How can you Conduct a successful Recruitment Drive ?


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In a city as demanding and imposing as Dubai, companies are growing exponentially. That’s why business owners need more and more qualified employees. However, owners are busy all the time since they need to focus on how to make their companies go well. Hence, they’re going to need help.

In this article, you’ll learn everything about how you can conduct a successful recruitment drive. You’ll know how a manpower consultancy works and how it can help you attract the right employees. Let’s observe:

  1. What is a recruitment drive (RD)?
  2. What is a manpower consultancy?
  3. Why should you hire a manpower consultancy?
  4. What role does manpower consultancy play in a successful recruitment drive?
  5. How can Connect Resources help you?

1.     What is a Recruitment Drive (RD)?

When we talk about recruitment drive, we’re talking about a method. It’s a method that consists of hiring the best-qualified applicants for a job opening in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Moreover, these applicants may be from inside or outside of an organization. The activities of the recruitment process are: dissecting the needs of a vocation and attracting representatives to that activity.

Following that, screening and selecting individuals, enrolling and coordinating the new employees into the organization are all completed. A recruiting drive was launched to meet these requirements. Dealing with a recruiting drive entails more than simply filling positions with people who possess the required range of competencies.

Organizing a recruiting drive for businesses entails more than filling positions with people who satisfy the required ranges of competencies. A large recruiting effort of this magnitude necessitates the participation of a diverse group. The HR team in charge of the event must be equipped with flawless coordination, relational talents, and board.

1.1. Things to keep in mind during a recruitment drive.

  • Making candidates feel at ease and confident during an interview. This is critical for allowing their true personalities to shine and for organizations to select the ideal candidate.
  • Adopting the behavioral method. It would be advantageous because interviewers would be more likely to anticipate which applicants would be higher achievers. Also, organizations would be more likely to select people who were good matches.

2.     What is a Recruitment consultancy?

A manpower recruitment consultant acts as a go-between for “organizations (businesses) trying to hire workers” and “individuals looking for work.” In summary, a manpower consultant has two clients: their client and the candidate. Recruiting with external resources (recruitment consultants) is a time-consuming procedure.

During this procedure, the corporate contacts the manpower recruitment consultants to learn about their fees.  Alternatively, the recruitment department makes calls to various organizations in order to connect with them and obtain their needs.

Then the charges are negotiated, and both parties sign a mutual agreement outlining the terms and conditions under which they’ll operate. Afterward, the company offers the job description of the demand, which covers the abilities and experience necessary for a person.

3.     Why should you hire a manpower/ Recruitment consultancy?


3.1. Strategies for manpower planning (MP) and recruitment

Manpower planning and recruitment tactics are interrelated activities. Manpower planning involves determining how many employees are needed for different types of work and activities. This would depend on the pace of operations and business development. Recruitment tactics involve efforts to find suitable people to satisfy a variety of personal requirements.

Hence, the best manpower consultant for your firm is one that is skilled in both manpower planning and recruiting tactics. To achieve a successful recruiting drive and activities, the agency should be able to establish relevant recruitment models and methods.

For this reason, contacting a manpower consultant is far easier than creating a new department for the same purpose.

3.2. Specific Talent acquisition issues solved

Every organization requires people of various calibers and talents for many areas. One company’s talent issue is not the same as another’s. Companies may be skilled at hiring personnel for certain divisions.  However, they may struggle to find people with a specific skill set.

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Therefore, a reputable manpower recruitment consultant will help you locate people with the essential abilities within a short period. That is because consultancies have a wider database, outreach, and competence. So, when it comes to locating talent that’s best suited for your organization, a consultancy is your better option.

3.3. Models of recruitment and solutions for temporary hiring

Companies sometimes don’t require long-term employees, but rather people who are prepared to work temporarily. This might be done to accommodate demand during peak seasons or for another reason. In such a circumstance, businesses may struggle to locate talented and experienced people prepared to work on a temporary basis.

Thus, to address temporary employment demands, capable manpower recruitment consultants in Dubai have access to talent pools and job applicants.

3.4. Remote and Offshore Hiring Recruitment Models and Solutions

Many firms across industries use remote and offshore work as part of their operational strategies. Companies that provide outsourced services are continuously on the lookout for organizations that want their services. And millions of enterprises have business structures that necessitate the outsourcing of projects and work.

Additionally, the need for freelancers and remote workers is increasing. It’s always a problem to find the right people and teams. These people must have the proper mix of expertise, skill sets, experience, and competency levels. Finding the necessary resources and infrastructure is a problem too.

Hence, it’s simpler to discover dependable, trustworthy, and talented candidates and teams with the assistance of a reputable staffing agency.

