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The UAE benefits from the diversity of the expat community in favor of economic development. It also presents a risk to foreigners who might decide to leave the country in order to escape any legal repercussions. As a result, the authorities imposes a number of travel restrictions on UAE nationals. Understanding how to check a travel ban in UAE is crucial.

In this article, you can find out all about the UAE travel ban. For the sake of the region, this is a security and preventative measure. Consequently, ensuring that those who break the law will be held accountable. Do not be concerned about running into problems when departing from the UAE. Here is how to verify the travel ban UAE. Let us look at this:

  1. What occurs if you are subject to a travel ban in UAE?
  2. What are the possible justifications for a visa ban in UAE?
  3. How to check travel ban in Dubai with passport number?
  4. What differences exist between deportation and a travel restriction?
  5. What is the travel ban law in the UAE?
  6. Is there a travel ban once labor restrictions are in place?
  7. How can Connect Resources help you with your issues?

1. What occurs if you are subject to a travel ban in UAE?

travel ban in UAE

The UAE ban effectively forbids people from entering, leaving, or returning to the country. Unless certain conditions are met, this prohibits using any mode of transportation. Make sure you understand how to verify the status of an immigration ban in UAE if you are in the midst of removing one.

People who find themselves in a position where they risk being banned must seek legal counsel. Immigration lawyers in the United Arab Emirates are authorities on all matters relating to expats traveling to, staying in, and leaving the country. To ensure your freedom to travel, they will also stay on top helping you check travel ban in UAE.

You should therefore understand how to verify if you have immigration ban UAE if you are unsure whether you are in danger or not. For people who were not citizens of the nation, the laws can occasionally be difficult to understand. Fortunately, here we will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to check travel ban in UAE.

2. What are the possible justifications for a visa ban in UAE?

To prevent any inconveniences at the airport, we advise performing a travel ban uae check if you intend to travel overseas. The UAE may impose a travel ban on you for a number of reasons. The most common ones include:

  • Violations of immigration laws, in particular Federal Law 13.
  • An active criminal investigation.
  • Tenant disagreements.
  • Unpaid debts and financial responsibilities.
  • Overstaying a visa’s validity.
  • Employment without a valid work permit or visa.
  • Before leaving the UAE, informing your employer and canceling your work permit.
  • A global health emergency, like the recent pandemic.

3. How to check travel ban in Dubai with passport number?

Now, not all Emirates in the UAE follow the same standards when it comes to checking a travel ban. As a result, the procedure for checking the UAE travel ban in Dubai is somewhat different. There are four distinct ways to verify if you are subject to a travel ban in the United Arab Emirates.

A quick and simple way to check a travel ban in UAE and learn about its current is to give them a call. The contact center representative will need information such as the details of your passport. The simplest method to how to check UAE travel ban status with passport number is also this one.

  • Residents can call 800-5111 to get in touch with the Amer center in Dubai.
  • International callers should use the prefix +971 43 139 999.

If you believe you may be subject to a UAE visa ban, you also can hire a lawyer to perform a thorough investigation on your behalf. Additionally, this is the ideal option if you are going to have an arrest warrant filed against you. Moreover, while you are outside the UAE, speaking with a professional is frequently your only option for travel ban check UAE.

Visit the official website of the Dubai Police Department for further information on how to check police case in UAE online. As a result, you can quickly see your Dubai police case check and make sure that you can legally stay in the region.

3.1 How to check UAE ban status with passport number online?

You might be curious about how to check if you have travel ban in UAE online. The free service offered by the government website or the Dubai Police smart app enables residents of Dubai to quickly learn how to check if there is a travel ban in the United Arab Emirates.

You must have a valid Emirates identification card in order to check a travel ban in the UAE. The second need is that you need a smartphone in order to utilize the software. Furthermore, it may be accessed on any smartphone. Let us now discuss how to check ban in UAE online:

  • Download the Dubai Police app or visit the Dubai Police website.
  • From their Individual Services section, select “Criminal Status of Financial Cases.”
  • Enter your contact information, including your name and the Emirates ID card number.

You will then receive information if there is a travel ban. Subsequently, they will advise you to visit any precinct of the Dubai Police while carrying your Emirates Identification, a copy of your passport, and an Authority Note.

Digitally checking the state of a travel ban via the Dubai Police website or app is free of charge. Therefore, you are free to inquire as many times as you like “how to check immigration ban in UAE”.

