Key Tips to execute an outstanding Global Mobility Strategy

Key Tips to execute an outstanding Global Mobility Strategy


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When you’re looking for developing a solid Global Mobility Strategy, you have to pay attention to very important details to make it successful. For this reason, you have to know about the best recommendations that have worked very well for other businesses with their international expansion.

In this article, you’re going to find valuable tips to execute an outstanding strategy to achieve your goals regarding entering a new market. In addition, you’ll know how to prepare a solution that fits your particular needs. Let’s observe:

  • Key Tips to execute an outstanding Global Mobility Strategy
  • Why do you have to make sure to elaborate a seamlessly strategy?
  • How can you start developing a solid strategy?
  • Why should you pay attention to immigration and international logistics?
  • How can you ensure payroll compliance?
  • What are the basics to maintain employee satisfaction?
  • How can Connect Resources help you with global mobility?

1. Key Tips to execute an outstanding Global Mobility Strategy

If you’re developing your international business growth, you should know that a Global Mobility Strategy is a crucial part of it. Perhaps you haven’t considered all the implications of opening a branch or an office in another country, but you must create and deploy a plan that allows you to have a smooth transition and operation.

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Once you follow guidelines to establish a solid presence abroad, you can overcome any challenge that you may face. In addition, you’re going to be able to align your organization’s goals with your workforce so you ensure that everyone is working towards the same objective.

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1.1 What is Global Mobility Strategy?

Before starting to look at a Global mobility example, you first need to know how the definition of a strategy for global mobility. We refer to the business plan that you develop to ensure the employees you send abroad to travel or live in a foreign country have a smooth transition.

So, what are the components of a solid strategy? Let’s observe the following:

  • Cohesiveness with your overall business plan
  • A clear vision and mission
  • Emphasis in your workplace culture and values
  • Takes into account the business’ needs
  • Considers the personal needs of your employees

As you can see, it’s not easy to develop a great strategy since there are many factors you have to take into account. Also, you should know that no two strategies will be the same. It means that you must make the necessary modifications and adjustments whenever small changes are needed.

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2. Why do you have to make sure to elaborate a seamlessly strategy?

Key Tips to execute an outstanding Global Mobility Strategy

Although there are several Global mobility advantages and disadvantages, with a seamlessly strategy you can receive more benefits than drawbacks. For this reason, you should have a team working on integrating all the factors that will ensure you success.

Some of the reasons why an outstanding strategy is necessary are the following:

  • Prepares your business for international expansion
  • Supports your global growth
  • Allows you to deploy employees effectively in a shorter time frame
  • Reduces the likelihood of facing issues with your workforce
  • Gives you a uniform way to deploy your employees
  • Allows you to stay in compliance with host regulations

Developing a great strategy may take you too much time and effort, but it’s definitely worth it. However, if you don’t have enough resources to handle this, you can always trust in Connect Resources to help you develop an outstanding plan that aligns to your business’ requirements.

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2.1 Should small businesses worry about global mobility?

Perhaps you may feel that only large companies can develop a solid strategy to mobilize their workforce and you, as a small business, don’t need to worry about it. But, whether you’re a small-business owner or lead a large business, you have to think about how to effectively mobilize your workforce.

If you want to enter new markets, you must have a plan that ensures your process meets all the regulations and that your employees are going to give their best performance when they arrive to the host country.

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3. How can you start developing a solid strategy?

There are some key considerations that you must ponder when you’re developing your Global Mobility Strategy. As we mentioned before, a solid strategy must take into account all the factors that are part of your business and that come together when you’re planning entering a new market.

The following are the initial steps you have to take to start developing your seamlessly strategy:

  • Consider your employees. Keep in mind that moving overseas is a crucial decision for your employee’s life so be sure to assist them with everything.
  • Relocation process. In this regard you should develop a plan for talent acclimation and retention. Take into account that your employees should adapt easily to the new workplace to ensure continuous operation.
  • Before start to develop your strategy, make sure to gather all the information about immigration legislation. This way you can prepare in advance all the paperwork to process the necessary visas and work permits.
  • Tax implications. Before deciding which country will be your next destination for expansion, consider tax requirements to determine if it will be the best for your business in terms of economy.

Once you have all this necessary information, you can start including it in your strategy. By covering all of these aspects you can develop an outstanding plan that ensures your business will take the road to success in each country you decide to start operations.

