The future of executive search services after the COVID-19 crisis

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The economy in many countries has been affected by the COVID-19 crisis during this year, and many branches of the different industries may have suffered positive or negative changes in their operations too. However, experts are already studying the economic situation after the crisis, including the executive search services and related businesses.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the future of executive search services in a post COVID-19 world. You may also know that the people who provide these services are called headhunters, and here you will learn about their current situation and their future. Let’s observe:

1. What are headhunters or executive search services?

2. What are the benefits of hiring a professional headhunter for your company?

3. How is the COVID-19 pandemic shaping the future of executive search firms?

4. Tips for requesting executive search services during the COVID-19 crisis.

5. How can Connect Resources help you get executive search services for your business?

1. What are headhunters or executive search services?

Every professional business needs to cover and fulfill high responsibilities within their business structure, starting with senior-level positions. The executive search definition consists of finding the best candidates for these types of positions for companies that require their talent and skills, in order to perform highly important duties in them.

In countries like the United Arab Emirates, you can find countless agencies specialized in executive search of employees and other services regarding this field, only focused on sourcing high-qualified professionals to occupy senior-level positions in any company that requires these services. Professional headhunters can provide great benefits to their clients during rough times.

Sometimes it is not easy to find qualified professionals when it is about highly important positions, and many companies decide to request executive search services to make this task easier and faster, which is a very convenient advantage if the company urgently needs new senior members, and even more in times of COVID-19.

However, some companies still do not understand what executive search firms are in comparison with regular recruitment agencies that also provide excellent services in most cases. Keep reading this article to know more about the differences between these two branches of the recruitment industry and the benefits that executive search services can offer to your company.

1.1. Difference between traditional recruitment and executive search services.

Although both services include a recruitment and selection process due to the nature of this business, it is fundamental to highlight the main reasons why these services provide different results according to the requirements of their clients. Quantity and quality are the two main elements that mark a difference between these two services.

The generic recruitment service of an agency related to this business demonstrates these following features:

  • They fill a large number of positions, especially the ones related to junior functions.
  • Recruitment agencies focus on the quantity of highly-skilled candidates.
  • They do not fill executive positions or any other related function.
  • In most cases, recruitment agencies focus on jobs that do not require any specialization, which means it is easier to find candidates.
  • They contact different candidates with different skills and competencies for different roles.

On the other hand, executive search services show some different features regarding filling positions in a company, including:

  • Focusing on executive roles and functions only.
  • Executive search companies look for the technical skills that certain senior positions require.
  • They search for senior-level professionals that, unlike in the traditional recruitment services, are usually hard to find.
  • Executive search firms examine applications meticulously in order to obtain the best professional for the job.
  • They use a more accurate process to interview a few candidates with similar skills.

To summarize, executive search recruitment focus on high-level roles that need to be covered in specific companies. In the meantime, ordinary recruitment agencies search for different candidates for a variety of junior-level jobs, which means that it is probable that hiring these types of agencies will not cover your executive needs accurately.

2. What are the benefits of hiring a professional headhunter for your company?

Making a list of the advantages you can obtain with professional executive search services would help you understand better how this business works and its purpose in countries like the United Arab Emirates, not to mention that you will understand the reasons why you should obtain these services during the COVID-19 emergency.

Among the benefits that you can get from these services, you will be able to find the following ones:

  • In case your company does not possess the necessary internal resources to recruit new senior members, including network, evaluative skills, technology, or enough partners, you can always request these services to cover your needs when you are not able to do it on your own.
  • Not having enough time to hire new employees could be a problem, especially when you need to cover senior positions urgently. Counting on executive search services will help you save your time while new qualified members are introduced to your company, without affecting your daily routine or any other important business activity.
  • Since finding high-skilled candidates could be a difficult and time-consuming task, you can have access to a pool of talent with an executive search company to obtain the most suitable candidates to fulfill your company’s executive functions. This company or headhunter can help you find a variety of candidates to choose from without wasting time.
  • Also, your company will be able to reduce risks when hiring new senior employees since the executive search firm will ensure and fulfill your requirements by offering many options and solutions to avoid any kind of risks. In some cases, you will be able to obtain low-cost alternatives to get what you are looking for without investing too much money.

