Golden Visa holders will now receive an exclusive government-issued discount card in the UAE

government-issued discount card


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Having a Golden Visa in the UAE can be very beneficial, as it allows holders to live in the region for ten years, letting them contribute to the local economy, and more. One of the most recent advantages of having a Golden Visa is the possibility of obtaining a government-issued discount card

In this article, we will talk about this new government-issued discount card and the benefits that Golden Visa holders can obtain from it. Up until now, only 65.000 people have a UAE Golden Visa. Having this government-issued discount card is very exclusive welfare. Let us observe:

  1. What is a Golden Visa?
  2. What are the requirements for a UAE Golden Visa application?
  3. Benefits of holding a Golden Visa in the UAE
  4. What is the Esaad Card?
  5. How can Golden Visa holders benefit from it?
  6. How can Connect Resources help you apply for a UAE Golden Visa?

1. What is a Golden Visa?

The UAE Golden Visa is a longstanding residency visa that allows foreign professionals to live, work, and study in the region for up to ten years. This golden residency scheme is renewable and only available to a select group of people, ranging from investors to individuals with exceptional talents.

Golden Visas, which were first authorized in 2020, are granted to those who have made great contributions to the UAE, possess highly sought skills, or work in fields deemed essential to the nation’s economic progress.

To obtain this license, it is important to meet certain eligibility standards. In the United Arab Emirates, individuals from different career fields can successfully apply for a Golden Visa and receive the new government-issued discount card. For example, scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, professionals with exceptional talents, and more, can apply for it.

The main reason for the implementation of the Golden Visa in the UAE is to attract exceptional talent to the region. It is important to note that a Golden Visa is different from a talent pass. The talent pass only allows holders to stay in the region for three years, while the Golden Visa allows individuals to reside in the UAE for up to ten years. 

2. What are the requirements for a UAE Golden Visa application?

Individuals who want to obtain the UAE Golden Visa and enjoy the benefits of a government-issued discount card need to follow some requirements. One of the most important requirements is to have investments in the UAE of at least AED 2 million. Applicants can make their investments in different ways, depending on the laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates.

For example, individuals may have investment funds accredited in the UAE or an investor’s commercial or industrial license. If you have a license, the paid-up capital of the company will be mentioned in the legal entity’s MOA. 

It is important to remember that this capital cannot be less than AED 2 million. In addition to the visa and Emirates ID, these are the requirements according to the field of work of the individuals:

2.1 Investors

Real estate investors who meet one of the following criteria may be eligible:

  • Buy a property worth at least AED 2.000.000.
  • Purchase a home with a loan from one of several local banks.
  • Purchase one or more off-plan properties from a list of approved local real estate companies for no less than AED 2.000.000.

2.2 Entrepreneurs

If an entrepreneur covers one of the following requirements, they may be granted a UAE Golden Visa and enjoy the new government-issued discount card:

  • Owner or partner of a start-up with annual revenues of at least AED 1 million that is registered in the UAE as a small and medium enterprise (SMEs).
  • Get the Ministry of Economy, a competent local authority, or an official business incubator to approve your startup proposal.
  • Develop a business venture sold for a sum of at least AED 7 million.

2.3 Exceptional talents

Innovators, exceptional talents, and inventors in vital fields such as art, sports, culture, and digital technology, regardless of educational qualification, employment status, monthly salary, or professional level, can obtain a Golden Visa. An endorsement or authorization from a federal or local government entity is required for the visa. 

2.4 Scientists

Scientists and researchers with significant achievements and influence in their fields may be eligible for a UAE Golden Visa if recommended by the Emirates Scientists Council. A candidate should have a Ph.D. or a Master’s degree from one of the world’s top universities in one of the disciplines of technology, engineering, natural sciences, or life sciences; as well as significant research accomplishments.

2.5 Professionals

Highly-skilled workers with advanced degrees and professional experience in all fields, including medicine, information technology, business, education, law, culture, and social sciences, are eligible for a Golden Visa. They need to have a valid UAE employment contract, be classified in the first or second occupational level, possess a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, and earn at least AED 30,000 per month.

2.6 Students

The UAE Golden Visa is available to high-achieving students in the UAE’s secondary schools as well as outstanding graduates from the UAE’s universities and the world’s top 100 universities. Academic performance/cumulative average, year of graduation, and university classification are taken into consideration for the visa.

2.7 Humanitarian workers

The Golden Visa and government-issued discount card are available to pioneers in humanitarian work such as:

  • Eminent representatives of regional and international organizations.
  • Outstanding participants in associations for the public good.
  • Winners of honors in the humanitarian sector.
  • Honorable donors and supporters of charitable causes.

