Working in Dubai , UAE As a Freelancer – Connect Resources Case Study

Working in Dubai , UAE As a Freelancer – Connect Resources Case Study



“Individuals who want to live in the UAE while working abroad. 

Can I do remote work abroad while inside the UAE?

I have a short project in the UAE which will last for 1 year; will Freelance Permit work for me?”


Residents moving to the United Arab Emirates will find that there is great flexibility when it comes to working across all seven Emirates & even abroad, whether it’s establishing their own business or working as a Freelancer. With the rising popularity of the ‘gig economy’, there have been initiatives introduced to make it easier and cheaper for Freelancers to operate in the UAE. 

With our Freelance Permit package this allows freelancers in the media, technology, education, fitness, medical sector and so many other professions to easily apply for a permit and visa to legally perform their profession in the UAE.


Client tends to enjoy her freedom of being employed while being her own boss as she explores more about Freelance opportunities in both the United Arab Emirates and abroad.


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