The best HR outsourcing approaches to be applied in a Post Covid-19 world

approaches to be applied in a Post Covid-19


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The coronavirus pandemic has affected the entire world, and the business section has been the one that has suffered the most. For this reason, companies should know the best HR outsourcing approaches to be applied in a Post Covid-19 world, so they can know what to expect about their partners.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know regarding the strategies that agencies are going to apply after the crisis in terms of Human Resources because they’re planning to adapt themselves to what businesses are going to demand from them. Let’s observe:

  • The best HR outsourcing approaches to be applied in a Post Covid-19 world
  • Increase in technological competence
  • Assistance in compensation restructuring
  • Supply of temporary and contracted employees
  • Help in HR policies and procedure manuals
  • Experienced and knowledgeable HR
  • Why is Connect Resources your best option for HR outsourcing?

1. The best HR outsourcing approaches to be applied in a Post Covid-19 world

The world faced a terrible scenario when the coronavirus emerged and businesses had to stop their operations to safeguard the safety of their employees. Many companies couldn’t handle the pressure and ended up going to bankruptcy, while others are still struggling to continue their operations.

Now that we see that the pandemic is coming to an end, businesses are preparing for reopening, and the economy is starting to improve, but we’re expecting to see many changes in many areas of our lives.

Companies will adopt new policies and measures, and outsourcing agencies are also going to shift towards what their clients are going to request from them. It’s expected to witness an increase in the adoption of several measures for outsourcing and its HR implications.

The coronavirus has impacted jobs and salaries around the world, and it’s also expected to impact the way businesses are carried out, so it’s no surprise that agencies are going to adopt new measures that benefit them and their clients.

2. Increase in technological competence

One of the best HR outsourcing approaches to be applied in a Post Covid-19 world that we will see is the increase in technological competence of agencies, because companies will look for those who use resources for hiring while they’re still respecting the social distancing rules.

If you don’t have a strong in-house HR team, you’ll be having a tough time trying to hire the employees that your company will need after the pandemic. For this reason, it’s best to count on with an effective HR department to overcome the crisis and finding great solutions, whether it’s an external or an in-house team.

2.1 Why do companies will look for technologically competent HR outsourcing?

What are some of the reasons why technological competence will be the main strategy in HR outsourcing? Let’s observe:

  • Companies will prefer HR outsourcing agencies that know how to find the best talent using technological resources
  • Because of social distancing measures, HR outsourcing agencies need to find a way to carry out interviews effectively and for this, they’re going to rely on technology
  • The onboarding process is also going to change, so companies need an agency that can orient the workers more effectively.
  • Companies won’t have the budget to invest in resources and tools for searching and recruiting talent, so they’d rely on agencies that can provide this service

If you’re looking for knowing more about HR outsourcing strategies and how they can benefit your company, you should contact Connect Resources. It’s one of the top-leading agencies in the UAE that can offer a customized solution based on your requirements.

3. Assistance in compensation restructuring

approaches to be applied in a Post Covid-19

Having assistance with compensation restructuring for your workforce is one of the best HR outsourcing approaches to be applied in a Post Covid-19 world that you can expect from your partner.

As an employer, having the support for your business during a crisis is crucial for overcoming all the challenges and issues that may arise, and you don’t have to feel like you’re alone, because agencies are there to help you with your HR needs, you just have to contact one of them.

3.1 What is compensation restructuring?

Most companies are planning to make some changes in compensation, and some of them are going to rationalize or reduce it temporarily, while others are going to make restructuring to have lower fixed and higher variable packages for their employees.

3.2 Why do companies need help in compensation restructuring?

Making a compensation restructuring will allow companies to achieve the desired productivity of their workforce while they also continue in line with the strategic goals of the business.

How can HR outsourcing agencies help companies with compensation restructuring after the COVID-19 crisis? Let’s observe:

  • Agencies can help companies to make modifications with compensations, salaries, and other benefits without compromising the happiness of their workforce.
  • Companies will look for agencies that can assist them to organize they pay-outs to sustain equal measures
  • Outsourcing agencies can assist companies with appraisals and promotions based on the new economic scenario
  • Companies will also need help with the taxation structure having in mind all the changes that the crisis caused.

One of the objectives of HR outsourcing for many companies is that they receive help in terms of payment for their workforce, and if you’re planning on restructuring the compensation system for your employees, you need to have the assistance of an HR agency.

4. Supply of temporary and contracted employees

Once companies have seen the implications of having a workforce composed primarily on permanent employees, they’re going to consider hiring another type of workers, and this is another of the best HR outsourcing approaches to be applied in a Post Covid-19 world.

One of the main strategies for facing the post coronavirus world is having an outsourced partner that can supply you with temporary and contracted employees so you can assign them to specific projects and you won’t have to worry if occurs any interruption.

