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employee salary certificate


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In many locations, it is common for companies to receive requests from their workers related to the employee salary certificate. Therefore, employers must know how to make this type of certificate for their employees to fulfill their needs when needed. And both employers and employees should have a clear idea of other concepts related to the salary certificate for employees.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about salary certificates and other similar concepts. For example, we will also explain what a letter salary certificate is, as well as payslips letters, formats, and more. And if you are an employee, you will learn how to request a salary certificate in case you need it. Let us observe:

  1. What is an employee salary certificate?
  2. How can a salary certificate be useful for an employee?
  3. What is the format used for making an employee salary certificate?
  4. What are the differences between a salary certificate, a salary certificate letter, and payslips?
  5. Does a salary certificate show the deductions of an employee’s salary?
  6. How many elements does the format for payslips include?
  7. Frequently asked questions related to employee salary certificates
  8. Why should you choose Connect Resources as your payroll services provider?

1. What is an employee salary certificate?

employee salary certificate

On one hand, employers have to know how to make a salary certificate for their employees. And, on the other hand, employees need to know how to request this document correctly if they require it. However, what is a salary certificate? Understanding this concept is vital if you desire to create or request this document.

In order to get proof of employment and salary entitlement, an employee can request their employer to issue this certificate. In certain cases, it is mandatory for employees in the UAE to get from their hiring company a salary certificate. This way, they can carry out many legal procedures, including applying for loans, completing immigration processes, and many other elements.

Employers may include elements such as a salary slip on letterhead when printing a salary certificate for an employee. And it is worth mentioning that this document usually includes the company’s letterhead along with the seal/signature of authorized personnel. In the UAE, this document is attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Consulate General of the employee’s country.

2. How can a salary certificate be useful for an employee?

As we previously mentioned, an employee will need a salary certificate for bank loan purposes and to complete other processes. In the UAE, salary certificates act as proof of income when employees need to apply for loans or credit cards. Also, employees can use this document for multiple purposes as it is not addressed to any particular individual or organization.

Along with payslips and salary certificate letters, this document can be useful for other personal purposes. For example, the process to sponsor family members will require a salary certificate.

To summarize this section, employers can help an employee to whom it may concern salary certificate for purposes like these. And when it comes to bank loan applications, employees will also need other documents, including the latest letterhead salary slip. If you are a salaried person, remember that this document must show details related to your salary and tax deductions.

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    3. What is the format used for making an employee salary certificate?

    Employers must use different formats for salary certificates depending on the employees’ needs or their purpose for requesting this document. Plus, the format will also vary from bank to bank when it comes to applying for a bank loan/credit card. Therefore, make sure to use a salary certificate format for a bank loan that suits the bank’s requirements.

    However, any format for a salary certificate usually includes the same, commonly required information, such as the following details:

    • Date of issue.
    • Name, gender, and job profile of the employee.
    • The position the employee holds in the company or organization.
    • The employee’s joining date.
    • Salary (including gross and net salary).
    • Benefits and allowances (housing, rent, transportation, utilities, and others).
    • Name and contact details of the HR professional who signs the certificate.

    It is also important to note that there are other similar formats for other documents related to the salary certificate. For instance, there is a salary slip format on letterhead that most employers use, which includes similar information.

    In addition, if you need a salary certificate letter, you will probably need a specific salary certificate letter format. And the same happens on other occasions when you require other documents for specific purposes. Using a particular pay slip letter format may also be a requirement in some cases.

    4. What are the differences between a salary certificate, a salary certificate letter, and payslips?

    So far, we have mentioned several documents similar to an employee salary certificate, including payslips and salary certificate letters. These documents may be similar, but each has important details that make the difference, and you should know about them. Below, you will find more information specifically about salary certificate letters and payslips.

    On one hand, a letter format for a salary certificate has an additional section that addresses a financial institution (bank). Therefore, an employee can use this document for a particular purpose/institution to complete a specific procedure at a specific time. And, of course, this document cannot be used to complete a different or similar process at another institution.

    On the other hand, employers may also get a request for a payslip letter from any employee. Employees can obtain this document from their employers in different formats (it can be a physical paper or digital file).

