Global Mobility and the integration of human interaction with technology

Global Mobility


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When it comes to Global Mobility, as an employer, you must ensure a smooth transition for your employees, so they can adapt easily to the host country and they can carry out their tasks without any issues. For this reason, many businesses have opted for using technology to automatize some of their processes.

Although technology is incredibly important for achieving great results, it can’t replace human interaction. So, it’s important to have a great balance of these two factors when you’re planning your global mobility strategy.

In this article, we’re going to discuss how you can have a great integration between the resources and the personnel you have dedicated to your international expansion. Let’s observe:

  • Global Mobility and the integration of human interaction with technology
  • How to implement technology to set better employee expectations?
  • Why is it beneficial to make business traveler resources for your employees?
  • How to use available technology to improve efficiency in global mobility?
  • Why is data integration important for your global mobility?
  • How to use human and online support with global mobility?
  • Why is Connect Resources your best solution for Global Mobility?

1. Global Mobility and the integration of human interaction with technology

Firstly, It’s no secret that technology has improved the Global Mobility process for many companies and it has smoothed the way for achieving great results. But human interaction is equally important to design a great process.

So, companies need to know how to implement strategies that combine these two. This is to improve the experience for their employees. There are many Global mobility examples where a collaboration of streamlined processes and well-qualified personnel can manage the workforce perfectly.

If you are looking for a global mobility consultant in Dubai, contact our professional team, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Whether you’re planning to set your international workforce in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you must develop a global mobility strategy that guarantees excellent results. For this reason, you should know the best tips for carrying out as well as understand how it works.

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1.1 What is the ideal collaboration between technology and human interaction?

The expansion project of any business should include ways to improve the transition to the company’s employees that will embark in the Global mobility experience. If the employees aren’t clear about the process and if your HR team isn’t prepared to handle it then you’re likely going to fail in your goals.

How can you use technology and human resources to have a great collaboration of both in your global mobility? Let’s observe:

  • Have an integrated network of specialists that provide support to your employees but at the same time offer technological tools that they can use to learn more about the process
  • Integrate the mobility technology with your HR system
  • Offer continuous human support to your employees throughout the entire mobility process and assess their needs by providing online support

1.2 How does technology fit into mobility?

Each company should decide on the best tools and resources that it can use to support the mobility program. Although it might not be common, there are many ways in which technology can offer great benefits for employees and the company.

It’s important to implement excellent systems that can help you make your process easier, but it’s also necessary to provide human interaction to have a perfect balance in your operations. Implementing technological solutions to your mobility strategy could give you the outcome you expect. Hence it’s useful to know how it can improve your current activities.

2. How to implement technology to set better employee expectations?

How to implement technology to set better employee expectations?

One of the areas of Global Mobility in which you can have an excellent integration of technology and human interaction is in the first stages of the process. Your employee may have specific requests regarding mobility, and you have to provide answers quickly.

It’s important to have outstanding management of the information you have to provide to the employees that will be sent to the new location. If you don’t give them an immediate answer, they will try to gather information on their own and it might not be accurate.

Let’s observe how you can use technology to solve this issue:

  • Use human and online support to address your employees inquiries with clarity and immediacy
  • Carry out initial conversations with your employees, whether by call or a meeting
  • Offer flexible ways of communication like online and in-person channels
  • Be transparent about the entire relocation process and offer real-time information

Keep in mind that you need to process the working visa and residence permits for the employees you’re planning to send to the UAE. For this reason, you should contact Connect Resources to get assistance in obtaining these documents for your international workforce.

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3. Why is it beneficial to make business traveler resources for your employees?

Keep in mind that the employees who are going to be requested to become part of your Global Mobility workforce have to understand everything about the destination country before traveling. It’s important to educate them so they can adapt well to the culture and customs of the new place.

In this matter, you can provide resources through your website and personal training, and in this way, you’re combining technology with human interaction. So, why is it advisable to offer traveler resources to your employees? Let’s observe:

  • It shows you care about your employees and their well-being
  • The resources can be available at any time and they can check them whenever they want
  • It gives your employees more confidence to travel

Since employee relocation is a major part of any global mobility strategy, it’s important to understand how it works and how you can do it. You probably have several questions regarding this process, and for this reason you should read more about the information we have gathered.

