Global mobility in the UAE: What it is and why it is necessary

global mobility Dubai

Businesses are focusing on expanding to new markets so they can obtain more revenue. For this reason, it’s common to hear about the global mobility in the UAE since it’s a top destination for companies around the world.

However, organizations that are looking for expanding abroad need to know that there are many complexities surrounding it. So it’s essential to stay well-informed to know how they can open a new branch or test a market.

In this article, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about why it’s necessary to know how to expand abroad and to develop a solid strategy that allows you to accomplish it. Let’s observe:

  • Global mobility in the UAE: What it is and why it is necessary
  • What does Global Mobility refers to?
  • What is a Global Mobility strategy?
  • Why is it important to have a Global Mobility strategy?
  • What are the main considerations for a Global Mobility strategy?
  • How can Connect Resources help you with Global Mobility?

1. Global mobility in the UAE: What it is and why it is necessary

The global mobility Dubai has been widely discussed in the past few years. Since the UAE is a country that welcomes foreign companies so they can expand in the Middle East. But, there are many considerations that you have to take as a business before sending your employees to this place, as well as being aware of the several guidelines you have to follow to stay in compliance.

If you’re planning on opening an office in the UAE and global mobility is starting to look as a strategy for you. Perhaps you’re wondering if you need to open a company to start testing the market, so it’s crucial to know exactly what you need as a business before going to this country.

Learn more about if it’s necessary to have a company to test the UAE market.

1.1 Why do businesses need to know about global mobility?

Having a solid understanding of global mobility in the UAE can help you consider expanding your business to new horizons. Additionally, it can help you develop a trustworthy brand so you can get more customers, even around the world.

What are some of the reasons to consider developing a strategy to make business abroad? Let’s observe:

  • It prepares you to start your international expansion
  • You are classified as a world-class organization
  • It encourages you to think big and improve your operations
  • You will adapt faster to evolving markets

Once your business is aware of all the needs and requirements necessary to locate your employees in another country, you have to count with the help of experts to assist you with all the paperwork. Connect Resources can be your best ally in this matter.

Learn more about the Visa and Government Service offered by Connect Resources.

2. What does Global Mobility refers to?

What does Global Mobility refers to

When we talk about global mobility in the UAE we refer to the fact that enterprises around the world hire and maintain talent here. This is because this country is becoming a place that attracts businesses thanks to its economic dynamism.

Global mobility is related with the workforce, and it simply is the ability of your employees to move from a country to another successfully, both professionally and personally. If you’re considering one of the following scenarios, then you have to start developing a strategy:

  • Permanent transfer of employee(s) to another country
  • Long or short-term assignment to another country
  • Business traveling to another country regularly

Whether you’re planning to hire internationally or you’re considering transferring your employees, you have to know what the implications are when it comes to having employees abroad and the best strategies you can apply.

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2.1 What are the aspects involved in global mobility?

When considering the global mobility in the UAE it’s essential to know the aspects that you have to take into account. You also have to know how you can reach success in each one of them, so you can attain true successful global mobility.

  • Culture: as a business, you have to train your employees in local customs and business practices. Additionally, your employees have to know how to deal with Emiratis and to be smart with interpersonal relationships
  • Employment: it’s crucial to know about the local employment laws, and provide your employees with proper contracts and more.
  • Immigration: visas, work permits and all the necessary immigration paperwork needs to be handled efficiently.
  • Obligations: the business has to know everything about social security, income tax and global worker obligations
  • Talent management: it’s necessary to implement career development programs and a retention plan. It’s to encourage employees to get involved in the global team.
  • Benefits: keep in mind that employees must receive all the necessary benefits and pensions
  • Payroll: managing a global payroll could be challenging, but it’s crucial for a successful Global mobility United Arab Emirates.
  • Logistics: the relocation and return program is essential to handle the transferring of your employees.

When considering starting operations in the UAE, maybe you’ve planned to open an office where you need to have several employees. In this case you have to know about high-volume recruitment since it can be the most effective and quick solution.

Learn more about high-volume recruitment and how to face most common challenges associated with it.

2.1 Why is global mobility important?

If you’re planning on having a worldwide workforce because you’re considering expanding your business, you have to know about global mobility Dubai and how you can develop an excellent strategy.

Businesses that are looking to have an international enterprise need to know all the aspects involved in it and how to be successful in each one if they want to thrive.