    An employee’s last pay certificate letter or payslip provides a break-up of the amount the employee earned, including net salary. And the format is similar to a salary certificate and remains standard. Plus, you should also know that employers can provide this document to their employees on a monthly basis.

    5. Does a salary certificate show the deductions of an employee’s salary?

    employee salary certificate

    An appropriate salary certificate model must contain an employee’s monthly earnings and a summary of the net salary they received. And besides, it is also essential that this document shows the employee’s monthly total payroll deductions. This element is vital as it expresses the employee’s financial position along with the other previously mentioned details.

    Some of the deductions that you can find in a sample of a salary certificate letter are the following:

    • Each of the figures of the sum to deduce from the employee’s salary. For example, this section includes income tax, installments of loans, advances repayable by the employee, provident fund contributions, and others.
    • And, at the end of this section, the certificate must include the total sum of the deductions.

    After showing these elements, the certificate has to include the net salary that the employee receives. In other words, the net salary to show must be the gross salary minus the total deductions.

    6. How many elements does the format for payslips include?

    Just like the employee salary certificate, payslips must also include several details related to an employee’s financial information. And some of these details are basic information that all legal documents must have, such as the date of issue. Of course, a payslip must also include the names of the employer and the concerned employee.

    On the other hand, the employee’s financial information that a payslip format needs to have includes basic and net pay. Furthermore, this document must show the benefits and allowances that the employee receives, as well as salary advance (if any). If there are any deductions to the employee’s gross salary, the employer must add them to the payslip format too.

    7. Frequently asked questions related to employee salary certificates

    Apart from the details we previously explained, there are many other elements you should know about salary certificates. For example, if you are an employee, you will probably need to learn how to write a letter for a salary certificate. Or you may also need to learn about the number of times you can get this document.

    And in this section, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the employee salary certificate. The following are common questions that employees usually have before requesting this document:

    7.1. How can an employee obtain a salary certificate?

    If you feel that your job provides you with financial stability and security, you can get a salary certificate. As we have mentioned before, this document allows you to complete many legal processes, including applying for bank loans. But it is essential to know how you can get it correctly.

    All you need to do is to submit your request to your employer. Remember that the person authorized to issue an employee salary certificate is your employer.

    A salary certificate request should include a number of details that will make the issuance of your salary certificate easier. For example, determining the purpose of the certificate will help your employer select the most suitable format.

    7.2. What information should be included in a salary certificate request letter?

    This document usually includes the personal and employment details of an employee, as well as the purpose of the certificate. A request for a salary certificate letter should include the following details:

    • The employee’s full name, ID, and address.
    • The employee’s position, designation, department, section, work location, and site.
    • And the purpose of the salary certificate (bank loan, self-usage, immigration process, etc.).

    7.3. How many times can an employee get a salary certificate?

    In many countries, employees can usually obtain an employee salary certificate once a year. However, in many cases, companies may give their employees up to 4 in each quarter year gap. But usually, the number of times an employee can get their salary certificate depends on the policies of the organization.

    On the other hand, you should know that employees sometimes may require a salary slip letter instead of a certificate. And in those cases, the number of times an employee can get this document is usually higher compared to a salary certificate.

    7.4. Are there any restrictions related to the application for a salary certificate?

    Employees have to consider certain restrictions if they want to submit a request for a salary certificate format. For example, the number of times they can request this document is usually limited, depending on the company’s policies. Restrictions like these exist to avoid misusing a document that contains such vital information about an employee.

    8. Why should you choose Connect Resources as your payroll services provider?

    Learning about the process to request or create a certificate of employment with salary can be useful on certain occasions. Therefore, in case you as an employer need to provide this element, you should contact payroll specialists to get advice. Connect Resources is your perfect partner and will gladly provide you with the services you require to cover your requirements.

    Apart from covering your needs related to the employee salary certificate, we can also provide you with our HR services, including:

    Would you like to learn more about the employee salary certificate in Middle East countries? With Connect Resources, you will obtain all the information you must know about this topic. And all you need to do is to call us at +971 43 316 688 or send an email to contact@connectresources.ae. A member of our team will gladly provide you with more details about our services.

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