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A foreign national’s residence visa must be revoked if they intend to depart the UAE permanently. The sponsor must revoke the UAE visa on behalf of the foreign citizen, just like when applying for one. Consequently, they must be aware about how many days to cancel visa in UAE.

Dubai visa cancellation process

cancel visa in UAE

As long as the holders of the visa are not bound by regulations requiring them to remain in the nation, it is quite easy to cancel a UAE residence visa. They are encouraged to settle all of their obligations and utility bills, terminate tenancy agreements, and sell any assets they may have, such as homes, cars, and other property, before applying for the termination of their visa. They can streamline their cancelling process with the use of this.

Expats are unable to request the termination of their own visa. The sponsors are the only parties with the power to cancel a visa. The foreign nationals may, however, independently request the termination of their visas if they have an investor visa.

Prior to canceling the work permit with the MOHRE, an employer would have to pay the outstanding salary, leave wage entitlements, gratuity, and issue an air ticket.

Requirements for cancellation of visa UAE

To petition for a cancellation after knowing how many days to cancel visa in UAE, applicants must submit the following documentation:

  • Passport.
  • Emirates ID.
  • Sponsor passport copy.
  • Clearance statement.
  • Entry permit copy.
  • Trade license cancellation. (If necessary).

Process to cancel visa in UAE

Visa cancellation UAE via ICP:

  • Go to the ICP’s app or website.
  • Search for the service.
  • Fill the information.
  • Pay the fee.

Cancel visa in UAE via GDRFA:

  • Go to the GDRFA app or website.
  • Log in or register your user.
  • Select the service.
  • Attach the documents.
  • Pay the fees.
  • Submit request.

UAE visa cancellation process via AMER center:

  • Go to AMER center.
  • Select the service.
  • Submit the documents.
  • Pay the fees.
  • Submit the application.

Visa cancellation process in Dubai via typing center:

  • Go to a typing center.
  • Get a ticket.
  • Submit the documents.
  • Pay the fee.

Cancel visa in UAE and work permit

Your employer must also terminate your employment contract and work permit (Labor Card) with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization if you are in the UAE on a work visa. The following is the application procedure for revocation of a work permit:

  • Your employer submits a request via MOHRE.
  • Your employer electronically attaches the documents.
  • The Ministry temporarily processes the application and sends the data to the GDRFA.
  • Your residence visa is terminated by the GDRFA, who also notifies the Ministry, who in turn terminates your UAE job permit permanently.

Your employer must send a letter, signed by you, stating that you got all the earnings, settlements, and perks that you receive together with the application for cancellation of your UAE work visa. If you are not certain that you have received the letter, do not sign it.

Cancel work permit when changing employment

Your company must terminate your work permit if you are simply changing employment within the UAE and do not intend to leave the country. If you have been working for your initial employer for at least two years and your employment agreement is over, switching jobs is easy. A NOC shifting sponsorship to the new company must be signed by your existing employer if your employment contract has not yet expired but you intend to move jobs.

You may be subject to an employment ban if your existing employer refuses to sanction the early termination of your contract. The job prohibition may last anywhere between six months and a year.

You must offer your potential boss the cancel visa in UAE document in case the employer does accept the NOC and terminates your work permit so they can apply for a new work permit on your behalf.

Cancel visa in UAE for family members

You serve as their sponsor if you are allowing your family to immigrate to the UAE using a Family Visa. You must therefore cancel their UAE residency visas. Before your employer terminates your visa, you must cancel the visas of your dependents.

Normally, you do not have to terminate your dependents’ UAE family visas if you are merely changing employment and will not be leaving the UAE permanently.

Cancel visa in UAE: Other important details

  • Cost: Applicants must pay between AED 15 and AED 60 to get their UAE cancelled visa. Which website or service the candidates utilize will determine the costs.
  • Time: According to UAE visa cancel rules, the cancellation of a UAE visa could take as much as 48 hours. The applicants will have 30 days to provide any missing documentation before their application is cancelled. The approval of the cancellation request will trigger the sending of an online notification. The formal letter of the applicant’s visa cancellation will be linked to an email sent to the applicant’s registered email address.

Learn to check UAE visa cancellation status

cancel visa in UAE

For expats who have already left the country without formally canceling their visas, the visa cancel status check will be helpful. If a visa was recently revoked, that fact will be indicated in the status.

The passport number and expiration date are all you need to know in order to verify the status of your visa. After that, simply carry out the following visa cancellation status check UAE procedures:

  • Go to ICP site.
  • Select “passport information.”
  • Click “Visa or Residency.”
  • Enter passport number and its expiry date.
  • Select your nationality.
  • Hit “search.”
  • See your details.

Cancel visa in UAE: Automatic cancellation

Their residence visas will be immediately canceled if the foreign nationals depart the UAE before canceling the visa. Leaving the nation without officially canceling visas, however, may result in a future travel ban. The UAE will not let the expats enter until their old visas are formally canceled. Moreover, there is no other option for achieving this goal save pursuing the former supporters to assist the expats in revocation of their visas.

However, it is no longer a requirement that if you spend more than six months outside of the UAE, your residence visa would be withdrawn. The UAE is now offering a reentry permit that enables holders of resident visas to spend more than six months outside the country.

Residents of the UAE who have spent over six months abroad will be permitted to return within a month of the permit’s approval date.

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