E Arrival Card To Replace One Health Pass in Philippines 2021

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If you are planning your trip to the Philippines, you should know that you are required to comply with a one health pass requirement to visit this marvelous destination. Given that COVID cases are rising in the world, the Philippines has taken additional measures to avoid the spreading of diseases in its territory. In this regard, you must know how to get your health pass. This way you will not have any troubles when you enter the Philippines.

In this article, we are going to explain everything you need to know about the one health pass. You also going to learn how to register easily. Let us observe:

  1. Understanding the One Health Pass for the Philippines
  2. What are the requirements for the Philippines’ Travel Pass?
  3. One Health Pass has several features and benefits
  4. Register for the eTravel Card online by following simple steps
  5. Knowing how to use the QR Code provided after the registration
  6. Do you know that the One Health Pass is free of charge?

1. Understanding the One Health Pass for the Philippines

one health pass

As many may remember, during the coronavirus pandemic people were not allowed to travel outside their country of residence. COVID impacted jobs and salaries in the UAE, but also in the entire world, and also, made people delay their travel to beautiful destinations.

However, now that we met the expectation of the nature of work because COVID-19 is manageable, we can also resume our trips to other countries.

The Philippines is a place famous for its amazing landscapes and stunning beaches. Thus, so it is expected to attract thousands of tourists during 2023.

Nevertheless, the tourism sector in the country has resumed for most of its part. But all visitors are required to comply with a health travel pass before they arrive on the island nation.

This travel pass was previously known as the . But, the Philippines authorities have made improvements to ease the entry procedures for foreigners and locals, and now they have introduced the eTravel Card.

Thus, the eTravel Card now replaces the One Health Pass. However, they have the same objective, but the process is easier to do since requires less information.

This new eTravel Card aims to simplify the arrival process. So the country can welcome the 5 million tourists that are expected to travel to this place. It is a digital card, so it is not necessary to print it.

In case your UAE Visa has expired and you are planning to return to the Philippines, be careful with the grace period after visa cancellation and register to the eTravel Card on time for your trip.

1.1 The eTravel Card is a streamlined system

What is the purpose of the eTravel Card? It is a system that will work as a health declaration and contact tracing platform for all international travellers. Thus, the Philippine Government will give a database for all of those individuals that will enter the country.

This is intending to be able to contact or trace whenever a traveller has a specific disease.

Who should apply for the eTravel Card? All arriving passengers, regardless of their age, should be registered in the system. Thus, infants and children should have also individual registration that can be done by their parents. Also, not only foreign travellers have to apply, but also Filipino travellers that are outside the country.

If you are a Filipino worker with a Labour Contract in the UAE, you can get your annual leave and travel to your home country. But, make sure to register since you are also required to submit the eTravel Card.

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    1.2 What happens with the One Health Pass?

    It is important to emphasize that the One Health Pass is no longer accepted as a travel pass upon arrival in the Philippines. In fact, the One Health Pass website is no longer available and no one can access it.

    Thus, every traveller should sign up for this new electronic travel system. If you travel to the Philippines but you do not register in advance of your arrival, you can be subject to further restrictions such as quarantine.

    For example, if you request an emergency leave in the UAE because you have to travel to the Philippines urgently, you have to make sure to register for the eTravel Card before leaving.

    2. What are the requirements for the Philippines’ Travel Pass?

    The one health pass requirements have changed and now they are simpler with the eTravel Card. Just like the UAE changes its new UAE Visa Rules for 2022, the Philippines also make changes concerning the travel pass required for visitors.

    The requirements for the eTravel Card are the following:

    • Filipino and foreign travellers that are fully vaccinated: are not required to conduct a COVID-19 test before travelling. Travellers must have completed the vaccination scheme at least 14 days before departure.
    • Not immunized or partially immunized Filipino and foreign travellers: those who are 15 years old or above should carry out a rapid antigen test within 24 hours of leaving their country. Those that have not done the test should do an antigen test on arrival. Children under the age of 15 must adhere to existing regulations.

    It is worth noting that individuals that test positive for COVID-19 on the rapid antigen test should follow the isolation protocols.

    Although the coronavirus pandemic is over, everyone should take the corresponding measure to ensure good health conditions. As an individual, you have to take care of yourself, and businesses should know about E-Care and how to implement it.

    3. One Health Pass has several features and benefits

    Whether you are a business owner, a freelancer, or an employee, you may consider the Philippines as a destination for your holidays. You should know that everyone should register for the Philippines’ Travel Pass even if you are in the UAE.

