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Every successful company needs some services to achieve all of its goals. Connect Resources has available offices in the United Arab Emirates ready to help you get the information, advice, and services you need to fulfill your business’s requirements whenever you need them. Contact us to know more about us.
Having these services at your disposition will make your firm’s efficiency grow exponentially, not to mention that you will get many benefits and advantages according to the Connect Resources service you desire to request. Among the available services we offer, you can find staff outsourcing, PEO, EOR, visa services, and more.

    United Arab Emirates with Connect Resources

    Our Solutions

    Staff Outsourcing Contract Staffing in Dubai with Connect Resources

    Staff Outsourcing Services

    Our staff outsourcing services are the perfect match for you if you are not willing to invest too much effort and time when hiring the workers your company requires.
    Some advantages you will get with our service:
    ● We provide you high-skilled staff according to your needs.
    ● You will not have to spend time or money on training new recruits.
    ● Over time, your company will show outstanding improvements thanks to our service.
    ● All of the vacant positions in your business will be filled in no time.
    ● You can reduce your costs by hiring our professional staff outsourcing service.
    ● We will provide you solutions when it comes to managing different areas.
    ● You will obtain additional resources related to this service as long as you desire.

    Visa Outsourcing Services

    Our professional team is specialized in many business areas, including the legal ones. Connect Resources is capable of helping you with legal documents such as visa outsourcing or government services. These documents are necessary to perform activities inside the country, and with our help, you can get them easily and without wasting time.

    We provide you a wide range of legal services in the UAE, such as resident and employee visa, renewal, or cancellations, labor and immigration cards, visit or family visas, annual license renewal, modifications to trade licenses or transfers, opening company bank account, company trademark registration, Emirates ID cards, and many other services.

    Visa Outsourcing Services connect resources
    Staff Outsourcing Dubai, UAE with Connect Resources

    PEO (Professional Employer Organization)

    Connect Resources has extensive experience providing PEOs services to countless companies, and we will be glad to provide them to your company too.
    You will get many benefits, including:

    ● Support to the human resources department by managing employers’ duties, assisting dismissed employees, family licenses, medical services, and more.
    ● We help your company enter the market without going through time-consuming procedures.
    ● By managing employers’ duties, we minimize risks and ensure your company.
    ● There is no need to concern about laws and regulations since we will provide many HR services, administrative services, and payroll functions.
    ● Our systems and methods make our services very efficient and profitable.
    ● You are free to choose what services you would like us to provide, but be sure we will fulfill your needs.

    EOR (Employer Of Record)

    Besides our PEO services, you can request our EOR services if you desire to make your business thrive in the UAE. These types of services will also bring you a great number of benefits and advantages, making your company more efficient. Among those advantages, you can notice that you will save time and money.
    You can leave legal liabilities and administrative functions to Connect Resources, so you can be able to focus on more important activities and business strategies. Moreover, we will provide legal protection to your company and adapt our service according to its needs and requirements.

    Our Recruitment Services Connect Resources
    How are our recruitment services with Connect Resources

    Recruitment Services

    Having excellent staff in your company will make it more efficient as it grows, but if you do not want to invest too much time on it, you can count on Connect Resources.
    ● We have an extensive internal database of candidates ready to start working immediately. This gives us speedy access to the best ones for your company.
    ● Connect Resources provides you many related services, such as recruitment for one or more hire, executive search, temporary staffing, contract staffing, and more.
    ● We are also available for doing Emiratization tasks besides quota filling.
    ● We cover many fields and different types of industries, like Facility Management, Banking and Finance, Education, Logistics, IT and Telecommunications, among others.
    ● This valuable service will help you save time and money, and you will get high-quality candidates.
    ● We provide this recruitment service using many methods, including job portals like LinkedIn and Naukrigulf.

    Executive Search connect resources

    Executive Search

    Our executive search services will provide you with the best senior-level candidates you need in your company, along with the advantages and strategies we have to adapt our services according to your requirements.
    ● We focus on searching for high-skilled professionals to guarantee quality in our service.
    ● Each of our specialists knows very well the market and works in specific fields of it.
    ● With Connect Resources, you can skip the time-consuming hiring process while leaving it to us.
    ● We have access to many different industries, such as Banking and Finance, Education, Logistics, Oil and Gas, and many others.
    ● You will have access to a talent pool to search for the candidates you are looking for.
    ● If your company does not possess the necessary resources to hire senior-level staff, you could make a bad hire. The choice for you is leaving this task to Connect Resources.

    Payroll Outsourcing

    With Connect Resources at your service, your payroll department will be well managed, and the best part of it is that will not have the need to worry about it, so you can focus on doing more important business activities that your company requires, like thinking about business strategies or any other thing.
    Thanks to the different services we offer, you can be sure we will make your payroll department develop many tasks, such as WPS payments, bonuses, overtime, and incentive management, and others. You can choose whether our professionals should work at your offices or remotely. What matters to us is satisfying your business requirements.

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