3. Benefits of holding a Golden Visa in the UAE

There are many benefits that Golden Visa holders can enjoy, like the ten-year permanent residence. Once this period passes, they can choose to renew their visas or leave the region. Other benefits include:

  • UAE entry license, which allows individuals to enter the region to issue their Golden Visa.
  • No need for a sponsor when applying for this particular visa.
  • The inclusion of family members (spouse and children) and support service workers in the visa.
  • Visa holders can stay out of the UAE for as long as they wish without having their golden license revoked. 
  • If the main visa holder passes away, their family members can stay in the UAE until the residency visa is no longer valid. 
  • From now on, Golden Visa holders can enjoy a government-issued discount card named Esaad Card.

3.1 How much does the UAE Golden Visa cost?

Having this type of visa will automatically allow individuals to access the outstanding benefit of the government-issued discount card; also known as the Esaad Card. If you want to apply for a UAE Golden Visa, you must hire the services of an immigration agency. With the support of this type of agency, you will be able to go through this process with little to no challenges. They will take care of handling any issues while also keeping your compliance with the local laws. 

4. What is the Esaad Card?

The Esaad Card, sometimes known as the “happiness card”, offers eligible customers special discounts, incentives, and promotions that can be utilized at several establishments throughout the UAE. Initially launched in 2017, The General Directorate of Dubai Police established the Esaad Card as a rewards program for public workers. 

The card’s goals were to boost morale, improve quality of life, and guarantee employee loyalty. Currently, the program features 4,133 brands that work together to offer 6,974 offers for various cafes, hotels, shops, pharmacies, hospitals, and other businesses.

In the beginning, the Esaad Card was only available to government employees working for the General Directorate of Dubai Police. However, on Monday, July 18th, 2022, it was announced that Golden Visa holders will also receive this benefit. Once registered, Esaad Card offers are also available to users and their first-degree relatives. The spouse, parents, and kids of a member are considered first-degree relations.

According to Mona Al Meri, Directo of the Esaad Card Centre at Dubai Police commented that Golden Visa holders can receive a text message with the necessary instruction to secure the digital version of the Esaad Card. Thanks to this new benefit, Golden Visa holders can have this extra help with their key savings; especially, after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

4.1 How is the registration process for the Esaad Card?

Those who qualify can register on the Esaad website or by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play. They will be required to submit their contact information and Emirates ID, along with other personal information. Companies who want to offer membership to their employees can sign up via the Esaad website’s form for companies.

We know this particular process can be overwhelming. You can get in contact with our team of professionals and let us help you with the registration process. Having access to this new government-issued discount card will be highly attractive for foreigners. Subsequently, they will be able to start planning their way to obtain a UAE Golden Visa. 

5. How can Golden Visa holders benefit from it?

Thanks to this government-issued discount card, Golden Visa holders can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Esaad Cardholders can get 15-30% off at several fast food restaurants, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Kempinski Palm Jumeirah, the Top tour at Burj Khalifa, Flydubai flights, Al Ghani auto services, Sharaf DG, cinemas, and Al Zahra Hospital.
  • With this government-issued discount card, more than 50 schools provide discounts; with the American School of Creative Science offering 40% off tuition and Victoria English School in Sharjah offering 20%.
  • 41 universities, including the Canadian University of Dubai and the British University in Dubai, also provide discounts. Additionally, with the government-issued discount card, UAE Golden Visa holders can access 100 kindergartens and more than 50 training facilities.
  • Likewise, customers can use their Esaad Card to make purchases online or in-store at participating locations.

6. How can Connect Resources help you apply for a UAE Golden Visa?

Applying for a UAE Golden Visa is not as complicated as it may seem when you have a strong company supporting you. On Connect Resources, we offer you our visa and government services to easily obtain your Golden Visa in the UAE. Get access to a long list of advantages; including the new government-issued discount card.

Similarly, we have many other services to help your business thrive in the United Arab Emirates. Our team has the necessary tools to take your business to the next level. With the support of our company you can obtain the following solutions:

For those businesses based in other countries in the Middle East, we also offer our different HR services. You can always contact us to find out more.

Would you like to learn more about the new government-issued discount card in the UAE? You can count on Connect Resources to start your UAE Golden Visa processing. Get in touch with us by sending us an email at Likewise, you can give us a call at +971 43 316 688 to obtain the guidance you need. Let us know about your queries soon!

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