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It is likely that if you live in the United Arab Emirates, you already have a corporate labor card. However, one of the questions that people always make is “how to check labour card UAE?”, therefore, we will address it here. We pledge to assist you as soon as possible in checking the status and number of your labor card, which is a rather straightforward process.

In this article, we will help you through the process of how to check labour card UAE. In addition, we will talk about what is a labour card, what is it for, how to get labour card number, and more. If you want to begin an application procedure and more, you must be aware of your labor card details. Let us see.

  1. What is a labour card?
  2. How to check labour card UAE?
  3. Labour card renewal process
  4. Can I cancel my labour card?
  5. How can Connect Resources help you?

1. What is a labour card?


In the UAE, a labor card, commonly referred to as a work permit, serves as identification. While traveling inside the nation, employees must have their labor card with them. It contains information about the employee, including his name and occupation, employer, nationality, expiration date, personal identification number, labor card number, and work permit number.

Anyone from outside the UAE who want to work and live there must possess a current residency visa. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization in the United Arab Emirates issues the UAE labor card, so once the expatriate has a residency visa, he or she may apply for it.

Depending on the length of the employment and the nature of employment, not all work visas and labor cards fall under the same category; nonetheless, a work permit is often provided for a period of two years. Only the resident visa, Emirates ID, and work permits are valid for longer than two years. Additionally, it is always the employer’s duty to complete the renewals on the employee’s behalf in a timely manner.

Once the employer has the employee’s residency visa, it can often apply for the work permit. The list of required paperwork for a permit is provided below:

  • Trade license of the sponsoring business (valid and active).
  • Photos of specific people.
  • Residency permit.
  • Passport must be valid for at least six months.
  • Medical clearance (valid and active).
  • The contract for the employee in three copies. The employee owns one, the employer owns one, and the Ministry of Labour UAE owns the other.
  • Certificates of education and other professional certifications.

2. How to check labour card UAE?

If you are always looking in your search engine for questions like “how to check labour card number with emirates id?” or “how to find labour card number?”, here is the answer. Consequently, you only need to visit the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization site or app to see your UAE labour card number. As a result, you may discover how to check labour card number here.

Therefore, if you want the answer to “how can I get my labour card number?”, observe the following carefully:

Installing the MOHRE App is a prerequisite before you can start the process of checking your UAE labor card. Given that it is compatible with both Android and iOS, you can quickly find it in the app store on your phone.

You must then establish an account if you want to go through the process of how to check labour card UAE. When you ready to utilize and manage the service, open the app after installing it, then click the Sign Up option to create a profile page on the UAE Ministry’s official website.

After hitting the sign up button, you will then have three alternatives; you must choose the first one to register your employee account. If you work for a private firm in the UAE and wish to view your electronic work permit, please use this alternative. Nevertheless, if you work for an organization owned by the UAE government or a free zone, you cannot use this system.

Let us start with the methods below to find out your labor card number:

2.1 Step One

To begin the employee registration procedure on the MOHRE UAE app, input your valid passport data in the box, select your nationality from the drop-down list, and type your birthdate.

2.2 Step Two

Your email address and phone number must be used to create a username and password for the MOHRE UAE app. Please keep in mind that a link for activation will be sent to your email address after you complete the registration process, and a code for activation will be sent to your mobile device.

2.3 Step Three

After choosing your security questions and answering them, click the next button.

2.4 Step Four

Read the app’s terms of service and privacy statement in their entirety. Click next after selecting I accept. Consequently, you are now one bit closer to checking labour card number UAE.

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    2.5 Step Five

    Enter your phone number for verification and your email address to view your Dubai labor card to finish this stage. Then click transmit OTP to send the OTP (One Time Password).

    2.6 Step Six

    Open your mailbox and verify your smartphone for the activation link, then enter the pass code in the step 6 window bar. Then press the MOHRE mail’s Click here option.

    We congratulate you on completing the activation process so you can now use the MOHRE app, view your labour card information, and use its services.

    2.7 Enter in the MOHRE App

    In order to access the MOHRE app, enter your username and password. Connect Resources is doing the most to answer your questions: “how to find my labour card number?” and “what is labour card number in UAE?”.

    2.8 Answer your security questions

    Click the submit button after entering your answer to the chosen question. Your UAE work permit number will be visible soon.

    2.9 Go to the Employee Dashboard

    After answering the security questions and logging in, you will see your full name, person code, and the photo you supplied as an employee together with your immigration documents. You may see how to check labour card UAE here.

    2.10 How to check labour card online?

    Selecting “My Dashboard” will allow you to access the following sections after signing up and logging in:

    1. Your work card, first.
    2. Your Employment Contract.
    3. A duplicate of your passport.
    4. Details about your business.
    5. The release and expiration dates for labor cards.
    6. Your details, including your personal identification number, Visa occupation, and many more.

    3. Labour card renewal process


    You should always be informed of the due date for your labor card renewal, thus it is crucial to check your electronic card UAE. You will not be charged a fine for a labor card expiration or a renewal of an establishment card in 2022 if you do this.

    Applications must be printed and any documentation concerning the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) must be scanned. Consequently, the submissions will be added to the ministry’s database for review. They will check to see if all the necessary paperwork and requirements are correctly met.

    Using the ministry’s application status enquiry services, the applicant can verify and monitor the progress of the contract of employment and the permit overall processes. The applicant must go to the service center if one of the required documents is lacking in order to complete the missing prerequisites.

    The following list contains the documents:

    • A snapshot in color.
    • A genuine, current copy of the business license.
    • Copy of the current and previous contract.
    • The diploma from school.
    • Letter of approval from the appropriate authorities (if the worker needs it).


    Payment amounts often range from AED 290 to AED 4,800 and are completely dependent on the category of labor card.

    Only those who are 65 years old or older can renew their work cards. A special cost of DH 5,000 must be paid by the firm at the time of renewal if the labor card for a worker who is above 65 needs to be renewed.

    3.1 What happens if I lose my labour card?

    If you lose your labor card UAE, you must get a new one.  Companies that fill out the online forms provided by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) will deliver the printed materials to finish the applications.

    However, the applicant is required to transmit all of the properly scanned documents to the ministry’s database. Therefore, the applicant must confirm and ensure that all relevant paperwork and suitable conditions are correctly satisfied before providing all of the important archives.

    The application would then start processing the data if all the requirements were satisfied, and the ministry would then issue the labor card via P.O. Box. If there are any absent documents, the applicant will be notified.

    Necessary documentation:

    • A single passport copy.
    • A picture in color.
    • Faulty initial labor.
    • In the event that the labor card is lost, the police certificate will be certified by the ministry of labor’s labor inspection division.

    The cost of this particular process is AED 200.

    4. Can I cancel my labour card?

    Yes, people can cancel their labour cards. There are typically 6 categories of labor card cancellations:

    • Normal cancellation.
    • Used labor card cancellation.
    • Cancellation of unused work permits.
    • Ill-fated cancellation.
    • International cancellation.
    • Death cancellation.

    You must submit the required paperwork in order to revoke your labor card. The Ministry of Labour is where you can invalidate a labor card. The work card can only be canceled by the employer.

    Procedure for Cancellation:

    To cancel the labor card with the employee’s signature, the employer must submit the appropriate application in the right format to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE).

    The employee’s visa must then be cancelled by the employer by filing an application with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs.

    Additionally, the business must completely revoke the work permit or labor card. The ministry also demands a document that is signed and states that the employee obtained the pay that was agreed upon in their contract.

    In conclusion, using the e-services offered by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization is another way the employer must revoke the labor card.

    5. How can Connect Resources help you?

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