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Imagine that you want to multiply by two or three times your current salary. What’s the country that would come up to your head at first instance? You probably chose the Arab Emirates, but what do you need to legally operate within the country? The help of a Dubai working visa agent!

According to Global Media Insight, the international workforce, also known as expatriates, represent the 88,52% in the countries’ census. The majority of the international labourers come from India, and in second place we could find specialized expats from different parts of the world.

There is a vast interest from global cities to move in and start making bigger amounts of money. Whether you are an English language teacher, an IT specialist, or interested in working for the Oil industry, here are some key aspects that you may find relevant.

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What are the most famous cities to work in the UAE? Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most requested cities while applying for a visa. Before submitting any documents, you should have a clear idea of what’s the type of verified international stay approval you require.

Today’s blog post will try to help you understand & analyze the situation. These are the article’s bullet points:

1-. Verified international stay approvals required to operate in the UAE

We could define VISA in a friendly language as the authorization paper issued by the UAE Government that allows to enter the country for a particular time period.

Every individual who comes to work will be then monitored. The Homeland Security department will issue you a VISA depending on the status that applies to you as a legal alien.

Please take into account that the Dubai working visa processing time may vary. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) issue work permits. They are in charge of Employment VISA, whereas the Department of Immigration deals with all residencies.

Before we move on to explain you more details, you should know that if your job contract in the UAE finishes and you still want to continue living in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other city, you could do it. You’ll receive the permission as long as you’re trying to find another job. The law which applies is  Ministerial Decree No. 766 of 2015

It is important that you contact a Dubai working visa agent in order to avoid any fraudulent attempts to replace job offers upon the arrival of the employee in the UAE. We do not want you to be cheated.

There exist three different types.

  • Entrepreneur visas for companies’ owners
  • Employment VISA
  • Dependent visa for family members of a UAE business staff member

1.1-. Entrepreneur VISA

Firstly, let’s introduce this case scenario. Could any investor apply for an entrepreneur VISA?

People who are moving into the UAE to manage their business. They can apply to what we call ‘Investors VISA’. It is frequently provided for a period longer than 3 years, but every submission is individually studied. It’ll be the local authorities which approve or deny the permission.

Real-estate investors or home owners could also apply for a 5 years residency if the property is valued 5 AED million. For those who are buying properties worth more than 10 AED millions, a 10 years renewable VISA applies.

Know some ways to get a visa in the UAE

There also exists the option to apply for a entrepreneur VISA if you have a project worth at least 500,000 AED, or you are willing to work within any of the following industries:

  • Medicine field: doctors, specialists & nurses
  • Science & research projects

If you are a foreign investor operating within the UAE’s Free Zones the number of your VISAs will depend on the size of the company, according to its annual budgets. You’ll get an office in the airports or surroundings area with a ratio of 10:1 (sqm:VISA)

1.2-. Employment VISA

Secondly, we could talk about those strictly involved within the most important part of any global organization. That is to say, their workforce.

Companies interested in hiring non UAE national employees must offer them a valid work permit. They will require a Labour Card and a valid visa.

Expatriates must obtain a sponsorship offered by their employers. For that purpose there exist the figure of a Dubai working visa agent who could intercede.

In order to obtain a VISA of this characteristics, international citizens must:

  • Undertake a medical examination in Dubai or any other city within the United Arab Emirates,
  • Show all copies of the contract signed with the UAE based agency/employer,
  • Provide references from previous jobs and any other professional licenses/qualifications. You should request that to your university before hand.
  • Proof all the above details with a Sponsorship letter.

Please note that the labor card is mandatory to be carried by all workers in the UAE.

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1.3-. Dependant VISA (Family members: spouse/children)

Last option applies to those relatives travelling with the working VISA. The UAE will issue them a dependant permit, as long as there is a job contract signed.

It takes a while to receive an answer so that’s why we would recommend you to apply online for the Dubai work visa ahead of time.

According to HR consultancy departments in Dubai dependants will receive a positive answer if the spouse already has an Emirates ID card, any properties’ signed agreement (mentioned above) or the Ejari registration.

The UAE’s Labour Law No. 8 of 1980, as amended does not specify a particular age to terminate employment contracts on the basis of age or seniority.

MoHRE establishes benefits for those citizens over 65 years old/seniors who are requesting a new VISA.

What’s the procedure that a Dubai working visa agent has to follow?

help of a dubai working visa agent

Similarly to what happens in other countries, the UAE requires to follow guvernamental procedures with all foreign workers interested in moving in the Arab Emirates.

