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The job industry in Dubai is one of the greatest in the United Arab Emirates according to Therefore, the Middle East emerging markets find necessary to count with IT outsourcing companies in Dubai.

Big corporations’ economic development is based on human individuals. Their effort and hard-work pays off, and that’s why technology will drive any company to success.

Today’s article will offer you an insider point of view about Information Technology, IT both in general terms and detailed keypoints. Let’s observe:

1-. How could you define IT sourcing?

First of all, Connect Resources defines this term as the number of computer related tasks offered by a third specialized company to a larger business. It is used as well to describe the practice of seeking external resources outside of an organizational structure for different IT functions.

For instance, IT sourcing companies in Dubai like ours observe the difficulties that UAE businesses have while implementing in-house IT departments. It might be cheaper for a company to subcontract maintenance and support than hiring its own employees.

What are the different services offered?

  • Software development
  • Above all, IT Help Desk: LAN, WAN and other networks,
  • Data Storage

Is it related to software engineering? Yes, of course it is! Connect Resources staff graduated as technical engineers and will offer you the best service among all IT outsourcing companies in Dubai.

The meaning and concept

Secondly, it seems as necessary to elaborate the meaning. Before hiring us, our customers should understand the added value concept that Connect Resources could grant them. What’s most important is the quality offered.

To us, software outsourcing is the practice in which a company delegates IT development functions to third-party vendors. That’s to say, our project.

What are the challenges for IT outsourcing companies in Dubai?

Similarly to what happens to other industries, there exists challenges for us too. In order to launch a highly rated servicio, it’s important to take into account the following challenges that you/we will find on the way, and even before starting the project.

  • Decision making from both sides,
  • Communication between service provider & customer,
  • Data security
  • Expectations

Above all, these elements speak up! We would say that the most important aspect to comply with is time. How long are customers waiting for an answer/solution?

2-. What are the services offered by IT outsourcing companies in Dubai?

Business analysis granted by IT outsourcing companies in Dubai

Before breaking the information down into pieces, we would like to introduce you to the common types of IT outsourcing all around the world. It’s known that companies hire, either partially or as full service, the labor and work of IT specialists.

The business process & documentation is simple. Clients looking for IT outsourcing companies in Dubai will find here relevant information about the kinds of service management offered in the city.

Types of IT outsourcing in the United Arab Emirate

UAE’s leading Recruitment and Staffing Agency in Dubai is an official alliance of Randstad. Please take into account the different services offered:

  • Offshore outsourcing, also known as services overseas

This involves providing IT-related work to your company from a foreign country, such as India, China, Philippines or Brasil. Help Desk service offered remotely, with workers collaborating from each side.

  • Nearshoring offered by neighboring countries

We would define it as the process of sending IT specialists from Qatar, Bahrain, India or Kuwait. Likewise, this is another opportunity to receive skillful workers.

  • Domestic onshoring, IT outsourcing companies in Dubai

Contracting an external technological service provider located in the same city where the problem exists. It could be offered remotely or on-site as it is sometimes required the physical presence of a Connect Resources team member.

Above all, we would recommend our customers to hire somebody who could go directly to their office and solve the problem immediately.

What are the examples of Frequently Outsourced IT Services for UAE’s companies?

Our services are required by companies from different industries. For instance, travel agencies, law firms, car dealers or architects. Among the tasks that we frequently implement on our customers, we could find:

2.1-. Application/software development

Imagine that you need a new app where your clients could introduce data to book appointments, schedule tasks on a calendar, or even receive payments.

Out experts’ team will design the application desired. We will program it so that it’s user friendly. Our editors could also write in several languages: C++, Html, Java… By the end of the project, we’ll test it so that we could meet 100% efficiency.

Does it require maintenance? Did you know that IT outsourcing companies in Dubai could do all that for you in a professional way?

2.2-. Web development/hosting

Whether it’s a WordPress, Envato or Shopify website, we will rank it #1 in Google via SEO or SEM, depending on your budget. Firstly, we will set the strategy to follow. Then we will create a keyword study and organize all your posts, pages and products.

Connect Resources count with Cloud servers and dedicated servers for your hosting. Fast connections and excellent customer service. Ultra powerful VPS servers with unlimited bandwidth. Probably the fastest connections in the UAE market.

2.3-. Technical support/help desk

No doubt that the Help Desk dept. acts as one of the most important teams for any company. Regular workers do not necessarily count with the computing skills required to solve technical problems. Consequently, experienced IT outsourcing companies in Dubai will create an impact on you.

What’s the most common support in IT Help Desk?

  • Answer questions by email/telephone/whatsapp,
  • Solve low importance problems such as printer’s connectivity,
  • Install/Uninstall blocked software, for instance,
  • Remove permissions from certain directories,
  • Create networks and set up conference calls.

