Contract Staffing in Abu Dhabi – Everything you should know

Contract staffing in Abu Dhabi – Everything you should know


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When companies need hiring new employees, there are many options available. In this guide of Contract staffing in Abu Dhabi – Everything you should know, you’ll be able to learn about this type of solution to see if it’s the right one for your needs.

Since hiring decisions are of great importance for every business, it’s necessary to consider all the methods in which a company can hire the staff that they require. One of the highest costs of any business is the wages, so the hiring process should be managed in the best way possible to reduce expenses.

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One of the options is contract staffing that has become more popular as the years go by because it has been proven to be highly effective. In this article, you’ll learn everything about this solution. Let’s observe:

  • Contract staffing in Abu Dhabi – Everything you should know
  • What are the benefits of contract staffing for your company?
  • Why is contract staffing becoming more popular?
  • What are the advantages of contract staffing for your business?
  • What are some of the best reasons to use contract staffing?
  • What is the duration of the contracted staff?
  • When should your company opt for contract staffing?
  • What is the contract staffing process?
  • What are some of the services offered by a trustworthy contract staffing agency?
  • How to select a contract staffing agency?
  • Why should you choose Connect Resources?

1. Contract staffing in Abu Dhabi – Everything you should know

Before deciding for using contract staffing as a solution for your hiring needs, it’s essential to know at depth what exactly is and how it works, so you can be clear about the process you’re about to do.

Additionally, you need to know the benefits and advantages that this method can give to your company, and you also should determine when it’s the best time to do this. Once that you have all this knowledge, you can start doing your search for selecting the right staffing agency in the UAE.

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Contract staffing is one of the methods you can use, and you should know that it’s also the PEO option to handle all your HR needs.

1.1 What is contract staffing?

The contract staffing has become increasingly popular among many companies as an alternative for the classic full-time hire since it has been proven to be a great solution instead of hiring an independent contractor or a temporary worker.

The best feature of contract staffing is that offers flexibility while provides excellent benefits for the benefits. When a company decides to do contract staffing is hiring an employee based on a specific agreement.

The employee hired by the contract staffing isn’t considered as a part of the permanent staff of the company because they’re hired for a specific purpose during a specific amount of time. This method helps you avoid hiring mistakes.

1.2 Why do companies use contract staffing?

According to the UAE contract law, the contract staffing is a valid hiring method that many companies can choose when they would like to fill a specific job position or when they need a worker with specific skills so they can finish a project.

What are some of the reasons for choosing contract staffing? Let’s observe:

  • When a team or department requires specialized knowledge
  • When it’s required to meet a deadline, and there aren’t enough workers
  • Quick hire of workers
  • Achieve the organization’s goals

The main reason why companies choose this service is that they receive all the additional resources provided by specialized staff without experiencing the drawbacks of the traditional hiring process. There are many considerations that companies don’t have to make with contract staffing, and this is great for having a rapid expansion of the business.

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You can receive all these benefits from one of the outsourcing companies like Connect Resources, that is ready to solve all of your inquiries.

1.3 What’s the difference between temporary staffing and contract staffing?

As these are two of the most common hiring methods used by companies, many people tend to use them interchangeably, but the truth is that there are some differences between them, and it’s essential to know.

With temporary staffing, the company receive workers provided by a staffing agency, and they work for an hourly wage and some benefits that are taken care of by the firm, not by the company.

Contract staffing is when a company hires professionals for a role under a contract, so this means that the workers get paid by the work they do, instead of the time they work. They’re responsible for delivering a service or product until the completion of the project for which they’re hired.

2. What are the benefits of contract staffing for your company?

What are the benefits of contract staffing for your company

In the guide for Contract staffing in Abu Dhabi – Everything you should know, it’s necessary to learn about the benefits that this service can provide to your business, so you can know what to expect. There are many pros for outsourcing staff, and you should know them.

2.1 Cost-effective solution

When a company decides for the UAE labour contract with contract staffing, it can eliminate many expenses that are usually related to a full-time hire. Hence allowing them to readjust the budget and reduce administrative expenses that come with in-house hiring.

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Additionally, most contracted workers only get paid for the job they do, so the company can be sure that they won’t incur in any other unexpected expenses such as paid time off, which is a common trouble with workers.

2.2 Obtain qualified talent

With the contract staffing solution, the company can gain access to qualified talent quickly and hire the workers that they need whenever they require. The staffing agencies count on with skilled workers in many fields which is great for the company.

Instead of training inexperienced workers, the company can contact Connect Resources to access the right candidate for the job position they’d like to fill.

2.3 Lowers business liability

Another great benefit of this service is that the company lowers business liabilities that are commonly related to part-time and full-time hiring. Additionally, contract staffing removes the grey areas that come with contractors.

