A 13 Step Guide to Getting a Work Permit in Dubai UAE


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a 13 Step Guide to Getting a Work Permit in Dubai UAE

If you’ve considered working abroad because you’ve seen that the salary is highly attractive, you need to follow a 13 Step Guide to Getting a Work Permit in Dubai UAE so you can find your ideal job in this place of the Middle East.

Here you have everything you need to know before moving to that city, so you can be prepared and nothing takes you by surprise. Keep in mind that you have to follow these steps because there are many rules that you have to comply with to work in Dubai.

In this article you’ll find answers to the most common question about this process, as well as the stages you have to follow. Let’s observe:

  • Why you should follow A 13 Step Guide to Getting a Work Permit in Dubai UAE?
  • What are the three stages of a 13 Step Guide to Getting a Work Permit in Dubai UAE?
  • First stage: Before entering the country
  • Second stage: Follow the procedure
  • Third stage: Get the documents

Once you’ve completed all these steps you’ll get the work permit known as labor card that is valid for two years, and you’ll be able to work legally and without any trouble.

1-. Why you should follow A 13 Step Guide to Getting a Work Permit in Dubai UAE?

Whether you’re a person trying to work in Dubai, or you’re a company that is planning to hire foreigners to work in your facilities, there’s a process that needs to be followed to work legally in the country.

You need to follow the necessary steps to get all the documents that will allow you to do any labor activity with the approval of the government and entities, and a guide with all the steps will give you an overview of everything you need to do. There are many ways to get the Visa, but the most trusworthy method is by contacting an agency specialized on this.

Once you know all the steps you have to take, you can consider if this is what you want to do and if it’s worth the time.

If you’re a company wanting to do recruitment in Dubai and needing foreign staff perhaps you don’t have enough time to do all the processes for each employee since it’s a long way and it needs a lot of dedication to get the approval.

This is why you can contact an outsourcing agency in Dubai that is specialized in HR Management because they’ll know exactly what to do to get you the staff that you need and they can work legally since the moment they arrive at the country.

Connect Resources has been helping companies in Dubai for over 20 years to get the work visa for the non-UAE national employees, whether they’re going to work on the mainland, offshore, or in free zones.

If you wish to have someone to do all these 13 steps for you, you can trust this firm to help you with the process. This is going to be good for your business because once you have the help of the experts you can deal correctly with the procedure and you’ll reduce the risk of detrimental consequences for your company.

The Dubai work visa is important for hiring new workers for your company, whether it’s for contract staffing or employee leasing, you need to have it if you’re planning on hiring foreign personnel.

2-. What are the three stages of a 13 Step Guide to Getting a Work Permit in Dubai UAE?

A 13 Step Guide to Getting a Work Permit in Dubai UAE is divided into three stages so you can know how to organize what you need to do and you can understand the process better.

  • The first stage consists of obtaining the employment entry visa in UAE

This is mandatory before entering the country. Unlike some other places you need to have the approval to work and you have to take these steps before entering.

  • The second stage is about following the procedures and legalities

Once you’ve followed those steps you can enter the country and you can continue the process in there, but you have to keep in mind that your employer has to help you in some of these steps that you have to do, so you must be aware of what you need so you can talk it in advance to have everything ready once you arrive.

  • The third stage involves receiving the documents

Finally, you’ll receive all the documents that you need to stayand to work legally in Dubai. All these documents are necessary for the country to have control of the foreigners that are working there, and it’s understandable because we all need to follow the rules of the place we’re going to work.

Do you feel like this is too much to handle? Don’t worry; although there are several steps you have to follow, they don’t take too much time. The estimated processing time can last 40 days from start to finish, so it’s relatively quick in comparison to other places.

As you can see, there are many rules for getting the Visa, and your company should follow them to have employees working legally.

3-. First stage: Before entering the country

Get the Visa Approval

To get the Dubai Work Visa you need to start the process before arriving since you need some documents to enter, and you have to be aware of which one of them you can do on your own and which ones your employer has to do.

3.1-. Get the Visa Approval

The first you have to get is the Visa Approval, but this step has to be done by your employer. If there’s a company in Dubai that wants to hire you, or if you’re a company planning to hire non-UAE national employees, you have to apply on the employees’ behalf to the Ministry of Labor.

If you’re a company in the UAE, you can always contact outsourcing companies in Abu Dhabi to help you with this long and tedious process.

This is the first step because it has to be done before the other ones, and it’s highly important for getting a valid work permit.

