Why we are the leading Executive Search firm in Dubai

Are you wondering why should you choose Connect Resources for carrying out the executive search? You need to know that there are several reasons why we are the best executive firm in Dubai:

  • We have been providing executive search solutions across Middle East for over 20 years.
  • We provide a bespoke service with outstanding time and cost efficient solution.
  • We have a proven expertise in solid Emiratization.
  • We work dedicatedly with every one of you to ensure your business requirements are met.
  • Our database of professional candidates are updated on a regularly basis to keep up with the current job profiles.
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Executive Search firm - How we work

Our consultants specialize in executive headhunting for companies across Middle East. Our aim is to deliver you first-rate senior executives or above that meets your business requirements.

Once we speak to you and understand your requirements we will work through our headhunting approach to fulfil your needs.

Each consultant of our team specialises in specific industries meaning you will be connected with the right partner who has knowledge of the market, insight into the specialist skills required of your job requirements and the popular locations of search for the best talents.

Emiratization + Global Talent


Connect Resources is the executive search firm in Dubai that delivers at its highest standards, focused on top management and functional key positions based on valuable client dedication.

Our goal is to maximize client value through a consultative relationship, aiming, familiarizing and responding effectively to the diverse business challenges of our clients in UAE.

If your company would like to take a step further and hire top-performing executives, you need to know all the aspects related to the executive search and how can Connect Resources help you make the best decision.

Here, we’ll be looking at all the considerations you need to have for contacting us an executive search firm.

Let’s observe:

  • Executive Search firm – How we work
  • What is an executive search firm?
  • What’s the difference between executive search and traditional recruitment?
  • Why should you choose an executive search firm?
  • Executive Search – Our Industries
  • What is the approach of an executive firm?
  • Why we are the leading Executive firm in Dubai?
  • Why should you trust in Connect Resources for your executive search needs?

Executive Search firm – Industries of work

We work in various industries such as Oil & Gas, Banking & Finance, Logistics, Education, Healthcare, IT & Telecommunication, Hospitality, Facility Management, Automotive and many more.

If you understand how the executive search and the recruitment search work, and you decide to contact an agency like Connect Resources, then you’ll have everything you need to select the perfect candidate.

Leading executive search firm in UAE

A recruitment company that specializes in searching top-quality candidates for executive roles is known as an executive search firm.
Some companies might work only in this field, while some others might do both types of recruitments, traditional and executive.

These companies focus on sourcing high-quality professionals to match the requirements of their clients, not only regarding the qualifications but also with the company’s culture.

Connect Resources is one of the leading firms in this field, and they help their clients find their best workers for their C-suite to improve the company’s efficiency by counting on with the experts they need.

executive search firm in UAE

What’s the difference between executive search and traditional recruitment?

There are some misconceptions when it comes to executive search firms because many companies think that for hiring a person for a senior position it’s only necessary to contact a traditional recruitment agency.

The truth is that many recruitment agencies specialize in executive search, but some only focus on regular recruitment, and it’s important to know the difference between both so you can make the right decision.

Recruitment might be tricky, especially if your company doesn’t have enough resources for hiring the right staff, and if you’re looking for management or board level staff it can be even harder.

Executive search vs. Traditional recruitment

The executive search is performed when a client is looking for candidates to fill a senior-level job, while the traditional recruitment consists of finding workers for a junior position.

In both cases, the company is looking for the most suitable and relevant candidate to fill the position, but the main difference with these two types of recruitment is that for junior positions is easier to find a person because they’re usually looking for new challenges, while for the senior positions, the best people are rarely looking for a job.

So, what is the difference between the two hiring processes? The executive search firm then needs to apply a different appraoach to find the best candidate, whether they’re looking for a job or not. In the traditional recruitment case, the agency simply selects between the active job seekers, so it’s simpler.

Choose Connect Resources


Once that you know exactly how the executive search works, you now need to contact one of the executive search firms in Dubai, but first, you need to know why you should choose to work with them?