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3.1 Defining the mobility for your business

After gaining all the insights about the country where you’re going to send your employees, you must define which kind of mobility best suits your needs. It all depends on what are you considering it’s best for your business. Therefore, you can choose any of the following for your Global Mobility Strategy:

  • Business travel: When you’re starting your international expansion, you may consider business travels first. This is when you send employees on short trips to the host country for a few days or weeks.
  • Short-term assignments: This kind of mobility refers to when you send employees to the host country to fulfill a project or specific task, for weeks or months
  • Permanent relocation: In this case, your employees will be assigned permanently to a job position abroad

However, you can choose to begin with one kind of these and then gradually change it. Keep in mind that you must develop a different strategy every time you must make any change.

4. Why should you pay attention to immigration and international logistics?

When you’re developing a Global Mobility Strategy, you have to pay attention to immigration and international logistics since it’s a top priority for your business. You should stay on top of the requirements and laws you must follow so your employees can go to the host country with no issues.

You may encounter trivial issues such as helping your employees to find a place to live, or as important as processing the Visa. For this reason, you should consider the following:

  • Work permits and residence: in the UAE, employees must have the necessary documents to work legally. If you’re going to send employees to the UAE, you must know that they need work permits and visa.
  • Background medical checks
  • Legal procedures for employees

With a Global mobility program, you won’t have any problem when you need to facilitate the significant administrative work. This way, your employees can meet their immigrations needs. If you’d like to get a better solution regarding immigration, you can always contact Connect Resources to get assistance with this matter.

4.1 How can you overcome logistical challenges?

Once you know how to handle with immigration matters, you have to consider international logistics. When your employees have all the paperwork they need to work legally, you must know how you can settle them in place.

Keep in mind that you’re moving employees across the globe, so you should pay attention to the following:

  • Allowances (living, relocation, transport and accommodation)
  • Personal travel
  • Shipping for belongings

In this regard, you can also consider preparing your employees in advance. You can provide relocation brochures so they can understand the relocation process. Also, you can provide cultural training so they don’t have any culture shock when it comes to their host country customs or business etiquette.

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5. How can you ensure payroll compliance?

When you’re developing your Global Mobility Strategy, you have to consider how you can ensure payroll compliance. With an international workforce you must know how to coordinate payments, taxes, and any other compensation, obligations or benefits that are necessary.

Therefore, you must consider the following since they’re part of your Global mobility example:

  • Compensation packages: if you want your employees to continue working and giving their best performance abroad, you must provide them an excellent compensation package that motivates them.
  • Payments on time: make sure to have a great payroll administration to ensure your employees get paid on time
  • Deductions: your payroll team has to be aware of all the regulations regarding tax deductions

Your HR team must know all the payroll-related aspects they must cover, as well as keep up-to-date with the latest regulations. It’s essential to have specialists that ensure total compliance and know how to process and administer your payroll. If you don’t know how to handle an international payroll, you can contact Connect Resources to offer you a payroll outsourcing service.

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6. What are the basics to maintain employee satisfaction?

What are the basics to maintain employee satisfaction?

Maintaining employee satisfaction is part of the Global mobility advantages and disadvantages. Once your employees arrive at the host country, you have to make sure their needs are fulfilled so they can continue giving their best performance.

Keep in mind that the needs of your employees working abroad are different from those working in your home country. For this reason, you must develop a plan to address their needs if you want them to stay working with you.

Some of the aspects you should consider to maintain employee retention abroad are the following:

  • Integrating factors: as we mentioned before, you should train your employees regarding their destination. You should consider language lessons, culture training, and more so they can adapt easily to the local customs.
  • Family: if your employee is relocating with their family members, you can consider giving them provisions such as for children’s education.
  • Quality of life: consider settling in your employees in a place where they have proximity to local amenities, internet connection and any other that may give them a sense of high quality of life.

In this regard, you should consider your employees’ needs and look for the ways to satisfy them. This way, they can work happily for you.

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7. How can Connect Resources help you with global mobility?

Connect Resources

Here in Connect Resources we can offer you a Global mobility program adapted to your particular requirements. Our team of specialists is readily available to solve all of your inquiries and provide you a comprehensive service.

You can focus on your core activities regarding your international expansion while we handle everything else. We will focus on dealing with your human resources, compliance and more. Don’t worry about anything, and start boosting your business and increasing your productivity thanks to our solutions.

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