Growing your business in Lebanon requires a lot of expertise and knowledge. If you’re looking for a third-party that can assist you with your tasks while you focus on your core activities, here in Connect Resources we can help you. You can get outstanding services at competitive prices and enjoy the benefits of having assistance from experts in this country.

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, we have services suited to your needs. You won’t have to invest a lot of effort or money since we can take care of your business functions. Our experts provide assistance in areas such as PEO and EOR Services, staff outsourcing, payroll outsourcing, visa outsourcing, Executive Search, and recruitment services.

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    Our Solutions

    Staff Outsourcing Contract Staffing in Dubai with Connect Resources

    Staff Outsourcing Services

    Finding top talent can be challenging, especially for a business entering a new market. If you want to get staff for your company, here in Connect Resources we can help you. Our team of specialists will ensure you get high-quality staff and you won’t have to spend time or resources in this challenging task.

    Here we have the benefits you get by partnering with us:

    ●Highly qualified staff that matches the position
    ●Experienced and skilled staff that doesn’t need training
    ●Reduce the risk of bad hires and thus decrease your turnover rate
    ●Get staff from any field you need
    ●A solution adapted to your staff requirements

    Visa Outsourcing Services

    To start conducting business legally in Lebanon, you must have the necessary documents that allow you to do this. Here in Connect Resources we can assist you to get visas and work permits for you and your employees.

    We know that immigration procedures are tedious and complex to understand, especially when you come from another country. However, with our assistance we can help you get the legal documents you need.

    Our services we offer with visa outsourcing are visit and family visas, resident visas, employee visas, administrative support and many more. We will help you settle in the country and start developing your business or career effectively.

    Visa Outsourcing Services connect resources
    Staff Outsourcing Dubai, UAE with Connect Resources

    PEO (Professional Employer Organization)

    Make your business grow in this country by receiving outstanding PEO Services from Connect Resources.

    Some of the benefits you can get by partnering with us are the following:

    ● Enter the Lebanon market with ease and successfully
    ● Minimize risks associated with HR tasks
    ● Get a variety of solutions in HR, payroll, legal, and more.
    ● Make your processes more efficient and profitable
    ● Get assistance with tedious HR tasks
    ● Have a dedicated HR team focused on solving your needs
    ● Have a better employee management
    ● Save time and costs associated with HR functions
    ● Receive a service adapted to your requirements to solve your needs

    EOR (Employer Of Record)

    Managing your business in Lebanon can be tough if you have a limited budget or restricted resources. In this case, it’s best to count on with experts on local laws like Connect Resources, and get EOR services.
    We will boost your company’s operation by taking care of all your functions as an employer, so you can start focusing on your business strategies. You can achieve your expansion goals by receiving assistance from top leading experts in globalization.  Our team of specialists can offer help in areas such as legal liabilities management, employer of record lebanon duties, legal protection and more.

    Our Recruitment Services Connect Resources
    How are our recruitment services with Connect Resources

    Recruitment Services

    You no longer have to invest a lot of time and resources searching for the best candidates for your company. In Connect Resources we want to offer you a top-quality recruitment service. Here we have the top benefits you can get with us:

    ● Access to our related services such as temporary staffing, contract staffing, executive search and more.
    ● Obtain top talent for every field of your business
    ● Save valuable time that you can invest on your business goals
    ● Search for high-skilled candidates in our vast talent pool
    ● Hire candidates in less time
    ● Decrease costs and risks associated with hiring

    Executive Search connect resources

    Executive Search

    If you want to reach success with your company, you must have a top management composed by experts. Connect Resources can help you find the best leaders for your business with our executive search services.

    You can get the following benefits by partnering with us:

    • Save time and efforts in hiring and recruitment of executives
    • Get the best senior professionals for your business
    • Access to our vast talent pool of passive candidates
    • Get executives with leadership potential that are suitable for your type of business
    • Fill your senior positions with highly qualified employees
    • Improve your employee retention for executives

    Payroll Outsourcing

    Your company must have a great management of its payroll if you want to have an effective business. By partnering with Connect Resources you can improve your payroll processing and administration while you don’t have to worry anymore about this subject.

    With our payroll outsourcing service you get access to counseling and guidance, WPS payments, benefits administration, incentive management, and more. You can even choose a service adapted to your needs so you can receive an outstanding solution. Our team of payroll experts will use advanced tools to ensure accuracy with your payroll while ensure compliance with the law.

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