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mohre complaint


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The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) is the organization in the UAE is responsible for handling any workplace difficulties that can occur. This institution’s responsibilities include the ability to change any required labor regulations. Additionally, they will act as mediators in conflicts between workers and employers. Consequently, the MOHRE complaint number they give you is crucial to keep on hand if you are an employee who wishes to make a complaint.

In this article, you can learn about how to check complaint status in MOHRE, the UAE labour complaint number, and more. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE), formerly known as the Ministry of Labour, is dedicated to ensuring the application of labor rights and resolving workplace disputes. In the UAE, there are special laws in place to safeguard the rights of employees. Here is a step-by-step approach to filing a MOHRE complaint, as well as an explanation of the circumstances that may necessitate it.

  1. When can a worker file a MOHRE complaint in the UAE?
  2. How to submit a MOHRE labour complaint?
  3. What are the MOHRE complaint changes in the labour law?
  4. Frequently asked questions
  5. How can Connect Resources help you?

1. When can a worker file a MOHRE complaint in the UAE?

mohre complaint

If you are wondering “what is MOHRE?” it is the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization. They abide by the labor law. The labor legislation in the UAE comprises various sections that govern workers’ rights. Every employee has the right to denounce their employers. This will be applicable if the company breaches any of the following conditions:

2. How to submit a MOHRE labour complaint?

The Ministry of Labour Dubai complaints can seem simple for some, but not for all. In light of this, this section contains a step-by-step guide on how to begin this process. It is critical to understand that there are three ways to file MOHRE complaints in the UAE.

2.1 MOHRE toll free number

The main thing you must do is dial 80060, as this is the labour court Dubai toll free number. When you call the number, a representative from customer service will address your inquiries. You must make all work complaints to this individual; he will try to offer solutions and will move to take the complaint if they are unable reach a resolution.

When the operator receives your complaint, it is forwarded to the Complaints and Guidance Office. If a settlement can be struck, the Administration will close the case. If, on the other hand, the employer or the employee is unable to reach an agreement, he must make a formal complaint. After that, it will be a matter before the UAE labor court.

2.2 MOHRE online complaint

For this approach, you must go to the MOHRE website or, if you have it, the app. If you want to use this way to file your complaint, the steps are as follows.

  • A menu will appear whenever you enter the MOHRE app or website. Consequently, you must select the “register labor complaints” option.
  • You will get several alternatives; you must pick the one that reads “start service”. Select “kind of complaint” from the next selection.
  • They will want certain details about your job. This includes the uniform number, the type of demand, and the work permit number. Finally, there will be a form to fill out with the specifics of the complaint.

After you have completed all of the fields, click the “send” button.

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    After you press “send,” the two persons participating will receive a text message confirming the complaint. You will be given the citation details as well as the labour complaint number. It is critical that you remember this MOHRE complaint tracking code.

    The wait time after applying is roughly 72 hours. After three days, a Twa-Fouq representative will call you.

    2.3 Twa-Fouq services

    There are tawafuq online complaint centers in charge of receiving all MOHRE complaints. The people at the center offer solutions and attempt to resolve issues in a positive manner. Furthermore, if necessary, they conduct the relevant investigations. If they are unable to reach an agreement, they will file a court petition. However, it is important that you are alert of the tawafuq complaint status.

    2.4 How to check labour complaint status with MOHRE?

    It is critical to remember that the Ministry of Labour UAE complaints numbers are necessary to see the MOHRE complaint status.

    • The first step is to access the MOHRE app or website. It is critical that you keep the MOHRE complaint number handy from now on.
    • Search for the MOHRE complaint status check option on the page.
    • A screen will display in which the MOHRE complaint number is requested. You enter it in the appropriate field and press the accept button.

    2.4.1 Other alternative

    If you are wondering how to check the progress of a labor complaint without visiting the Ministry of Labor’s website, look no further. It is vital to note that in this procedure you will additionally require the labour complaint number Dubai that the organization sends you.

    This method entails using the eNetwasal complaint tracking page. Go to this page and input your MOHRE complaint status check number. Then, press Send, and you will see all the information on how the procedure is progressing.