3.5. Consultation on Executive Search

Executive search and consultancy are handled by specialist teams and resources at manpower consulting firms. In a highly competitive environment, finding top-level and middle management leaders needs much more than simple search and interview procedures.

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That’s why you need to hire a manpower consultant with a specialized executive search team and a proven track record. So, it will be able to accurately map the market’s talent with the skills to lead your firm to success.

3.6. Staff augmentation and outsourcing

Finding suppliers to manage your project-based recruiting, dedicated resource needs, and staff augmentation is a time-consuming process. It takes hundreds of hours of searching, contacting, and checking facts, and running checks. There’s still the possibility of contracting with teams who lack the necessary resources or capabilities to provide great results.

That being said, an expert manpower consultant evaluates thousands of suppliers for you. And thanks to this, you can have organizations that can meet a variety of personal requirements.

4. What role does a manpower consultancy play in a successful recruitment drive?

4.1. Marketing for recruitment.

Organizations must invest in presenting themselves as excellent employers in order to recruit the right people. Recruitment marketing refers to actions that assist businesses in attracting talent to their firm. Nowadays, job seekers search for firms through many means, making judgments to avoid certain sorts of organizations and prefer specific types of workspaces.

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4.2. Media sources produce impressions that provide information about the firm.

Established manpower recruitment consultants in Dubai have vast expertise in recruitment marketing. They have a greater awareness of job searchers, emerging, and highly trained individuals as well. They also know what forms of recruitment marketing strategies work best for different types of firms.

Besides, they can provide you with solutions that produce the finest outcomes.

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4.3. Assistance with the Employer Branding.

Employer branding is a sophisticated set of operations. It entails projecting a picture of a pleasant workplace based on authentic and accurate messaging and business references. Creating a brand as a good employer entails more than simply creating a few web pages. It also entails initiatives that result in positive mentions and impressions.

Additionally, established and experienced personnel recruitment consultants in Dubai have extensive expertise in strategic employer branding management. Reputable personal consultants can assist you in optimizing your employer image. It may be through various channels and media sources that your target job seekers are likely to be aware of you.

4.4. Placements on a global or international scale.

With convenience and efficiency, manpower recruitment consultants in the UAE with worldwide operations can satisfy your global and international placements. You don’t have to be concerned about talent availability, compensation, or profile bench-marking.

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Additionally, the manpower consultancy will use its resources to provide you with all of the necessary information on time. They assist you in understanding the region’s legal requirements, hazards, market, and hiring patterns. They will assist you in recruiting the proper personnel as well.

4.5. Significant passive candidate outreach

Passive applicants are qualified people who are not actively seeking employment. Reaching out to passive applicants becomes critical for roles needing a high degree of expertise, knowledge, and competencies.

Therefore, you must acquire the services of professional personal recruitment consultants if you want more passive candidates in your team. They can lead your projects and divisions with new ideas and great market expertise.

4.6. Better candidates with experience

Your recruitment drive can be successful with the help of professional manpower recruitment consultants. What you need to do is create positive impressions about your company among the applicants you attract. An MRC can do that and more.

Hence, competitors contact skilled individuals with excellent track records. Then, they pick one employer over another based on their initial impressions and their entire experience with the organization.


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4.7. Better Interview Procedures

A personnel recruitment expert that is up to date on trends and skilled in intelligent, Lean, and optimal interview management may assist you in improving your interview formats and procedures. If you apply superior processes, you will be able to show a stronger employer brand, impress good prospects, and assess them more accurately.

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4.8. Recruitment management assisted by technology.

You will be able to manage recruitment while utilizing tech-enabled approaches and procedures that cut hiring time, costs, and efficiency. This will be possible thanks to the help of an experienced manpower consultant.

4.9. Thorough professional checks – references, background checks, and documentation.

You must have the resources to make references and background checks because they’re crucial and accurate. And if you don’t, there are several ways for them to go wrong or become useless. When these activities are carried out appropriately and intuitively, a lot of recruiting hazards are avoided.

That’s why consultants have specialized resources to manage these tasks. Also, a personnel recruiting consultant with extensive expertise in the background, reference, and documentation checks will ensure the most effective checks.

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5. How can Connect Resources help you?

If you want to expand your business, you’ll need new and sophisticated manpower. To achieve this, you’ll need to have a successful recruitment drive. And here is where we come in to help you.

We are a leading Recruitment company in Dubai with more than 20 years of experience in solving people’s issues in the Middle East. We can offer you outstanding HR outsourcing, so your company will get the most qualified candidates. Hence, you will be able to focus on your business development projects while we handle your recruitment drive.

Would you like to Connect Resources to obtain more information about how you can conduct a successful recruitment drive ? If you have any questions, call us on +97143316688. You can email us at, and you’ll talk to one of our representatives who will answer your questions.

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