HR Consultancy Services in Dubai

The HR team is the central hub for every business. Organizations with an effective HR Consultancy Dubai strategy have a better chance at outperforming competitors. An effective HR strategy aligns the HR Consultancy function to the business strategy.

Connect Resources firm services lies in the consulting talent sourcing, which is done with a mixture of UAE and global sourcing abilities to source the best professionals to deliver the project requirements. That’s why you need us!

    HR Consultancy Services in Dubai with Connect Resources

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    Our Solutions


    Connect Resources’ HR consulting services Dubai are principally aimed to support you with the Human Resources department in your business.

    The services includes:

    • Guidance of HR Consultancy Dubai policy and strategy – ensuring you are in track with the latest HR federal regulations.
    • Understand the PRO services we have assist you with.
    • Guidance on the type of positions in your company based on your business requirement and hiring process.
    • Workforce Strategic Development – manpower planning with our specialists.
    • Guidance on Salary, Compensation and Benefits – ensuring you are in the current salary market. Reward schemes will be a developing process.
    • Employee fulfillment – tracking and understanding employees’ view of your business matters. This is usually measured through a straightforward survey to determine improvements and recommendations.

    Why Us?

    • We have been in the HR industry for over 20 years.
    • We are always up to date with the UAE laws and regulations.
    • We provide a bespoke HR consulting service Dubai with excellent cost efficient solution.
    • We can support small or large businesses with consulting services.
    • We have a team of finest HR consultants to assist you in all areas of the HR department. Please get in touch with us!

    What is our consulting approach?

    With Connect Resources you’ll have solid assistance in each step of the hiring process thanks to our effective HR consulting Dubai approach that will allow us to understand better your business and your requirements.

    Define the requirements

    The crucial part of the hiring process is to know exactly the company’s needs and environment, so we can analyze the challenges that you’re facing and provide the best solution.


    Once we understand everything related to your business, we need to define the desired state of the company so we can know exactly how to orient our solutions to find exactly the best fit for your organization.


    With our bespoke HR solutions and the issues that have already been defined previously, we make our best effort to find what it’s best for your company, practically and simply to implement.


    After we have the solution defined, we deliver it to you in the exact timeline and according to your expectations, so we’ll be working closely with you and guiding you in the whole process so we can ensure success with your requirements.

    With Connect Resources you’ll have the workforce that you need an employee fulfillment thanks to our team of experts.

    Staff Outsourcing Dubai, UAE with Connect Resources

    Why should your company have an efficient HR strategy?

    Having a proficient HR team with an efficient strategy is a must for each company because this way it can find the best professionals that will ensure a great development of the business.

    With Connect Resources you can enhance the performance of your organization since you’ll count on with experts that will help you have effective management of Human Capital.

    Having practical and implementable HR solutions will give your company the possibility to achieve maximum benefits from the staff that you hire, and by having top-level professionals you’ll see how your business grows and progresses.

    A successful business relies on the people, so you need to have a solid strategy to find exactly the people that you need to fill the job positions that you have available. If you don’t have enough resources for investing in an HR department, you can opt for consultancy services.

    What are the reasons to have Connect Resources on your side and how can it impact your business? Let’s observe:

    • Quality recruitment services
    • Find the best match for the right job position
    • Fulfill your hiring-seeking needs quickly
    • Technical expertise available
    • Guidance and assistance in the hiring process

    What are our services in HR Consultancy?

    The HR department is highly important for each company because this way you can ensure that you’ll have the best staff that is highly qualified and with top skills that will take your business to a whole new level.

    What can we offer you in HR Consultancy? Let’s observe:

    Effective HR strategy: with our wide range of services you’ll maximize the potential of your workforce. You’ll understand how to analyze, identify, and anticipate, the issues and challenges of your organization and how to define and implement a good solution.

    Optimal organizational design: you’ll align your strategy to your business goals so you can restructure your workforce and have a better performance.

    Job analysis, description, and evaluation: perhaps you have requirements for your workforce, but you don’t know exactly how to define it and how to find the right person, this is why you need Connect Resources to help you with analyzing, describing, and evaluating your job positions available.

    If you don’t have an HR team in your company, you don’t have to worry, because with Connect Resources you’ll have experts that will work based on your specific organizational needs, so you can focus on your core business.