How To Check Visa Cancellation Status In UAE : Perfect Guide 2024

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Even though the UAE is a paradise, some people working there wish to come back to their countries. Therefore, when individuals want to leave the United Arab Emirates, they need to think about the visa cancellation process. To stop renewing your residency visa and cancelling it is the perfect method to handle this immigration process.

As an alternative, you can check the status and validity of your visa online by using the DubaiNow app and the GDRFA services. To check the status of your visa offline, residents of other emirates can contact the ICP service at 600-522222 and provide their passport number.

In this article, we will outline the procedure for visa cancellation UAE. You can also find out more about how a service provider can help you with any immigration services you require. Let us keep an eye on these things:

  1. Learn about the UAE visa cancellation
  2. How to cancel visa in UAE?
  3. Do you want to know the cost of UAE visa cancellation?
  4. Know how to check visa cancellation status here
  5. Connect Resources, the best visa service provider in the region

1. Learn about the UAE visa cancellation

visa cancellation

You must formally terminate your golden visa residency scheme or normal residency visa if you intend to depart the UAE permanently. The cancellation of visa in the UAE is a rather simple process, with your sponsor handling the majority of the work.

To guarantee the process is easy and without any problems, you only need to be cautious and keep an eye on a few details. Before beginning, settle any obligations, sell your car, end your lease, and stop paying your utilities. Subsequently, this will assist you in avoiding any inconveniences during the termination of your UAE freelance visa or any other type of visa.

You might be thinking when you should ask your sponsor to terminate your visa. Therefore, if you intend to leave the UAE immediately, then you must terminate it.

You do not need to cancel your flight if you are thinking about changing jobs or need to depart the UAE temporarily.

Remember that because your sponsor submitted the UAE Visa application, he or she should also process the visa cancellation on your account. In addition, you may need to send a contract non-renewal letter to them, so they can also cancel your employment agreement.

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1.1 Visa cancellation requirements in the UAE

As long as the holders of the visa are not constrained by regulations that require them to remain in the nation, it is quite easy to cancel a UAE residency visa. They are encouraged to settle all of their obligations, including terminate any employment contract. Hence, this can be really helpful to streamline the visa cancellation process.

Expats are unable to request the termination of their own visa. The only people who have the authority to revoke a visa are the sponsors and these sponsors cannot delay the visa cancellation. The foreign nationals may, however, independently request a visa cancellation if they are in possession of a golden investor visa.

Prior to canceling the working visa with the MOHRE, a company would have to pay the outstanding salary, leave wage entitlements, gratuity, and offer an air ticket.

Then, when you cancel your visa, you need to do the visa cancellation status check online UAE. This to ensure that the cancellation process is over.

1.2 Requirements for the visa cancellation

To petition for a residence visa cancellation, applicants must submit the following documentation:

  • Emirates ID and a passport.
  • Copies of the passport of the sponsor.
  • Declaration of all financial obligations cleared.
  • Entrance permission copy.
  • Upon partner or investor residency cancellation, the trade license may be assigned or cancelled.
  • In the event of death, a death certificate from within the nation.
  • An international death certificate that has been authorized by the relevant authorities.

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    2. How to cancel visa in UAE?

    If your sponsor is a business, it must first submit an application to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization for the termination of your labor card and contract. Consequently, you must sign this application in order to submit it.

    Your employer must also revoke your work permit. Nonetheless, it cannot be accomplished without a letter from you, signed. This will confirm that you have collected your dues, gratuities, repatriation costs, and any other perks according to your employee contract UAE.

    If you are looking to cancel your United Arab Emirates visa, there are several ways to do so. Subsequently, here are some of the most common in the region:

    Through the ICP app or website:

    • Download the ICP SmartApp or go to the ICP website.
    • Find the service you wish to apply for by searching.
    • Complete the application’s information.
    • Cancel the service fee.

    Through the GDRFA app or website:

    • Download the GDRFA-Dubai App or go to the GDRFA website so you can check the approval.
    • Establish a unique user profile.
    • Choose the necessary service.
    • Include the necessary documentation.
    • Pay service cost.
    • Send the request in.

    By means of the AMER centers:

    • Visit one of the AMER service locations.
    • Pick the service you need at the front desk.
    • Hand over the relevant documentation to the customer support agent.
    • Pay service cost.
    • Send in your application.

    By way of the typing centers:

    • Go to the local typing center.
    • Get a ticket and wait.
    • Give the employee all the necessary documentation.
    • Give the service fee.

    3. Do you want to know the cost of UAE visa cancellation?

    visa cancellation

    Sometimes, when doing their visa cancellation, people can forget that it has a charge. The cost to complete the cancellation of a visa ranges from AED 15 to AED 60. Which portal or visa service provider the candidates utilize will determine the costs.

    3.1 How long do people wait until their cancelled visa UAE is in place?

    The cancellation of a UAE visa could take no less than 48 hours. People applying for their visa cancellation will have less than a month to provide every necessary document to the authorities. However, if there are missing documents their application will no pass.

    Once they send every single document, including the application form, they will receive an approval notification; this if the request was satisfactory to the pertinent authority. Do not forget to check that the authorities will send a formal letter of the applicant of the visa cancellation in Dubai in the email too. This will confirm your Dubai visa cancellation status.

    4. Know how to check visa cancellation status here

    Most people wonder “how can I check my visa cancellation status in UAE,” “how to check if my visa is cancelled,” or “how to check my visa cancellation status in UAE online.” Therefore, here it is how to check visa cancellation status Dubai.

    For expats who have already left the country without formally canceling their visas, the visa status check will be helpful. If the visa has been revoked, that fact will be indicated in the visa cancellation status.

    The passport number is necessary for the visa check. Also, its expiration date is important to know in order to verify the visa cancellation status UAE. After that, simply carry out the following procedure:

    • Check out the ICP website.
    • Select the tab for passport data.
    • Select the visa or residence option.
    • Choose your nationality after entering your passport details and expiration date.
    • Select “Search.”

    All of your other visa information, including the date your visa expires, will be visible. This is how to check UAE visa cancellation status online.

    4.1 Learn how do the automatic cancellation of the visa works

    The UAE will automatically invalidate the expats’ residency visas if they leave the country without a UAE cancelled visa and do not return within six months.

    Leaving the nation without officially canceling visas, however, may result in a future UAE travel ban. The UAE will not let the expats enter until their expiring visas are formally canceled. There is no other option for achieving this goal save pursuing the previous sponsors to assist the expats in revocation of their visas. Subsequently, this is why the visa cancellation check is extremely important.

    4.2 These are the grace periods for the visa cancellation in the UAE

    Expats with cancelled visas must depart the country or apply for a new visa within the time limit. According to the classification of the foreigner, different grace periods are in place to different expats. Hence, the categories of expats and their grace period are listed below:

    180 days:

    • Holders of a Golden Visa and their families.
    • Holders of Green Visas and their families.
    • Divorcees or widows.
    • Students who have finished their education.
    • First and second level skilled professionals according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization classification.

    90 days:

    • 3rd level in the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization categorization for qualified professionals.
    • Property visa

    60 days:

    • Common residency visa holders.

    30 days:

    • The remainder of the categories.

    5. Connect Resources, the best visa service provider in the region

    We know that the visa cancellation process is not an easy one. Therefore, for companies and employers, we provide visa cancellation services alongside our visa solutions. Consequently, you can swiftly cancel your employees visas and help them have a seamless departure to their home countries. Now that you know about how to check visa cancellation status in UAE, we invite you to learn about many other topics on our insights section.

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