Strategies you can implement for Hiring Globally After a Pandemic

Hiring Globally

When businesses are planning their international expansion, they have to consider Hiring Globally. However, nowadays this has become a difficult task because of the challenging times that we endured due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Once that businesses are starting to open again, you may be looking for candidates to fill your open positions, but after the pandemic this has been something hard to achieve. You can implement a plan that allows you to improve your hiring and ensures you meet your goals.

In this article, you’re going to learn which strategies can give you better results when it comes to global hiring. In addition, you’re going to learn how you can prepare your team to find the best candidates for your business. Let’s observe:

  • Strategies you can implement for Hiring Globally After a Pandemic
  • What are the next steps for companies when it comes to global hiring?
  • What is the best way to start your global hiring process? Understand the market and anticipate
  • Why do you need to prepare your recruitment technology?
  • How can your employer brand help you hire globally?
  • Why should you focus on building a talent pool and find remote workers?
  • How can you ease up the process with an International PEO?
  • How can Connect Resources help you with global hiring?

1. Strategies you can implement for Hiring Globally After a Pandemic

If you’re looking for the Best recruitment practices of top local and international companies you have to continue reading. There are many strategies that you can implement without needing to put too much effort or time in it.

In the midst of a pandemic, it’s very complicated to find candidates, particularly for health reasons since we have to maintain social distancing. However, since the introduction of vaccine programs, countries are starting to ease lockdowns and companies will begin hiring.

Nevertheless, the COVID-19 has affected everything in our business world. From recruitment to onboarding, the processes are different know. For this reason, it’s essential for you as a business owner to know how to address these changes effective to obtain amazing results.

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1.1 How has the pandemic affected global hiring?

Hiring Globally has become a need for many businesses that are looking for entering new markets. If you’re planning on entering the UAE market, you must have people working for you to ensure continuity.

Some of the reasons why the post-pandemic situation may make difficult your hiring are the following:

  • The world is leading to a serious recession
  • Unemployment is on the rise
  • The labor market is evolving and changing

As you can see, we’re facing uncertain and unprecedented times so as a business owner you must know how to navigate it. You can implement wonderful strategies that allow you to be able to hire amidst a recession.

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1.2 How has the pandemic reshaped global hiring?

Once we know why a post-pandemic world is a challenge for employers, we must address these changes reflect in the global workforce.

Before the pandemic, the job market was candidate-driven. However, since the implementation of lockdown measures, many people lost their jobs. Therefore, the unemployment rate is at its highest. For this reason, you can expect a high influx of candidates.

As a business owner, you should be prepared to know how to address this and which steps you should take to improve your hiring method and not end-up with a bad hire.

2. What are the next steps for companies when it comes to global hiring?

What are the next steps for companies when it comes to global hiring?

Hiring Globally is changing, and as an employer you should know the steps you must take to adapt. If you’re looking for hiring internationally, you should consider the following:

2.1 Recruitment has gone digital

Many businesses started to implement tools for carrying out recruitment digitally. If you haven’t already then you may be falling behind your competitors.

It’s essential for you to offer virtual recruitment and implement strategies such as video interviewing and remote assessment.

2.2 Remote working is the new system

The pandemic forced businesses to send their employees home to work remotely. Although people can return to the office, it’s expected that remote working remains. It’s a new way that allows organizations to open up to more possibilities.

You should take advantage of remote working to find the perfect candidates for your business. Therefore, a remote international workforce could be a good solution.

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3. What is the best way to start your global hiring process?

When you start Hiring Globally, you have to begin by considering two important factors.

3.1 Understanding the job market

Although the job market has been affected generally, you need to analyze and understand the specific changes within your industry. It’s essential to know it because this will allow you to determine how it will impact your candidate supply.

So, what should you do? Let’s observe the following:

  • Know where your industry lies. Is it booming or has been severely affected?
  • Pay attention to potential employees that can be transferred from other industry
  • Stay on top of the news regarding the job market

For example, if your business belongs to the travel industry, which was severely affected by the pandemic, you must design a plan that allows you to revamp your hiring strategy.

3.2 Anticipate your hiring needs.

Once you have analyzed your industry, it’s time to understand your short and long-term needs. The most important is to develop a plan in which you can determine how you can fill the skills gap at your organization.

It’s important to develop a re-opening strategy so you can know which positions you need to fill in a short-term and which can wait a little bit longer.

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4. Why do you need to prepare your recruitment technology?