4.1 What is temporary and contracted employees?

Unlike permanent employees, temporary and contracted employees will work for a limited time, usually for a short-term project, and once they finish they can be hired permanently or they can be dismissed.

It’s expected to see companies relying on these modalities of employment because it’s a cost-effective solution to the tight budget that they will have once the crisis has over.

Why will temporary and contracted employment increase after the pandemic? Let’s observe:

  • They’re a great tool for businesses who want to carry out small projects
  • They can be used in various segments of manpower
  • Companies can find low-skilled workers for easy jobs and professionals staffing for high-skilled jobs at a better price
  • They’re the first ones to be hired in an economic downturn

4.2 HR outsourcing for managing employees

As you probably know, outsourcing and its HR implications are going to change, but you can take advantage of this and use it in your favor. You can get better management of your workforce by selecting an outstanding agency that can help you deal with everything related to your employees.

In what areas can HR outsourcing help companies in the post coronavirus world? Let’s observe:

  • Assistance with retrenchment and termination of employees after the assessment and evaluation of each department
  • Help with the remote working system, because it’s intended to last even after the crisis has over
  • Managing temporary and contracted employee to obtain the best performance from them
  • Competency mapping to explore the possibility of transferring or re-skilling some of the current ones to other divisions, departments, or locations due to the crisis impact
  • Assistance in carrying out the increments and promotions according to the company’s needs
  • Help and information in down-sizing and outplacement and career transitioning for the employees.
  • Assistance to solve any issue that may arise with permanent employees

5. Help in HR policies and procedure manuals

approaches to be applied in a Post Covid-19

Since the emergence of the coronavirus, many laws and regulations for the workplace have been enforced, and for this reason one of the best HR outsourcing approaches to be applied in a Post Covid-19 world is the assistance with HR policies and procedures manuals for businesses that are going to reopen.

If you’d like your workers to receive some instructions after the coronavirus crisis about the right way of carrying out their work while they remain compliant with the health policies, you need to have the assistance of an HR outsourcing agency to achieve it.

5.1 Incorporation of changes

This is one of the HR outsourcing strategies that can benefit you the most because there are many changes that companies need to make in several areas to be compliant with the state and federal laws, and with an outsourced partner you won’t have to worry about this.

How can HR outsourcing agencies help businesses with their policies? Let’s observe:

  • They can help companies incorporate certain changes to their HR manual
  • Companies will be assisted if some policies need to be changed or adapted based on the laws and regulations
  • HR outsourcing agencies will ensure the safety and security of employees
  • Companies can be sure that they’re going to have a healthy organization
  • Companies can trust in agencies to have great employee communication to inform about decisions and changes

6.Experienced and knowledgeable HR

Having the help of an experienced and knowledgeable partner for managing your workforce is one of the best HR outsourcing approaches to be applied in a Post Covid-19 world by agencies because they want to provide the best service to their clients, and to do this they need to be specialists in what they do.

Connect Resources is one of the agencies that is prepared and readily equipped with the latest trends that will come in the future in terms of HR, so you better contact them to receive help from experts that are always one step ahead.

6.1 Multi-disciplinary field

One of the objectives of HR outsourcing, once the pandemic has over, is to supply a multi-disciplinary team that can solve the several issues that companies may face concerning their workforce.

What are some of the demands that companies will have for HR outsourcing agencies? Let’s observe:

  • Companies will need expertise in many areas of Human Resources, therefore they’ll need an integral service from the outsourced partner
  • Agencies will have to assist companies in legal matters related to their workforce
  • If the company doesn’t have an expert HR manager, they will request it to the agency
  • The HR in-house team of the company will need plenty of assistance on how to deal with the reopening
  • Companies will need agencies that can process and apply complicated information

6.2 Knowledge in the local market

Another important aspect that companies will need from their HR outsourcing agency is that it has enough knowledge about the talent that they can find in the local market. While the world is unlocking gradually, it will be difficult to hire people from abroad, therefore, companies will need employees from the country or that are already living there.

For this reason, one of the HR strategies of outsourcing is that businesses will rely on agencies to find local workers that have enough skills and qualifications to help them take their business to another level.

7. Why is Connect Resources your best option for HR outsourcing?

Connect Resources

Once that you know the best HR outsourcing approaches to be applied in a Post Covid-19 world, you’re probably wondering how you can find a trusted partner that can offer you all of these benefits so you can have a robust workforce.

Connect Resources can be your best solution to receive an outstanding HR outsourcing service because it’s one of the main agencies in the UAE that has been working providing a comprehensive solution to businesses for over 20 years.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources for HR outsourcing solutions? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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