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Employees in the UAE are under a residence visa, but whenever they want to leave the country, they should cancel their visa by issuing a visa cancellation letter UAE to their employer. This document is a request that individuals intending to leave the country or change status as soon as possible not face overstaying fines.

In this article, you will learn more about the cancellation letter for a visa. Employees should issue the company cancellation letter in advance, so the HR team can work on the cancellation on time. Once the employee has their cancelled visa in the UAE, they can apply for a different one or book a flight to leave the country. Let us observe:

  1. What is the visa cancellation letter?
  2. Why do you need to issue a visa cancellation letter?
  3. How can you cancel your UAE Visa?
  4. Who can cancel a UAE Visa?
  5. How to write a cancellation letter?
  6. How can Connect Resources help you with the visa cancellation letter UAE?

1. What is the visa cancellation letter?

The UAE, like many other countries, has implemented several visa schemes for visitors, employees, and professionals that want to enter the country, reside and work. In the case of individuals that apply for a job in the UAE, the employer decides to sponsor them. It begins a process where the employee receives an entry permit and then a residence visa.

Also known as an employment visa, it usually has the same validity as the contract, which could be 2-3 years. Once the employee sees that the contract expiry date is approaching, they must carry out a process that involves issuing the visa cancellation letter UAE.

The employee has to request the sponsor, which is the employer, a non-renewal of the contract and also the employment visa cancellation in the UAE. With this type of cancellation paper in the UAE, the employee is requesting the employee to proceed with the legal formality of cancelling the employment visa.

It is fundamental for individuals to issue the residence UAE visa cancellation paper because if they do not do it on time, they may face legal repercussions like paying a fine or even getting a labour ban. In this regard, employers should expedite the cancellation letter for a job as soon as they can. This helps individuals to continue with their decision of leaving the country or applying for another visa.

1.1 How much do you have to wait for visa cancellation?

If you are wondering how many days for the cancellation of a visa in the UAE”, you need to know that it is a simple process than will not take longer than:

  • 1 working day for canceling the labour card
  • 1-2 working days for cancelling the UAE visa

Many employees ask:how many days for a visa cancellation in the UAE?” Because they want to continue with their processes and have to wait until the visa gets cancelled. As you can see, it does not take more than a week. However, depending on the type of visa it may take a bit longer.

2. Why do you need to issue a visa cancellation letter?

As an employee, you need to issue your visa cancellation letter on time, since your sponsor is the only one authorized to carry out the process. As employees cannot sponsor their own visas, they need to be aware of the expiry date of the document to cancel it on time.

On the other hand, if you are an employee but you would like to terminate your contract before the date, you should also issue the request for a visa cancellation letter along with your resignation letter.

This way, the employer can start the process for your visa cancellation and final settlement on your behalf, so you can receive your end-of-service pay and other benefits.

The reasons why you need to send your visa cancellation request letter to the company are:

  • To avoid incurring overstaying and thus having to pay a fine.
  • It is a requirement to get your visa cancelled by your sponsor.
  • To have a better planning of your next decisions, such as booking a flight or any other.
  • In case you want to stay in the country, you can also apply for another type of visa such as a freelance visa or the tourist visa.
  • It is important because it allows the HR team to have enough time to process your cancellation
  • Leaving the UAE without canceling your visa is considered an infringement of the law. Thus, you may face a labour ban.

2.1 When do you need to cancel your UAE Visa?

Once you know that the UAE visa cancellation is very important and mandatory, you may wonder when you need to do it. You need to be aware of the contract expiry date since that is the date when the employment relationship ends. Therefore, if you do not want to renew your contract, you have to issue a non-renewal letter and a UAE visa cancellation paper at least 30 days in advance.

Thus, write your visa cancellation letter whether by hand or electronically to send it to the HR team.

3. How can you cancel your UAE Visa?

Canceling the UAE visa is a pretty straightforward process. You just need to prepare your UAE cancellation paper and submit it to your employer, in case you are under an employment visa.

If you are on a freelance visa, you need to cancel it by yourself. And, if you are under a family visa, your sponsor, which may be your father or husband, needs to cancel it on your behalf.

