with us are:
    ● We can handle the liabilities and responsibilities of the employees.
    ● If you have a limited budget and do not want to invest too much money, we offer you lower costs to help your company grow.
    ● Connect Resources, as an efficient business partner, provides legal protection to your firm.
    ● You can trust many of your company’s tasks to us, such as payroll functions, tax duties, among others.
    ● Reduce costs by counting on our Employer of record Qatar services.
    ● We adapt to your requirements in order to make your company more productive.

    Our Recruitment Services Connect Resources
    How are our recruitment services with Connect Resources

    Recruitment Services

    If you want your company to have success in Qatar, you need to get qualified staff at your service and Connect Resources can help you find the candidates you need to accomplish this goal. It might be a difficult task if your company does this by itself, but with our help, you will not invest your time in this.
    We count on an internal database of high-skilled candidates specialized in different fields, which makes our search even more efficient.

    However, we also use popular job portals like LinkedIn to find experienced workers. Connect Resources is your best option to make your company grow efficiently.

    Executive Search connect resources

    Executive Search

    Connect Resources can provide your company the most talented candidates to start working on senior-level positions as soon as you desire. Our professional team members are specialized in the most popular market fields and that makes our company the best one you can count on. Besides, you will have many advantages when working with us.

    You do not need to waste your time hiring candidates, count on Connect Resources to do it better. You can also access to a talent pool whenever you need to search for excellent senior candidates.

    Moreover, we work in many industries, including Logistics, Banking and Finance, Oil and Gas, and many others.

    Payroll Outsourcing

    Having an excellent payroll management service will ensure success in the accounting area. Connect Resources offers you many related services along with some useful advantages, including these:
    ● You will be able to focus on making your business strategies or more important activities while we manage your payroll department.
    ● There are plenty of payroll outsourcing services for you, like WPS payments counseling and guidance, bonus, overtime, and incentives management, and more.
    ● We have developed many useful solutions to adapt them to your needs, such as working directly at your offices or remotely.
    ● Connect Resources uses several systems and software to do payroll-outsourcing activities, making this task easier and more efficient.
    ● You can have direct access to control settings and put into practice any actions you may need.
    ● You do not have to concern about the bank and legal liabilities if you count on us. Our professionals will take care of everything related to these affairs.

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