Reduce risks

Making a bad hire in one of your company’s senior positions could mean a disaster and it could detriment the performance of your organization. If you don’t know how to perform an executive search and how to attract the best candidate for the vacancy, it’s best to trust in an executive search firm to provide the solution you need.

Also, don’t make the mistake to resort to low-cost alternatives, such as hiring an inexperienced recruitment agency that doesn’t specialize in executive search, or posting a job ad on a public website, because this won’t be the best for your company.

You can trust in Connect Resources to make the best hire since they work with Emiratization and Global Talent to select the most suited candidate and you’ll be sure that you’re making the correct hire.

Companies need to have the best people in charge of their operations; this is why they need to have managers and executives that understand the company’s strategic goal to take it to success.

Having a gap in an executive role could impact negatively the organization, and it could also jeopardize the well-being of an entire department.

This is the reason why many companies look for the best candidate for a senior position to handle everything in the right way.

Lack of internal resources

If your company doesn’t have enough manpower, network, evaluative skills, and technology to perform executive recruitment, it’s best to contact an executive search firm that has experience placing candidates in senior positions.

If you perform the executive recruitment by yourself and you lack internal resources to do it, you’re putting your company at risk of making a bad hire.

Reduce time to hire

When there’s a senior vacancy in a company, the best is to fill it quickly with the best candidate that can be up to the challenge, so your company’s performance won’t get affected by a sudden leave of a qualified manager.

With an executive search firm, you can fill the open vacancy quickly and you’ll be fast to hire the person that suits best the job, which will be the best for your organization.

Access to a talent pool

Looking for staff for management or C-suite level roles is a hard process because the best professionals probably are not looking for a job, so this means that the search is reduced to a lesser number of possible candidates.

If you don’t have the necessary network to contact the best senior employees then you’re missing out on a large number of suitable candidates, but, with the help of Connect Resources, you’ll now gain access to a talent pool that otherwise won’t be identifiable in the market.

Awarded best Firm 2020

Connect Resources is one of the recruitment agencies in UAE that applies an efficient approach to contacting the best candidates for filling a senior, executive, or other specialized position for their clients.

Since the executive search is a different process than the traditional search, the approach that the agency uses to find the top-level talent is different.

High-quality network

The executive search firms need to have a wide network where they can find and contact the exact candidate that matches the role requested by the client. Since the best fitting candidates are not actively looking for a job, the firm contact them to present the opportunity to change to another company.

These are known as “passive candidates” and with Connect Resources you can have access to their database where they have a large, exclusive pool of talent so you can find the employee that you need.

Resource intensive

Regarding the resources, the executive search firms have a more intense approach where they work alongside the client so they can have a better understanding of exactly what they’re looking for to fill the role.

Additionally, they work hard to define the skills, qualifications, and company culture to find the best candidate that will be the best match as a whole for the company.

With Connect Resources you’ll have experts that will help you along the way for hiring the specialists that your company needs and they will provide experts in your industry, so they can have a better understanding of your requirements and dedicate to your search.

In-depth approach

With the executive search, the recruitment company has a more in-depth approach since once they’ve contacted the candidates they carry out the interviews before presenting the candidates to the client, and sometimes the first-stage negotiations are also done by them, to provide better assistance to their clients.

We will do the work connect resources

We will do the work

Doing executive searches must be done only by specialist recruitment firms, and this is why you should trust Connect Resources because they have over 20 years of experience helping their clients to attract, select, and hire talented candidates that help them with their roles and responsibilities.

With the help of this executive search firm, you’ll find the candidates that have the necessary skills for your business and the right potential for taking your company to long-term success. What are some of the qualifications of Connect Resources?

We are a legalized company in Dubai that provides the best services in recruitment:

  • Support innovative ideas
  •  Strive to maintain high standards
  • Ongoing consultancy
  • Respect for each client’s culture and diversity
  • Wide knowledge on the recruitment field