    3. What are the MOHRE complaint changes in the labour law?

    mohre complaint

    The UAE government has recently implemented some changes to the way labor complaints are handled. They perform duties not included in the employment contract, such as accounting for labor disputes. It is also vital to be aware of other matters. Consequently, you will see the modifications that are now in the new labor law in this section.

    3.1 Individual MOHRE complaint

    The ability for both the employer and the employee to make a complaint is one of the most important things to keep in mind. But they have to have a good excuse for doing this. Taking as an example, any party’s contract stipulations being broken. You have up to one month after perpetrating the offense to file a MOHRE complaint if you want to.

    3.2 Conflict resolution

    The Ministry of Labor Dubai needs to address each complaint after it has been filed. A peaceful solution will be reached as the first step. Dubai’s labor court will hear the issue if an agreement cannot be reached.

    3.3 Worker obligations

    Once the worker has made a complaint, the law specifies certain requirements that must be adhered to. which are enumerated here.

    • The authorities do not advice that you leave your job with the manager who received your complaint.
    • The cancellation of the work visa should be delivered before the conclusion of the 14 days following the judgement if, after the hearing or in the agreement, it is decided that you will not be continuing to work for the company.
    • The employee may search for employment while the trial is ongoing and then acquire a work visa with the support of the future employer. If you do this, it is crucial that you avoid being blamed for going missing.

    4. Frequently asked questions

    4.1 What amount the plaintiff will need to pay?

    All complaint system MOHRE procedures are free of any cost. However, when a corporation is facing a dispute, fees will be put in place. If you claim more than AED 100,000, you will be charged 5% of the sum you are requesting. This will be a judicial cost, with a maximum amount of AED 20,000.

    4.2 Is it necessary to know anything about UAE labor laws?

    Residents of the UAE can operate for both commercial companies and government institutions. There are private sector labor rules that will assist you better grasp the rights that employees have in the UAE. Similarly, there are work permit renewals for the workers.

    4.3 Is the TWA-FOUQ capable of resolving complaints?

    When they approve a complaint request, the TWA-FOUQ centre will notify both parties through SMS. This is to have a mutual discussion about the topic. If the sides can reach an agreement, the case can be concluded with phone confirmation from both the worker and the employer. The organization will no longer communicate with both parties via SMS.

    The center will contact so that you can attend the nearest support center. They will be allowed to meet with the judicial investigator in this manner. When visiting the TWA-FOUQ office, the employer or the employee should inquire about their appointment. This can be accomplished by contacting customer support or the receptionist.

    4.4 What occurs if both sides agree to settle their disagreement?

    The most crucial aspect is to be able to arbitrate between the parties during the initial meeting or inside 48 hours. If both the employer and the employee agree to resolve the case, TWAFOUQ employees must request that the debts be settled. Furthermore, they have quotas or a settlement deal in front of them. If the matter is satisfactorily handled, it will be declared as resolved, and both sides’ signatures will be required.

    4.5 What happens if neither party is willing to participate in mediation?

    If the parties’ conciliation fails, the case will be referred to the appropriate court. It should be emphasized that the TWAFOUQ centre would not be able to issue a final judgement if the case is submitted to the labor court. In this scenario, the court judge will make the decision based on the date of the trial. This is avoidable if both parties reach an acceptable understanding.

    4.6 How can I file a complaint with the Ministry of Labor in Dubai?

    The following information must be included in a Dubai labor complaint:

    • The correct Emirates ID
    • Your current cell phone number.
    • The complete name listed by the business in its licensing.
    • The email you use.
    • Please Describe the problem in full in no more than 512 characters.
    • After choosing the captcha image, click send.

    5. How can Connect Resources help you?

    Although it can appear false, conflicts between managers and employees are quite common in businesses. This is why it is crucial to understand which organizations are in charge of handling these issues. As a result, you save time by not wasting it on organizations that cannot assist you. It is best to get the assistance of an authority on the issue in all of these matters of counsel and support.

    Connect Resources can help you with any type of issue you may be going through with the work environment. We can support you with your labour complaint status or finding you the Dubai labour complaints hotline so you can get in touch with them directly. Our team has been supporting companies for more than a decade, providing the necessary assistance at all times.

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