Connect Resources will help you deal with all the red tape. Bureaucracy is easier when you receive an external audit. Still, you should know what there are several laws that you must understand, and hereby accept before starting a working permit VISA in the UAE.

UAE’s regulation. 12 Laws & procedures

Before submitting any documents, make sure you read carefully the description of the Labor law. All these URLs link to the official UAE’s site:

Guide: How to apply for a working VISA in Dubai?

All steps to follow are electronically signed. Thus first thing to do will be creating a user for your application. Our Dubai working visa agent will use his/her credentials to start submitting the required information.

In this first step, we need from you:

  • Copy of the passport of the worker in force, please check its’ expiry date and issue a new one in case the due date is less than 6 months close to arrival. You should also have 2 blank pages in the passport for the stamps.
  • A copy of the academic qualification if the profession requires it, officially signed by the Institution/University.
  • Color photograph with white background, ID sized picture. No glasses, hats permitted.

There is a 60 days validation for the work permit. Then you’ll need to apply for a work card and an employment contract.

13 steps that will help to get a work permit in the UAE

Once the VISA is approved you’ll be demanded to travel to the United Arab Emirates. Following rules apply:

  • You must stay in the country for 5 consecutive business days.
  • Undergo a medical examination at the Hospital/Walk-in clinic that Connect Resources send you. If you have private insurance, please make sure that they contact us ahead of time.
  • We will then submit your processed data to receive Government approval.

Frequently asked questions. FAQ

How long does it usually take to receive an answer from national authorities?

You should count with at least 3 to 4 weeks. If we hear from them before that, we’ll automatically contact you to inform about the result.

Could I travel to the UAE before the the permit is successfully granted?

Yes, you could travel to the Arab Emirates. However, if you applied for the VISA while you were already in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you must remain in the territory for the whole process. As we previously mentioned, it may take up to 60 days.

In the case scenario that you applied for the VISA in a foreign country, you must remain there before the MoHRE answers us/you back.

When do I have to enter in the country once the permit is despatched?

You have two months from the date that appears in the passport and other documents.

What’s the experience of a Dubai working visa agent?

Visa and Passport-Connect Resource

Connect Resources is an organization integrated within a Law Firm. As you may understand, there not a single agent working with us. Our group of experts will carefully follow on all the steps required when moving to the country for job purposes.

To contact us, you could use the following methods:

  • Come visit our offices at 804, City Tower 2, Next to Crown Plaza Hotel, Shaikh Zayed Road, Dubai. Appointments only.
  • Call us or send us a whatsapp message to +971 433 166 88
  • Contact us through Facebook or Instagram.

The person in charge of the process will advice you during the whole administration. He/she will recommend you and solve any question you may have. Connect Resources professionals treat each case individually, consulting with the HR department.

If your business/organization is interested in hiring new employees, our Human Resources group will gladly assist you. What’s the experience that our specialists and assistants have on the field? Let’s see examples of tasks successfully achieved for previous customers.

  • Record employees’ contracts and update any required information,
  • Audit the goals and employee relations of the third-party company that we are working with,
  • Manage payrolls, checks and any other human resources duties. Our HR Manager will take care of that.
  • Support implementation when required.

Our opinion about the whole process

Years of experience support our services. Connect Resources is mastered in offering all the documents required by the Government. Furthermore, we establish direct contact with the companies or individuals who work with us.

We know that there are lot of expatriates interested in making business within or with the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. There are thousands of new companies that are established in these countries every year.

The only thing you need to have is a trusted organization which can guide you on the steps to do. It happened the same to us when we first moved to the United Arab Emirates.

We know how tedious could the bureaucracy be, but it’s just part of the process and we have to follow all guidelines that the governments requires us to do.

Above all, the United Arab Emirates is a safe country where to live. There are many job related opportunities and the amount of money that you could make here is very interesting. If you are coming to Dubai, you should know that the majority of the expatriates usually stay for a period of three years, and then decide whether to come back to their countries with the rest of the family or not.

We also suggest you to read our article about Visa Outsourcing PEO in Abu Dhabi Step by Step

There are many foreign communities, Spaniards, British, Americans, Canadians… You’ll always have a plan to do if you are coming with your family too.

Don’t hesitate contacting us for further assistance and a free quote for the services. We are here to support other people interested in starting up their business or hiring new employees for their company. Our Human Resources group and a Dubai working VISA agent will gladly help you.

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