3. Why is contract staffing becoming more popular?

Hiring staff for your business can be challenging, but this doesn’t stop companies from obtaining the benefits of all the hiring methods that exist. If you want to achieve your strategic goal, then you need to start considering several approaches for hiring employees.

One of the most increasing methods of hiring is contract staffing since many companies are opting for this because it gives them more flexibility to meet their requirements and capacities at any given time.

But why is contract staffing increasing its popularity? Let’s observe:

  • It enables the company to hire on-demand
  • Provides limitless workforce
  • It’s an excellent option for both short and long-term needs
  • It provides flexibility and scalability to the business
  • It can help develop a solid business growth strategy

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If you’re planning on becoming part of the several companies that use contract staffing, then you should contact Connect Resources, so they can help you find an excellent solution for your business since they’re one of the best outsourcing companies in the UAE.

4. What are the advantages of contract staffing for your business?

Since the contract staffing can have many benefits for a company, it also can have many advantages for the business. In the guide of Contract staffing in Abu Dhabi – Everything you should know, we can observe some of the most relevant.

4.1 Shortens the hiring process

When a company decides to embark on a full-time hire process, it can see that it’s highly time-consuming and costly since it involves many stages.

With contract staffing, the company can get rid of many steps of the traditional hiring process, and this in result makes them save valuable time as well as obtain the workers rapidly so they can start working as soon as possible.

4.2 Reduces hiring costs

The salary for temporary and permanent workers tend to be higher than for contracted staff this is why it’s considered a cost-effective solution.

The contract employees receive the payment for the hours that they work and the company isn’t required to pay for benefits for them, so the business only needs to pay for what they require.

4.3 It helps handle rapid growth

Some business may overgrow and if you’re not able to cope with this in the right way, you can take your company to the ground. It’s essential to know how to scale up the business when there’s rapid growth.

With contract staffing, you can complete any extra work or position that you need suddenly, which commonly occurs during times of rapid expansion.

4.4 Great for short-term projects

The contract staffing service is excellent for companies that are working on short-term projects or that have seasonal needs because they can have access to additional resources quickly. They can handle all the challenges to fulfil this goal.

If you want to comply with the UAE contract law while you hire the workers that you need, then the contract staffing is the best solution for you.

You can learn more about the advantages of outsourcing and all the benefits so you can make the right decision.

5. What are some of the best reasons to use contract staffing?

If you doubt about using contract staffing for your company, you need to know some of the best reasons why it could positively impact your business. If you’re having difficulty in finding skilled candidates, you need to broaden your search and start considering other alternatives to permanent hiring.

5.1 Access to specialized staff

One of the best reasons why companies use contract staffing is because they can have access to professionals with a valuable set of skills or knowledge for a short duration, and this can significantly benefit the business, improving the quality of the process.

5.2 Fulfill business needs

When it comes to short-term needs, companies have the choice to hire contract staff since hiring permanent staff doesn’t seem to be appropriate because it takes much more effort and money, and it doesn’t make sense.

You can choose to outsource contract staff and have a skillful workforce for the time that you require, especially for a short-term project or for a specific duration, and the best part is that you don’t have to make any commitments.

5.3 Access to a vast pool of talent

Hiring skilled staff can be a challenge for many companies, mainly because there isn’t much offer and it isn’t easy to find qualified workers by traditional means. It doesn’t matter the methods that you apply by yourself; you can only see a certain quantity of workers.

However, if you have the help of an agency like Connect Resources, you can find a considerable amount of high-quality candidates depending on your specific requirements since this agency has access to a vast pool of talent of professionals looking for a contracted job.

5.4 Prevents laying off employees

When a company has a big project to work on and decides to hire permanent staff, it could be a high risk because sometimes the deals might fall apart, or the project might end abruptly, or any other contingency might occur.

When this happens, the company has to lay off employees, and this affects its image severely as a corporation as well as causes the company to lose money. With contract staffing, you can avoid and prevent all of these situations.

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You can use the top talent employment services Abu Dhabi offered by Connect Resources. With their help, you can get the staff that you’re looking for to fill a job position for the short or long-term and acquire that new set of skills that can boost your company’s productivity.

6. What is the duration of the contracted staff?

The duration of contracted staff depends on several aspects, but the company mainly decides it.

When a company contacts a contract staffing agency, they discuss the requirements and nature of the job, and based on this; they determine the duration of the contract. It’s essential to clearly define this to let it know to candidates so they can be sure about what to expect.

Typically, companies hire contract staff to work for them for a couple of months up to a few years, so it may vary depending on the project on which the worker is going to carry out their business function.