Due to the advantages that these services offer to you, there will be no risks and your business will increase its efficiency by finding the workers it needs in a matter of time. This is part of the basics of executive search services in the UAE and many other countries, which allow companies to achieve success in no time.

3. How is the COVID-19 pandemic shaping the future of executive search firms?

The COVID-19 emergency has caused several damages in the economic system of many countries, which means that many companies have lost staff and resources during these months. However, they have to keep a good rhythm in order to survive the tragedy and make their businesses strong again, starting by finding executive-level employees to perform their important functions.

As the 2020 year passes, the executive search companies have been forced to evolve their work methods to ensure a stable future and keep growing in the industry. Changes in the executive recruitment industry are part of the expectations in the nature of work once the COVID-19 crisis becomes manageable.

The current situation forced professionals and industries to adopt new ways and methods to work, and the most outstanding one is related to the technological tools that businesspeople frequently use now. In the recruitment industry, technology has impacted the recruitment process for the better due to the advantages it provides during the pandemic situation.

Both recruiters and candidates have to get used to this new methodology in order to adapt to the COVID-19 world we are living in, and many benefits they will get by giving a proper use to these resources during the performance of executive search services and recruitment processes. Let’s see some of the benefits of these tools.

3.1. Advantages of technological resources for executive search functions during and after the COVID-19 emergency.

As the executive search industry grows during the pandemic situation, more technological resources and tools are being used during the performance of the industry’s functions. Business development during hard times is possible if you use the right tools, and will give several advantages when hiring these types of services, including the following ones:

  • Faster procedures like the recruitment process itself and many others.
  • Efficient remote interviews with the selected candidates
  • Agility and efficiency to examine applications and CVs.
  • Impartial and efficient screening and shortlisting of candidates.
  • Reduced money and time investments significantly.
  • More accurate data analysis and to seek talent.
  • More flexibility for the headhunter, the candidates, and the company that requested the executive search service.
  • More connectivity with the market and industries and access to an extensive database.

During and after the COVID-19 crisis, executive search firms will probably keep working with suitable technology to perform their services with efficiency and guaranteed quality, applying better business strategies to obtain the top talent and the best candidates in the industry and helping other companies to fulfill executive needs in a short period.

4. Tips for requesting executive search services during the COVID-19 crisis

Having a company without executive positions covered can reduce its productivity significantly, and as the head of the company, you would do well if you contact a reliable executive search company if you want your business to grow during and after these hard times. Here we will give you some recommendations to request these services successfully:

  • Before you make an agreement with any of these companies, make sure to obtain the necessary information regarding their services and the way they work. Focus on relevant information, including the area they usually focus on or the level of executives they recruit. Besides, you should also read their previous clients’ feedback to know their true reputation in the market. This will help you decide if you should hire the services or find another agency with more reliable services.
  • Provide accurate information about the positions you want to fill in your company to help the recruiter obtain more accurate results in their search. Having a clear goal with clear information will be a good step to achieve success and find the most suitable candidates for the vacant in your business. Remember to describe the most outstanding features regarding these positions.
  • Building a healthy, professional relationship with your partners will increase trust, which is a valuable element that every successful business needs. Besides, it will help you stay in touch with the executive search firm even after using their services, giving you an ally for your business.

With these basic tips, you will surely obtain the best and most professional executive search services for your business and probably will help you keep a partner to overcome issues regarding this field during and after the COVID-19 world. If you own a company in the UAE, you can count on Connect Resources as a powerful business partner that can help obtain these useful services.

5. How can Connect Resources help you get executive search services for your business?

Connect Resources

If you want to know more about this affair, you can obtain reliable information and professional advice from our Connect Resources team, which will provide you with the knowledge you need to fulfill your business needs regarding executive search services after the COVID-19 crisis. Moreover, you can get certain benefits by using our services.

In case you own a company that needs to cover senior-level functions as soon as possible or right after the pandemic situation, you can contact our team to learn more about our professional executives search services and request them. With our service, you will be able to obtain the best candidates to cover your company’s executive functions successfully.

Besides, you can also request our recruitment services in case you are looking for qualified candidates to perform any junior function in your company. We ensure high-quality service for you to boost your company and help you achieve your goals in a matter of you and without spending too much money.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources to get more information about executive search services for your company? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to, and you will talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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