3.1 How to cancel visa in UAE as an employee?

If you have been wondering how to cancel an employment visa in Dubai, here we show you the detailed process:

  1. Write your visa cancellation letter and issue it to the HR team
  2. Download the visa cancellation application online or at a service center.
  3. Request the employer to sign it
  4. Provide the documentation
  5. The HR team should process the End-of-service entitlement
  6. Your labour card will be cancelled by the Ministry of Labor and the information will be forwarded to the GDRFA
  7. The employer has to visit the GDRFA to cancel the residence visa or may do it online
  8. After that, you can check your visa cancellation status in the UAE, to determine if the process is done.

You can follow a cancellation letter sample to write your own document and thus not worry about how to state your request.

3.2 How to cancel the family visa of your dependents?

If you are sponsoring your dependents, you need to go to an authorized typing centre or an immigration office to request the cancellation form, your dependent’s original passport, and your original Emirates ID card.

The authorized centre will carry out the cancellation on your behalf and it will be an easy process. It is important to carry out this process before your employment visa is cancelled.

3.3 Where do you need to cancel your UAE Visa?

The visa cancellation in Abu Dhabi and in other Emirates can be processed either online or in an authorized centre:

  • Registered typing centre: the sponsor has to visit the registered typing centre in the Emirate. The centre will process the cancellation form online.
  • Online: the sponsor may process the cancellation online by entering the GDRFA website or the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

4. Who can cancel a UAE Visa?

The visa cancellation in the UAE should be done by the sponsor, regardless of the type of visa. However, in some cases, the sponsor may be the employer or even the own individual.

When it comes to the different types of visas, here we have who can cancel each one.

  • Employment visa: the employee has to issue the visa cancellation form to the employer. Thus, the employer should carry out the cancellation of the labour card and resident visa.
  • Family visa: the individual that sponsors their dependents is responsible for cancelling their visas. However, it is advisable to carry out this process before the individual’s visa has been cancelled.
  • Freelance visa: the holder of a freelance visa is their own sponsor. Therefore, if you are on a freelance visa, you have to cancel it yourself.

Once the sponsor has carried out the visa cancellation, the individual can check the UAE visa cancellation status to determine if the process has been completed.

5. How to write a cancellation letter?

The cancellation request letter is not a difficult document to write. Some may think that it is a highly complicated paper that involves writing down much information, but the truth is that by following a visa cancellation letter format in the UAE you can do it easily.

There is no strict format for visa cancellation. The most important is that includes the essential information, so the HR team can go on with the process without any issues.

Therefore, the sample UAE visa cancellation paper contains the following:

  • Individual’s name, address, and contact details
  • Company name and address
  • Job position, years of service, and date of termination
  • Reasons why you are requesting the cancellation of your visa
  • Phone number and email

In addition, you have to make sure to keep the letter formal. You can achieve this by following the formal format that every letter must have:

  • The header, date, and your name and address should be first and aligned to the left
  • Following, you should write the subject aligned to the left
  • Address the person with his title. For example “Dear Sir” or “Respected Madam” and align them to the left
  • The content of the letter and farewell should be justified
  • Your signature should be centered

5.1 How to write a cancellation letter?

A UAE visa cancellation paper download can be the perfect guide for writing your own letter. Here we have some reasons you can include to request the visa cancellation:

  • I submitted my resignation on (mention date) therefore I would like to request a cancellation of my visa.
  • I have to visit my country for (mention reason) and I want to kindly request for you to cancel my visa.
  • My name is (mention your name) and I have been working for the company for (mention years) but since I will not be renewing my contract I would also like to get my visa cancelled.

With this sample cancellation letter, it will be easier for you to start this process. Thus, you can kindly request your employer to cancel your visa and labour card.

6. How can Connect Resources help you with the visa cancellation letter?

Here at Connect Resources, we understand how confusing the visa cancellation letter can be. Whether you are an employee or an employer, it is important to handle the request for a cancellation letter properly to avoid issues.

For this reason, we provide our visa services. You do not have to feel overwhelmed with all the immigration procedures. Also, you will not have to worry about employee visa cancellation letter or any related matter.

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