Hiring Globally

If you want to be successful when it comes to Hiring Globally, you have to prepare your recruitment tech stack. Nowadays, it’s essential to have recruitment technology in place to carry out a virtual recruitment.

In addition, it’s a great way of easing the hiring process. Since the trend is to carry out the recruitment process remotely, it’s essential to implement great tech solutions.

But, why do you have to use technology to fulfill your hiring needs after the pandemic? Let’s observe the following:

  • Helps you to facilitate the hiring process for you and your candidates
  • Allows you to save time and money
  • It’s a great way of obtaining quick and valuable results

4.1 Which tools can you add to your recruitment?

If you’re planning on adding outstanding tools to have a great recruitment process, you can consider the following:

  • Sourcing tools
  • Virtual interviewing software
  • Assessment tools for pre-employment
  • Tracking system for applicants
  • Onboarding software

All of these will allow you to streamline your recruitment. However, keep in mind that if you decide to invest in these resources, you should also train your HR staff to know how to use them. For this reason, an outsourcing solution could be the best since you won’t have to spend that much money.

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5. How can your employer brand help you hire globally?

Developing a solid employer brand is one of the main aspects when it comes to Hiring Globally. In addition, the way you treat your candidates reflects the way you treat your employees, so it’s important to showcase that when you’re hiring.

The candidates will check on your company before they decide to apply for one of your open positions. Therefore, if you want to attract top candidates, you have to look like an attractive employer.

Some of the ways in which you can improve your brand are the following:

  • Make sure to give an image of an empathetic business
  • Have a compassionate language in your company’s website and social networks to show that you care about your employees’ health
  • Provide a solid and robust image of your business to show that you keep running although all of the difficulties the world has been through economically

5.1 Why should you make reference to your employees’ well-being?

Since the world is heading to regular work after a pandemic, candidates prioritize those businesses that care about their employees’ well-being. It means that if you want your business to have a strong image, you should use some keywords and phrases that prove that you care about your workforce.

Show that you’re an employer that values public health, support your employees, follow health regulations, provides a healthy work environment, respect your employees’ mental health and offers great healthcare benefits. All of these will make your business to stand out from your competitors.

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6. Why should you focus on building a talent pool and find remote workers?

Why should you focus on building a talent pool and find remote workers?

Hiring Globally doesn’t meant that you’re going to fill all your vacancies at once. You’ll likely going to continue hiring people in a long-term and for this reason a pool talent is valuable. In addition, due to the unemployment rate you’re going to receive tons of applicants. So, if you get more qualified candidates that you can hire, you must build your talent pool.

Keep an open communication with the qualified candidates and once you’re hiring again you can contact them. Your talent pool will be the first place where you can find high-level candidates.

Let’s observe the following reasons why you should build your talent pool:

  • Ensures a solid pipeline of talent prospects
  • Allows you to find outstanding candidates when you’re in a hiring freeze
  • Ensures a smooth rebound when you’re back at hiring

6.1 Hire remote workers

Recruiting in a global workplace doesn’t have to be difficult. For this reason, it’s advisable for you to hire remote workers first. Even in a post-pandemic world, remote working will be the new normal. So, if companies are going to adopt this working method, you should take advantage of it too.

In addition, you can hire contract workers for your global workforce if you don’t want full-time workers. The best part is that you can find several freelance employees available, and they don’t cost as much as permanent employees.

As you can see, there are many options for you to choose. You don’t have to opt for full-time workers if you can’t or if you don’t want to. Your global workforce will be exactly like you want it to be.

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7. How can you ease up the process with an International PEO?

Recruiting in a global workplace can be overwhelming for your business if you don’t have enough experience. Although you implement some strategies, you may feel like it’s too difficult for you to handle.

If you’re looking to ease up the process, you should look for an International PEO to help you hire workers. Since the recruitment process has become harder following the pandemic, you may get extra help that will be useful for your business. This way you’ll save troubles and won’t face issues.

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8. How can Connect Resources help you with global hiring?

Connect Resources

Global hiring can be difficult, particularly after the pandemic. For this reason, you have to use International PEO services to find the high-quality talent that your business deserves. Here in Connect Resources we focus on help you meet your global hiring needs.

We apply the Best recruitment practices of top local and international companies and we can help your business boost. Just trust in our team of specialists that are going to provide you a comprehensive service adapted to your requirements.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources for Global hiring? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.


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