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3.1 How to design a business travel program?

A major part of Global mobility services consists in training and preparing your employees to be ready to settle in when they arrive to the new country. For this reason, you should develop a business travel program that gives them enough information to be well-prepared. Let’s observe what it should include:

  • The country profile with overall information
  • What your employees should and shouldn’t do in the country
  • Knowledge about the culture and customs
  • Information about Business etiquette
  • Overview of employment and local laws

Global mobility should be a fundamental part of any business that is looking to expand abroad. But, if you still don’t know what it is and how it can be beneficial to develop a solid strategy for your business in this matter, you should read all the information we have available.

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4. How to use available technology to improve efficiency in global mobility?

How to use available technology to improve efficiency in global mobility?

In your Global Mobility strategy you must focus on including technology that can help your staff carrying out their tasks more efficiently. There are currently many systems that can help your HR team to have a better management of the mobility process.

However, many businesses don’t know about these systems that could make their work easier. You should look for the best solutions that are available in the market. If you don’t want to make this investment, you can always trust in Connect Resources to get assistance with technology and mobility since we are updated and we use the latest software available.

4.1 Training in HR software system

In terms of Global mobility experience, you should have a mobility team that knows how to use their resources properly. This is the perfect integration between technology and human interaction because once you have specialists using the top systems available you’re going to receive excellent results.

In your global mobility strategy you should include a plan to carry out employee relocation. Perhaps you’re planning on sending some of your current employees to your new location. But there are many things you have to know first before taking this step.

Learn more about all the essential aspects of employee relocation.

5. Why is data integration important for your global mobility?

Carrying out the Global Mobility strategy for your business means that you will have to handle several tasks and responsibilities. There are some of them that may be time-consuming and difficult to handle.

Data processing of your employees could be one of those tasks that give you a lot of troubles. For this reason, you should use technology to improve data integration within your mobility team.

Payroll processing and administration is a major part of any business. If you need assistance with this matter whether with your current employees or international workforce, you should contact Connect Resources to get our outstanding service.

Learn more about the Payroll service offered by Connect Resources.

5.1 How to balance your personnel with technology to have better data processing?

There are many Global mobility examples where businesses have implemented HR technology systems that work perfectly to process the data. And with the help of application program interfaces, they make a link with the mobility technology, obtaining a streamlined communication.

How can you have an excellent integration between your resources and your HR staff in terms of data processing? Let’s observe:

  • You can invest in HR software or AI solutions to get a streamlined process
  • It’s recommended to train your HR specialists to handle these tools so you can obtain the most out of this investment
  • If you can’t invest in technology, you should have a dedicated team processing the data and generating reports to send them to your mobility team

Once you know what your needs are in terms of global mobility, you can start researching about providers. It’s essential to look for a third party that can help you to expand your operations to the new country. An EOR provider is the best solution that can assist you and help you achieve your strategic goals.

Learn more about the EOR services in the UAE.

6. How to use human and online support with global mobility?

How to use human and online support with global mobility?

Offering continuous support to your employees could be the key of success with your Global Mobility. Your employees should feel like there are resources available for them anytime, because this will make them feel supported through the entire relocation process.

How can you show support to your employees with your current technology and staff? Let’s observe:

  • Identify the preferences of each employee regarding communication and develop programs for each one. For example, younger employees may prefer texting to communicate, while senior employees may prefer in-person assistance
  • Offer several ways of communication like email, texting, phone call, or a meeting
  • Train your HR personnel on how to answer the most common inquiries and how to react to the issues that may arise

Global Mobility also involves having to relocate employees to your new office in your target country. It’s important to know how to carry out this process efficiently so your workers can adapt to the host country and give you excellent results.

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7. Why is Connect Resources your best solution for Global Mobility?

Resultado de imagen de connect resources linkedin

Once you know that you need to have a solid balance between technology and personnel regarding your global mobility, you have to look for a solution that can give you this. With Connect Resources you will receive the best Global mobility services since we have a team of specialists and the latest resources available for you.

We have been assisting several businesses with their expansion projects and we can provide you a customized solution that guarantees you’re going to receive the expected result. You’ll have a dedicated account manager that will help you with everything related with your international workforce management.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources for Global Mobility services? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.



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