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In many countries, it is possible to find different types of employees in most industries and business sectors. For example, among the most requested job positions, you can find temporary and contract employees, as well as many others. Companies that desire to hire these types of employees should request staffing services to make the recruitment process more efficient.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about temporary and contract employees and their many differences. Besides, we will also explain how you can get staffing services and how they can be beneficial for your business. In this way, you will be able to get the employees you need to make your company more productive and successful. Let us observe:

  1. What exactly is temporary work and staffing services?
  2. What is contract work, and what are its main characteristics?
  3. How many differences can you find between temporary and contract workers?
  4. Staffing services: Hiring an independent contractor vs. Hiring a temporary employee
  5. Tips you should follow if you desire to work as a temporary or contract employee
  6. What benefits can you get by working as a temporary or contract employee?
  7. How can Connect Resources help you get the staffing services you need for your company?

1. What exactly are temporary work and staffing services?

As its name suggests, temporary work is a type of work in which an employee is temporarily hired by an employer. And for some types of companies, it is necessary to get temporary staffing services so they can easily find temporary workers. For example, during busy periods of the year, you can find retail companies looking for temporary employees to fill vacant roles.

During holidays, it is very common to find these companies hiring temporary workers to help them accommodate more customers and higher demand as well. Therefore, temporary staffing is an important element for many industries, firms, and business sectors in many countries. However, it is also possible for temporary employees to become permanent staff, depending on their agreement with the company they work for.

On the other hand, when it comes to the main features of temporary staff, you can find the following:

  • They are at-will workers or under a contract.
  • Temporary employees get paid hourly wages or, in particular cases, a salary.
  • They can work part-time, full-time, or seasonal jobs.
  • Usually, temporary employees work under 1000 hours or 1 year for a company.

2. What is contract work, and what are its main characteristics?

In some other cases, you will find companies that need to get contract staffing services to fulfill their hiring needs. When we talk about contract work, we refer to a type of employment in which an employee is hired on a contract basis. In other words, before the employment period begins, both the employee and the employer agree to the terms of the contract.

Usually, it is the employer who pays contract team members for an entire project rather than for their time. A contract employee can also often set their own pay rates, which allows them to enjoy certain autonomy. Therefore, contract employees are also known as freelancers since they are self-employed.

These are some of the most outstanding characteristics of contract employees:

  • They are also known as independent consultants, freelancers, or gig workers.
  • For governmental reasons, employers do not pay payroll taxes or count them as employees.
  • Contract employees usually set their own pay rates.

3. How many differences can you find between temporary and contract workers?

As you may know now, there are many differences between temporary and contract staffing UAE and companies need them in different situations. Therefore, having a clear understanding of these differences is key to hiring the right employee to fill a vacant position. Although both types of employees may carry out similar tasks, and work on or offsite, it is important to consider these differences:

  • While temporary employees are workers of your firm or a staffing agency, independent contractors are not employees. In fact, working with independent contractors is like partnering with another business.
  • In most cases, temporary employees are eligible to receive benefits. In the meantime, some companies may provide different types of perks for independent contractors if necessary.
  • On one hand, you will find out that temporary workers receive an hourly wage. On the other hand, independent contractors may get paid on an hourly basis or by receiving flat fees.
  • These types of workers also have different work habits. For example, companies can control how and when temporary employees work. But when it comes to contractors, companies cannot control the way they work. Instead, they can only oversee the final product of the contract workers they hire.
  • While companies have to supply their temporary employees with the tools they need to work, contractors have their own tools.

4. Staffing services: Hiring an independent contractor vs. Hiring a temporary employee

As we mentioned before, many types of businesses require staffing services to get the workers they need. For example, in the case of retailers and manufacturers, may hire temporary and contract workers by using staffing services. Or they may also hire these workers directly without the services of a third party.

In any of these cases, hiring temporary staffing is having employees who carry out core business functions. For example, they run cash registers or produce products and goods. Besides, temporary employees must follow a schedule while they also receive direct supervision during their shift.

On the other hand, if a retailer hires independent contractors, these workers will carry out non-core business tasks. For instance, some of the most common tasks performed by contractors are related to marketing, accounting, and maintenance. In case a computer gets hacked, a pipe breaks or an office needs cleaning, an independent contractor can quickly solve the problem.