Having an excellent partner to solve your hiring needs could make the difference between a bad hire and an outstanding hire. So you have to know about the benefits of selecting a top-level agency like Connect Resources.

Learn more about why you should carefully choose your outsourcing partner.

3. What is a Global Mobility strategy?

Developing a strategy for global mobility in the UAE could make the difference for positioning you as an international business with excellent international employees. So, what do you have to include in your strategy? Let’s observe:

  • Cross-border employee mobilization
  • Alignment with the corporate vision and business plan
  • Include team leaders
  • Have consultants involved
  • Detail each workflow

If you’re planning on choosing an employee of record to help you with your hiring needs and many other HR tasks, you have to be aware of all the guidelines that you have to follow to receive an outstanding service and to evaluate the best service provider.

Learn more about what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to selecting an EOR platform.

3.1 How to create a global mobility strategy?

Since each business has its own needs and the strategy for global mobility in the UAE is directly linked to the business plan, you have to create your own that adapts to your company’s vision and workplace culture.

It means that there’s not a template that you can pick up and adapt it to your organization. However, there are some considerations you can look at to develop a strategy that covers most essential aspects. Let’s observe:

  • Learn about local regulations
  • Understand how to get working visas and certifications
  • Design the purpose for the business’ expansion
  • Plan the expected growth for the upcoming years
  • Develop an outstanding talent retention program
  • Align mobility with an excellent talent strategy
  • Consider immigration legislation
  • Cover everything related with taxes

Whatever your global mobility strategy might look like there are additional aspects you have to take into account. Those have to be implemented along with your plan. Hiring and recruitment are crucial for any strategy you want to apply that involves your workforce and for this reason you have to improve it.

Learn more about the reasons why you should boost your hiring activities.

4. Why is it important to have a Global Mobility strategy?

Global mobility in the UAE: What it is and why it is necessary

Developing your strategy to achieve a successful global mobility in the UAE is going to involve a lot of work and team collaboration, since it takes time and effort you’re probably wondering why you should do it in the first place.

Let’s observe the reasons why it’s important to have an outstanding global mobility strategy:

  • If you want your business to grow you have to expand internationally, therefore you need to plan how to mobilize your employees and operations to another country
  • It’s essential to have a unique and fit plan to deploy and manage your international talent
  • It will empower your business to start creating your international workforce
  • You’ll be able to develop a streamlined process that you can apply consistently to each employee you’d like to send on an international assignment
  • Your business will get on the road to earn more revenue faster

With Connect Resources you can design the best strategy that suits perfectly your business since we offer a comprehensive staffing service that ensures you’re going to have top-level employees for your international branch.

Learn more about the Staff Outsourcing Service offered by Connect Resources.

5. What are the main considerations for a Global Mobility strategy?

When you’re defining the strategy for global mobility United Arab Emirates it’s important to take a look at some considerations that will ensure you to have a successful outcome.

Let’s observe the considerations that you need to have when you’re thinking on deploying your workforce internationally:

  • Immigration legislation: you need to know all the necessary visas and permits that your employees need to have to work legally. You need to understand the process and assign a team to handle it.
  • Compensation: it’s essential to develop a great compensation structure and explain it to your employees so it can be clear. Make sure to offer a great compensation that matches also the requirements of the target country. For this reason you have to learn a lot about the target country employment legislation.
  • Legal requirements: take into consideration everything you need to do to get started in the market of the target country. Evaluate if you need to register a company and how to stay in compliance with the law.
  • Taxes: develop an excellent tax plan based on the requirements of the target country and ensure to follow the rules so you don’t incur in any liability. Don’t forget the payroll-related aspects since they’re also highly important as well as the regulations related to them.
  • Talent acclimation: even if your plan is very well-structured, you still have to prepare your employees so they can adapt to the new country and ensure they’re ready to face the challenges of working and living in a new location
  • Assignments: develop efficient assignment policies so each employee deployed would be clear about their tasks and assignment type.

6. How can Connect Resources help you with Global Mobility?

6. How can Connect Resources help you with Global Mobility?

Once you know the importance of global mobility as part of your plan for expanding your business internationally, you need to know how you can get help to develop a solid strategy that guarantees you to receive excellent results.

With Connect Resources you can have an ally to start growing your business and opening a branch in the UAE since we have worked with several companies in a variety of industries and we know how to provide a comprehensive service that adapts to your specific needs.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources for assistance with global mobility? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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