3.2 How can you check the status of your immigration ban in Abu Dhabi and the other Emirates?

The answer to how to verify my check travel ban UAE for Abu Dhabi or any other Emirate varies slightly. Nevertheless, there is no need to be concerned because the processes for checking the UAE visa ban remain simple.

  • They can visit the Judicial Department’s website to learn if they have any criminal court claims filed against them.
  • A legal ID number is required to use their Estafser e-service.

Visitors from other emirates can follow our instructions on how to check travel ban in UAE and certify their immigration status. The government’s web tool makes it easier to receive information about the status of immigration bans. It also saves a significant amount of time at the airport.

You can check the status of your UAE travel ban at the UAE government portal if you are presently stationed in any other emirate of the UAE. Simply choose the “preliminary checks” option under the “service and information” section. Following the on-screen prompts, choose “check if you have a travel ban” and afterwards proceed as directed. It only takes a few minutes to complete the procedure, which is rather straightforward.

4. What differences exist between deportation and a travel restriction?

travel ban in UAE

The parties’ interests appear to be one of the most significant differences between travel restrictions and expulsion. The travel ban in UAE is intended to safeguard personal interests, while deportation is intended to safeguard the people as a whole. Consequently, you must understand how to check your travel ban and deportation status in the UAE.

Deportation sentence cancellation is hard, but not impossible. Article N. 132 of the Emirates Penal Code allows the deportation sentence to be reversed upon petition to the proper authorities. Here at Connect Resources, we can support you in carrying out this operation.

The Civil Procedure UAE Law also addresses the situation in which an individual with an extradition request also has a travel ban. In such cases, they will form an informal panel to decide the case’s merits. Furthermore, if sufficient documentation of his outstanding indebtedness is provided, the deportation order may be postponed.

5. What is the travel ban law in the UAE?

There are no explicit laws governing travel restrictions and the processes for relieving them in the UAE. However, a number of UAE federal statutes make its existence clear.

As a result, a list of situations in which an immigrant cannot enter or leave the country is provided by Federal Law N. 6 of 1972 on Immigration, as revised by Ministerial Decree N. 83 of 2002. It is critical to understand how to check a travel ban in UAE because the law there is not entirely clear.

Try to check the UAE travel ban information before entering or leaving the country. You may avoid any embarrassing situations at the airport in this way. As a result, if it comes out that you are subject to a travel ban, you must get in touch with the top experts to deal with this problem.

5.1 People that cannot enter the UAE

  • A subject of a criminal charge.
  • A person who the relevant authorities have the power to deport.
  • Anybody taking part in Interpol activities.
  • A person whose entry into GCC countries has been prohibited.
  • A person who is ill and endangers everyone’s health.

5.2 Who cannot leave the UAE?

  • A public prosecutor may impose a travel restriction on someone as a result of an active investigation.
  • A person who has been disqualified by a court of law or in a civil case.
  • People who don’t fulfill their commitments to the UAE government are prohibited, according to the Minister.

6. Is there a travel ban once labor restrictions are in place?

An individual is not prohibited from entering or departing the nation by a labor restriction. Federal Law No. 8 of 1980, which governs the UAE Labour Law and its modifications, places a time limit on the ability to obtain a permit to work from The Ministry of Human Services and Emiratization.

In these circumstances, the employee can either visit the nation on a visitor visa and seek for a job in a sector that does not need work permits from the Ministry, such as the public sector or businesses located in free zones. On the other hand, a travel ban forbids travel to the UAE for any purpose.

7. How can Connect Resources help you with your issues?

Trying to independently check your travel ban in UAE can be difficult. Therefore, you have the option of hiring us at Connect Resources to help you do this task successfully. Our professionals will confirm that you do not have a travel ban in UAE when checking your case inquiry by passport number; verifying that everything is in place. You will therefore be able to stay there indefinitely without experiencing any problems.

Due to the fact that our specialists will even check travel ban in UAE, you will not need to complete it on your own. Give us the chance to serve as your local ally and to provide you with the best services possible. Our business is here to give you all the information you require on this matter and more. You can get the best guidance from our experts since we are a company that helps businesses in the UAE. We offer the following human resources services to nearby businesses:

Do you want support to know how to check travel ban UAE? Get in touch with us. You can reach us by phone at +971 43 316 688 or by email at You can also view our case studies and client testimonials if you are interested in learning more about what we do and how it works.

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