The duration of the contracted staff is established, and it’s up to the completion of the contract. After this time, if the company considers that the worker has had a more than satisfactory performance, it can decide to hire them on a full-time basis. Contract staffing done in the right way can help your business grow, so for this reason, you have to count on the best ones in this field, which is Connect Resources.

7. When should your company opt for contract staffing?

Once that you know that contract staffing can provide many benefits and advantages for your company, you may wonder when it’s the right time to opt for this solution. Hence, in this guide of Contract staffing in Abu Dhabi – Everything you should know, we included the best reasons to choose for this service.

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  1. Business expansion: expand your workforce with a safe solution without needing to make permanent hiring.
  2. Project-based or time-based needs: thecompany can have workers to take care of a particular workload or project without overloading the staff and for the specific amount of time that it requires.
  3. Cutting on resources: if you want to cut on operational costs, contract staffing is the best answer since you’re not obligated to make additional payments that are usually related to permanent staff.

8. What is the contract staffing process?

The contract staffing process it’s shorter than the full-time hiring process, so it’s great for companies that need staffs to work for them as soon as they can to meet a deadline.

  • Analyze and understand the request

The first step is when the company contacts the contract staffing agency in Abu Dhabi like Connect Resources because it needs talented professionals to work for them for a specific period.

The agency analyzes and understands the requirement so that they can identify the best candidate for the position.

  • Sourcing, screening, and interviewing process

After the first step is taken, the agency starts the process. Connect Resources is a staffing firm that carries out the sourcing and screening of potential candidates. Once they find the best fits for the position, they start the interview process to determine if they’re an excellent match for the job and the company’s culture.

  • Choosing the candidate

Once the agency finishes the interview process, they provide the list of candidates to the company so they can decide which one is the best for them. The company analyzes the CV and information provided by the agency, and they make a decision.

  • Contract signing

Once the candidate is chosen, the company communicates with the agency, and it signs a contract with the worker. After this, the agency is responsible for paying the candidate, and it signs a contract with the company.

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The best part about this process is that the agency takes care of everything related to the hiring process, including legalities such as the UAE labour law gratuity and many others.

Although this process is highly similar to the staff outsourcing process, there are some important differences and you shouldn’t confuse them.

9. What are some of the services offered by a trustworthy contract staffing agency?

The recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi can help you solve your needs regarding contract staffing, but some of them don’t offer a comprehensive set of services that can take your hiring to a whole new level.

Connect Resources, as a contract staffing agency, has roles and responsibilities with its client, and the best part is that it offers an end-to-end staffing solution for your business. Let’s observe:

  • It understands and analyzes your company’s workload to offer a fit solution
  • Interviews potential candidates and it does the shortlisting so you can select the best match
  • Background check it’s also part of their services
  • It draws contracts and helps you with all the legal issues.
  • In case of gaps, it imparts training and development services for your staff
  • It makes the follow-up of your hired candidates to see if they meet your requirements
  • It has specialists to identify the right candidate to fill the job position
  • Its team of experts can even reach out to passive candidates
  • It offers a fast and accurate hiring process so you won’t have to worry about anything
  • It offers a tailor-made solution for your business.

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As you can see, Connect Resources doesn’t focus solely on searching contracted staff for your business, but they also offer a complete service that can benefit your business greatly.

10. How to select a contract staffing agency?

Since the contract staffing could be the best answer for your company’s troubles, it’s essential to do a thorough search to find the top staffing agency in which you can trust, and that can provide you with the workers that you need.

In this guide of Contract staffing in Abu Dhabi – Everything you should know, you should be aware of how to select the correct firm that can partner with your business, so you can find the best workers for you and can comply with the UAE labour contract.

How to know if a company is trustable? Let’s observe:

  • It has enough expertise with contract staffing
  • It has worked with several companies in Abu Dhabi
  • It has a relatively short turnaround time
  • It takes care of all the contract staffing process

Connect Resources is one of the top-leading contract staffing agencies that have all the qualifications for becoming your ally in your hiring requirements. Contact them to receive the best assistance in this matter.

11. Why should you choose Connect Resources?

Once that you know everything related with the contract staffing process, you need to contact an agency in Abu Dhabi that can help you find the best candidates for your business, but since there are many you probably don’t know which one will be the right choice.

With Connect Resources, you’ll have the assistance that you require for your short or long-term hires since they’re a trustworthy company that has been providing this service for several businesses in a variety of industries.

What are some of the best qualifications of Connect Resources? Let’s observe:

  • Solutions for companies of all sizes
  • Flexible terms and conditions
  • Hire on-demand solutions
  • Solutions matched for your business and its needs
  • Availability of a team of specialists
  • 20 years of experience in contract staffing

Would you like to contact Connect Resources for Contract Staffing? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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