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Connect Resources is a company that has been providing PEO, EOR, payroll outsourcing, talent acquisition, and HR outsourcing services since 2016. We have a dedicated team of professional agents that are determined to find the right ways to find solutions to the understaffing problems in the UAE. Connect Resources is one of the most modern staff outsourcing agencies in the Middle East. Therefore, if you want to be a part of what we do, join us.

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Relocating employees from Ukraine and Belarus to Dubai Connect Resources

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We have the platform that you need to search for that job opportunity that matches your qualifications. Our company has found the perfect way to manage personnel. Therefore, you can trust that we will be finding you a spot in the market that goes according to who you are as an individual.

On the other hand, if you are seeking for the perfect professionals to fill your vacancies in the UAE, you will find them with us. Connect Resources has access to a wide talent pool that will beneficiate your business in a way you cannot imagine. Consequently, you will be optimizing your operations with our support.

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I started looking for a job in my field more than a year ago. And it was not until I joined forces with Connect Resources that I was able to find the right job position for me. Within a month, Connect Resources helped me find different opportunities that matched my skills and experience to select from. As a result, I feel grateful to the agents that helped me on my quest for employment in Dubai.

We are focused on your success Connect Resources

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We make sure that the most innovative individuals and ideas are at the forefront.


Rejoice in the way you are achieving your goals with our support.


Be respectful of the diverse culture that surrounds you.


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We believe that a strong collaborative team is more productive.


We provide quality human resources to the organizations that acquire our services

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