5. Tips you should follow if you desire to work as a temporary or contract employee

If you are not an employer but an individual looking forward to becoming a temporary employee or contractor, you should follow our tips. For example, one of the main tips you must take into consideration is creating an impressive resume that helps you connect with employers. This can lead to many job opportunities in the short term.

Whether you want to become a temporary or contract worker, you need to take the opportunity to learn new skills. More precisely, make sure to obtain skills that are in demand in the industry you desire to work in.

Earning as many certifications as you can is also a tip you should follow. On the other hand, take your time to build your professional network by connecting with people from different organizations. It will help you find job opportunities in the future.

5.1. What skills are necessary to work as a temporary or contract employee?

In order to work as temporary or contract staffing, it is important to have some essential skills, including the following:

  • Communication: If you have this skill, it will be easier to interact with clients and understand your job responsibilities.
  • Professionalism: It is necessary for a temporary employee or contractor to work efficiently and professionally with their clients.
  • Adaptability: Temporary workers and contractors are known for changing jobs frequently and taking on new responsibilities. Therefore, if you want to start working as contract or temporary staffing, you need to know how to adapt to different situations quickly.
  • Technical skills: It is important for you to take the time to develop the required technical skills to work in any industry.
  • Administrative skills: With this skill, you can manage your schedule and pay rates, as well as keep track of different opportunities and applications.
  • Following directions: Following directions carefully is also an essential skill. It will help you learn the duties and expectations of your job, as well as perform your job efficiently.

6. What benefits can you get by working as a temporary or contract employee?

Companies that request staffing services can have a lot of benefits, whether they choose temporary or contract workers. But employees who work as temporary or contract workers for companies can also get benefits. In case you are an employee, make sure to consider these benefits before choosing to work as a contractor or temporary worker:

6.1. Benefits of working as a temporary employee

  • Get hired quickly: If you want to start working as soon as possible, becoming a temporary employee is your best option. If you apply for a job offer during peak seasons, there are higher possibilities to get hired quickly.
  • Get the opportunity to become a permanent employee: By starting as a temporary employee, you can find an opportunity to become permanent staff in time. However, this can vary depending on the position or role that you are currently performing.
  • Add new credentials to your resume: Working as a temporary employee will give you the opportunity to add new resume credentials. Plus, temporary jobs allow you to develop new skills and get professional experience.

If you contact a staffing agency, companies can find and hire you easily through staffing services.

6.2. Benefits of working as a contract employee

  • Enjoy a more flexible schedule: By working as an independent contractor or freelancer, you can enjoy the benefit of flexibility. You will be able to work flexible hours, which will also allow you to prioritize work-life balance, and in some cases, you can choose to work remotely as well.
  • Have the autonomy you need: Independent contractors are known for having certain autonomy in many aspects. For example, when it comes to schedules, pay rates, and how they perform their jobs, contractors have the autonomy to set their own parameters. Also, they can choose which jobs they accept and/or decline.

In case you are an employer looking for contractors or temporary employees, it is recommendable to request staffing services. In this way, it is will be easier to get the best results.

7. How can Connect Resources help you get the staffing services you need for your company?

In case you need to hire new employees for your company, make sure to get the services that our agency, Connect Resources, offers. For example, if you request our contract staffing services, we will provide you with the contract employees that your business requires. Besides, our team can also assist you with other similar services, so you can find the employees you need.

By requesting our high-quality staff outsourcing solutions, we can provide your company with the employees it needs to fill vacant positions. Whether you need temporary or permanent workers, we can find them and hire them on your behalf. Furthermore, an advantage of working with us, Connect Resources, is that you will not need to carry out hiring or recruitment tasks.

Apart from our staffing services, you can also request any of our diverse HR services to improve your company’s operations, such as:

Do you need to get staffing services and solutions to make your company more productive? The best way to improve your company in all aspects is by requesting the services of an expert partner. Our specialists will be able to provide you with the solutions you require as soon as you contact us at or call us at +971 43 316 688. In this way, you can let us know about your company’s staffing needs and other requirements.

On the other hand, if you are looking forward to getting a job as a temporary or contract employee, we can also help you. All you will need to do is to visit and discover the many job offers are available in the UAE and the entire Middle East. In case you desire to get in touch with the best recruiters to get further help, you send an email at to make the process easier.

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