2.4-. Database development/management

Professional engineers will work on the development, optimization, administration and replication of your databases. No breach on security will attempt to go through.

Connect Resources offers MySQL and NoSQL databases to customers interested in a better admin model.  Our highly reliable service, consistently work towards optimizing databases based on your requirements.

It is important to take into account the amount of data and the number of times you access information. What’s the internal memory required in the servers for this frequently accessed data? If complex queries are involved, then the design might have to be fleexible to keep balance between the resources used.

3-. What are the benefits of subcontracting IT outsourcing companies in Dubai?

Subcontracting IT in Dubai
Young it service man repairing computer

Receiving an outside help have many advantages. We will now inform you about the positive connotations that we could provide you with.

Let’s pay attention to how we will do so:

– Get access to skilled expertise

If your company is growing bigger and you are spending too much time developing these tasks, you should start thinking about subcontracting.

Experienced professionals from IT outsourcing recruitment companies in Dubai will allow your time to be spent in a more efficient way. The expression “cobbler to your shoes” might be used in order to illustrate the best way to deal with this sort of situations.

Technical skills available for you 24/7. What are you waiting for?

– Cut costs which are not necessary

Hiring full time employees to deal with technical problems might be one of the first steps for companies which benefits rise year after year.

On one hand, you have the option to interview and recruit your staff. It would involve human resources as you have to find the perfect candidate. Hours spent digging into resumés and professional careers.

On the other hand, there exists the possibility to cut those costs and hire a third-party service provider. As a matter of fact, we count with freelance professionals from different countries and it would be of a great value to add this part of the business to your company.

– Better risk management

One of the greatest benefits of hiring IT outsourcing companies in Dubai is that when a problem needs to be uplifted for a higher qualified operator, there is always one available for you 24/7.

Put yourself into the situation that you just implemented a local area network, and the connection does not work properly. If you are an inexperienced user, the problem won’t be solved. Consequently you will need an extra help.

Connect resources counts with leaders in each field:

  • Distributed console operators,
  • Outsourcing managers,
  • Business analysts,
  • IT system support staff.

– Operates round the clock

Above all, the emphasis on the benefits from IT outsourcing should be placed on the availability. Let’s take a look at another example in the daily life of a business owner.

Imagine you have to launch a script at 03.00AM in the morning, and it requires your presence in the IT room. Will you stay up until that time or would you leave the work to a specialist in case that there exist an unforeseen circumstance?

Our experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even in bank holidays! Our technical support is available in different languages.

4-. Best practices observed in the IT sourcing companies in Dubai.

 IT sourcing companies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If you require to scale up you IT capacity, then your remote control might count with our specialists on board. These are common best practices not only observed in the IT outsourcing companies in Dubai, but also in the rest of the United Arab Emirates.

4.1-. Establish clear objectives

You should know when and where asking for help . It might not be necessary to request assistance when plugging in a new device, but configuring a local area network and making it work could be of a higher difficulty.

Objectives should be set at the beginning of the contract, and followed by both sides. Thus, a strategy will require all your attention at the beginning of a commercial relationship.

Will you give us the ooportunity to boost you company in terms of technology?

4.2-. Document every step

Moving from in-house IT development to a third party companion, will involve great communication and preparation to merge from one side to another.

The most beneficial part of the process will show up if you logged in every step that you did before our hands get into place. If your data shows efficiency, then it will be easier for us to complete our part of the job.

We have received tickets from customers who did not include their user name, password or even attaching an image of the problem caused. You have to think that the most developed & explained information we receive, the best for your company! It will take us less time to solve a problem if we reiceve the correct data.

4.3-. Don’t base your decision just on price

The budget spent by companies on IT outsourcing is huge, but you should take into account more than just the price. Whether you are paying the services in AED, American dollars or British pounds, just to mention a few, it should be more important the quality of the services rather than the quantity.

We have observed several case scenarios where we were just called into action because the inefficiency from the previous outsourcing company in Dubai.

Please take into consideration that investing part of your companies’ income into IT reorganization might be a key step if your business is aiming to increase and rank better within the UAE countries.

Our opinion about the IT outsourcing recruitment companies in Dubai

Thanks for reading this article. The overall idea before offering any service to our distributors, partners and customers, lies in the importance to talk about IT outsourcing in general terms.

We are familiar with companies which invest large amounts of money in IT outsourcing . When the service provided has been tested by other companies, whose comments and reviews are positive, it might be even easier to proceed and approve the contract to be signed.

To sum things up, why don’t you contact us at +971 433 166 88 for further assistance? Alternatively, you could send us an email to and one of our representatives will carefully answer all your questions.

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