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Employers’ who wish to hire non UAE national employees on a long term career in UAE must obtain a valid work permit, which means every employee will need a Labour Card and a valid visa. There are many rules that has to be followed in order to successfully obtain a valid visa in the country whether it’s on the mainland, offshore or in free zones. 

As the UAE is experiencing rapid growth in its economy, many professionals around the world are looking for working in Dubai so they can have a better quality of life, as well as many national companies, are looking for hiring the best candidates for their organization by searching the experienced workers that would like to live in this city.

If you’re a company trying to hire staff from overseas you need to know that it’s necessary to have a valid work visa so they can develop their skills in your organization, and as you’re the employer you’re the one that needs to do the process on behalf of your employees.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know regarding the working Visa and how Connect Resources can help you obtain the result you’re expecting. Let’s observe:

  • What is the Dubai work visa?
  • Who needs to apply for the Dubai work visa?
  • What are the requirements for obtaining the Visa?
  • Our range of services
  • What is the process for receiving the Work Visa?
  • Why PRO Services?
  • Why Connect Resources?

What is a Dubai Work visa

When a person is going to reside in a country it’s necessary to have the documents that allow them to stay legally and to perform all the activities safely, without having any troubles with the authorities.

Does this also apply to the UAE? 

Yes, this is also necessary since they request visas for the people that are going to enter the country, and one of them is the Work Visa. The Dubai work visa is a document that people need to have to be legally employed in that place. This is a requirement for the foreign that would like to work there.

With this document, the person can legally work and reside in the country for a stipulated period, as well as do some other activities such as opening a PO Box, and they don’t need to have any other visa.

·        The processing time   

 The Dubai working visa processing time depends on various factors, but ideally since the start of the process until the end, which is getting the work permit, it might take up to 2 weeks.

  • Age limit

Many people wonder, what is the age limit for the Dubai work visa? Since many young professionals would like to take their career to a new level by having experience abroad.

People over 18 years old are eligible for obtaining a job in Dubai and for getting the visa, and there’s not an age limit since the retired workers over 65 years old can also apply for this, although the employers might need to pay a higher fee for them.

  • Validity              

The validity of the Dubai work visa depends on the sponsor and the nature of the employment, but most of them are issued with a 2-year validity, although some have one-year or three-year validity, so it varies.

  • Fees

The fees are the payment that the employers need to do for a determinate employee, and this also varies depending on the category where the employee lies in, and this category depends on the employee’s qualifications, but usually the amount starts from 100 AED. 

Who needs to apply for the Dubai work visa?

Every expatriate that would like to work in Dubai needs to apply for the Dubai Work Visa, but, it’s important to note that the employees are not responsible for doing this process since this has to be done by the employer.

This means that if you’re an employee you can’t apply on your own. There are three scenarios where the person needs their employer to apply for the visa on her/his behalf.

Finding a job overseas – The companies that offer a job to a person located overseas need to do the process for bringing that person to the country, and they have to apply for the Entry Permit first so the worker can come to Dubai and continue the process in place, and for this, they have 60 days.


Find a job while visiting Dubai – If a company offers a job to a person while he/she is visiting Dubai or doing tourism in the country, the employer needs to apply for changing the visit/tourist visa to a work visa.

For this, it’s required the person to leave the UAE and enter again once the approval for entry has been issued by the authorities.

The person doesn’t necessarily have to fly back home since some airlines offer the “visa run” which is a stopover at a neighboring country while the process is ongoing. But, if the company requests the change of status for the visa, there’s no need to leave the country.

Moving to another company – If the person would like to join another company, then the new company needs to start the process for getting the work permit, as long as the contract termination with the former company makes the employee eligible. 

In all of these cases, it’s best to count on with a Dubai working visa agent like Connect Resources, so your company can have the best assistance for hiring the best candidate, and even for renewing the visa if you’d like that person to continue working longer for your organization. 

What are the requirements for obtaining the Visa?

Before the employee receives the Visa, it’s necessary to obtain other documents such as the entry visa, the Emirate ID card, and the residence visa. This is why the authorities request some proof to verify that the company that is doing the process is legally established in the UAE.

  • Documents

The employee needs to submit several documents to the employer so they can fill the application, and these documents are:

  1. Original passport and copy (with a 6-month validity, at minimum)
  2. Passport photos (White background)
  3. Education and qualification certificates

The company also needs to submit some documents, such as a copy of the valid company card, the proof of work contract or job offer, and others.

Who issues the Work Visa? The entity in charge of handling this procedure is the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE), so the employer is responsible for carrying out the process with them, and once they validate all the documents they allow the employee to enter the country.

Our range of services

Some employers’ (subject to each company) can initiate the process to take place prior to the employee entering the UAE, while others can be taken after arrival. Once the visa is all set, a work permit is usually valid for 2 years.

  • Resident and Employee Visa, Renewal and Visa Cancellations
  • Labour and Immigration Cards
  • Labour Quota applications
  • Visit / Family Visas
  • Emirates ID cards
  • Company Trademark Registration
  • Annual License Renewal
  • Modifications to Trade Licenses, transfers
  • Import/Export Document Attestation
  • Opening Company Bank Account

Process for receiving the Work Visa

If you’re a company looking to hire a specialist then you need to know that the work visa process might be tedious, especially if you don’t have the team to work on it. It’s best to have Connect Resources by your side with its PRO Services also which can give you the assistance you need.

Entry permit – The first step is to offer the job to the person that is qualified to work in your organization. This way, the company becomes the sponsor for the person that is going to arrive, and it’s responsible for starting the process.

The company needs to submit the application form to the MoHRE and the visa process begins. The employer is also responsible for paying all the fees associated. After the Ministry reviews the documents, it issues an Entry Permit and the employee needs to travel to Dubai to continue the process in place.

PaperworkOnce the employee is in Dubai, he/she has two months to complete the process with the help of the employer. The employee needs to perform a Medical Test at a government-approved health center, as well as other formalities to receive the documents that are attached to the application.

Receive the documents

The employee needs to receive some documents before receiving the Work Visa, and one of these is the ID card, so they have to go to the Emirates ID service center. The employee also needs to apply for the residence visa and receive a stamp in his/her passport which will be granted by the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai (DNRD).


Submit the application

After receiving all the documents, the application must be submitted to the Ministry of Labor, and after reviewing, the Dubai employment visa will be issued. 

The Dubai working visa processing time for obtaining the work visa once the process has been done completely might be of one week up to 10 days, and from that time the person can stay up to 2 years working legally in the UAE

Organise your PRO needs

Many of the procedures which establish PRO services are legal requirements for all companies and employees in the country. If this is dealt correctly and in a timely manner you can reduce the risk of any unnecessary fines or similar detrimental consequences for your company. In spite of the obvious legal consequences, failure to carry out these activities can also have an opposed impact on a number of various factors outside of the business too.

For example, in order to legally work in the UAE, every employee must obtain a resident visa and work permit to open a bank account or sign a residential lease etc.

Why Connect Resources?

  • We are one of the limited companies in UAE working closely with MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation) for issuing work permits.


  • We provide a personalized approach to PRO services with a dedicated service tailored to your business solutions. This means you will have a dedicated Account Manager from our team who will work closely from start to finish and your point of contact for anything.


  • We offer a complete on-boarding process including all the necessary legalities such as health insurance, visa, payroll, WPS and other services if required.


  • We onboard staff from Managerial to entry level positions as per your requirements ensuring we cover any emirates, nationality, language and other special requirements you may have.


  • We are fast, reliable and flexible – your one stop for all the PRO services.