    So, whether you have a self-sponsored visa in the UAE, a Fitness Freelance Visa in Dubai or any other, you have to go through the process.

    Considering all of these aspects, the features and benefits of the eTravel Card are the following:

    • It is designed to provide easy access to all travellers since people can register using a PC, mobile device or any other with access to a web browser.
    • The system is available wherever the traveller is, whether he is located in the United Arab Emirates or Qatar.
    • The eTravel Card makes the process easier for entering safely the country
    • Since it is a web-based system, travellers are not required to install an App or carry out any other additional task
    • You can get a QR Code that will make the entering process faster if you meet the requirements

    If doing the registration for the eTravel Card seems like too much, you can always seek help. Just like there is Dubai working visa agent, there are also service providers that help you get your travel pass. Nevertheless, it is an easy process so it should not be challenging.

    4. Register for the eTravel Card online by following simple steps

    one health pass

    Those that are planning to travel to the Philippines from anywhere outside the island nation, whether from Egypt or Kuwait, have to carry out the one health pass registration.

    The eTravel Card is almost like the Medical Certificate in the UAE, which aims to prove if you are in a good health condition or not. However, they differ in the fact that the eTravel Card for the Philippines has to be processed before travelling.

    With this in mind, the process for registering for the eTravel Card is as follows:

    • Go to the official site of the eTravel Card of the Government of the Philippines.
    • Select the option according to your nationality: “Philippine Passport Holder” or “Foreign Passport Holder.”
    • Enter your email address.
    • Accept the Data Privacy and Affidavit of Undertaking.
    • Fill out your Personal Profile.
    • Enter the Travel Details.
    • Enter the Health Declaration and sign it.
    • After that, your registration is complete and you will receive a QR Code.
    • Save your QR Code and exit the page.

    4.1 See who and when you have to register

    All inbound travellers have to register the eTravel Card system, including babies, infants, children, and adults, both Filipino and foreigners.

    Also, travellers have to make the registration 72 hours before leaving for the Philippines. Keep in mind that you must submit proof of your registration when you arrive at the airport.

    4.2 Find out about the details of the registration

    The registration can be divided broadly into three sections:

    • Personal Profile: here the applicant has to provide personal information. It can be such as country of citizenship, passport number, birthday, occupation, and mobile number. Also, travellers have to provide information about their permanent country of residence.
    • Travel Details: the applicant has to provide the date of arrival if he or she is an OFW and OFW Classification, name of the airline, flight number, purpose of travel, airport of arrival, and traveller type.
    • Health Declaration: the last part of the registration consists of doing a health declaration. Here, the applicant has to state if he or she has COVID vaccination as well as the name of the vaccine and if he or she has a first and second dose. The applicant also has to provide information about the country he or she has visited in the last 30 days or if he or she has been in contact with someone with COVID.

    5. Knowing how to use the QR Code provided after the registration

    Once you have carried out the one health pass process, which is now the eTravel Card registration, you will receive a QR Code.

    After you have done the registration, you will see a QR Code. You should take a screenshot and show it when you board the plane and when you arrive in the Philippines.

    Thus, the system can generate two types of codes, depending if you meet the conditions or not:

    • Green QR Code: if all your information and attachments are complete, and you meet the entry criteria. With this code, you can use the “Express Lane” at the airport since you will not need to undergo any further interviews or submit more documents.
    • Red QR Code: if you arrive at the airport but you do not fulfil the requirements, you will get a Red QR Code. In this regard, a BOQ (Bureau of Quarantine) representative will request you to undergo an RT-PCR testing or you may remain in quarantine.

    Every time you plan to travel to the Philippines you have to generate a new QR Code. This is because you have to update your information, health condition and more.

    You cannot use the same QR Code every time you travel. Make sure to follow the guidelines otherwise, you may face consequences. In some countries, you could face a ban for not following the guidelines, just like the travel ban in the UAE.

    6. Do you know that the One Health Pass is free of charge?

    Carrying out the one health pass registration, now known as the eTravel Card, does not cost anything. Thus, it is a process free of charge that anyone can do it using a web browser. Therefore, you do not have to do any form of online payment.

    This is why is best to do the registration on the official website because that way you can avoid scams. Beware of fake websites or fraudulent sites that request your payment for registration.

    At Connect Resources we always aim to provide the most useful and accurate information for you to travel safely. Visit our blog to find out more about all the other recommendations for your travel such as how to get your Dubai Transit Visa or how to check your visa status in Qatar.

    We also follow our initiatives towards COVID-19 to ensure everyone is safe, so we recommend you adhere to the Philippines regulations regarding the Travel Pass.

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