3.2-. Sign the Contract

The second step in A 13 Step Guide to Getting a Work Permit in Dubai UAE is to get your employee’s sign in the job contract. The employee needs to know the job offer and the signature means that agrees with the proposal.

This step is necessary because with this the company can prove to the MOL that the person is arriving for a valid work position. This is an important step for doing the outsourcing process for your employees.

3.3-. Get the Work Permit Application Approval

This step usually takes 3-5 days, and it’s necessary before issuing the work permit. The company needs to prove that it’s a registered entity, and the MOL will check if there are no UAE citizens that are unemployed and qualified to do the job. If all these conditions are met then the approval is granted.

3.4-. Receive the Employment Entry Visa

The first stage of A 13 Step Guide to Getting a Work Permit in Dubai UAE finalizes when the MOL issues the Employment Entry Visa, and this means that the employee now can enter the UAE legally and it has 2-month validity.

How many days can the employee stay in Dubai? The holder can remain only 30 days in the country, but this period can be extended twice if the work permit hasn’t been approved and the process is still ongoing.

4-. Second stage: Follow the procedure

The most important document during the first stage is the Employment Entry Visa for Dubai, and once it’s received, the employer can request the employee to travel to continue with the process in place.

This procedure requires more involvement of the employee, and it can be done easier with the help of a company like Connect Resources, which will help the foreigner to move in the country and indicate them how to get to the places they need to go.

The outsourcing companies in Dubai can help you during all these stages of the hiring process.

4.1-. Enter the Country

The employees can now enter the UAE if they are living in another country, but if the person already lives in Dubai or possesses any other kind of visa, there’s a process that needs to be followed.

If the person has another type of Visa then it’s necessary to apply for a change of status, or they can get a new entry permit, or they can leave the country and then enter with the Entry Visa.

The employer only has sixty days to complete the process to get the Dubai Work Visa, so all the procedures need to be done as soon as possible to avoid any delays or troubles.

4.2-. Do a Medical Screening

Why does the employee need to do a Medical Screening? Because is mandatory for all foreigners as requested by the authorities. This is done to detect if the candidate has any kind of medical problem.

This process only takes a day, and if a serious illness is detected then the person might not get the work permit approval.

4.3-. Get the valid passport and valid entry permit

In A 13 Step Guide to Getting a Work Permit in Dubai UAE, it’s required that the employee goes to the Emirates ID service center to verify the biometric data and get the original valid passport and employment entry permit. This process usually takes a day.

4.4-. Obtain the Medical Results

After carrying out the Medical Screening, the employee needs to receive the results, which are going to be attached to the application because they prove that the person is suitable to work since it doesn’t have any illness or disease.

4.5-. Submit the Labor Contract Signed

The final document that has to be attached to the application is the labor contract signed by the employee, and it has to be submitted to the MOL. A new deadline is set for the renewal of the contract, and this process takes 14 days.

As you can see, there are a lot of documents that need to be submitted for getting the work permit in UAE, and each one of them has its validity, so they have to be processed one after another quickly to not needing to repeat them. Would you like to get some help with this?

In Connect Resources they offer the complete on-boarding process where they take care of all of these legalities, and you can be sure that they will be done correctly.

5-. Third stage: Get the documents

Once the application is ready to be submitted, now the employees can receive all the documents that they will need to do their job and other activities in Dubai. These documents are also necessary to verify their identity.

With Connect Resources you can trust that this final stage will be done in the right way and that your employees will receive everything they need to stay in the country working legally.

5.1-. Get the Work Permit Card

The first document that you will receive after following A 13 Step Guide to Getting a Work Permit in Dubai UAE is the Work Permit, also known as Labor Card, and from this date, the person can now be officially in the company’s payroll. The employees must keep the work permit with themselves, and they have to make sure that is kept safe so nothing can damage it.

5.2-. Get the Valid Insurance Card

The employer must provide health insurance to the employee since it’s mandatory in the UAE, and this has to be proven with a valid insurance card. If the employer can’t provide it to the foreign employees, then they need to buy it on their own.

Either way, the insurance card is needed to receive the work permit. Once the person is covered, the issuance of the card can take up to 5 days.

This process should be followed for each employee that you’re planning to hire, even if it’s for healthcare recruitment.

5.3-. Get the Residence Permit

Get the Residence Permit

The next step is to go to the DNRD (Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai) where you can get the stamp in your passport. Then you’ll receive the residence visa, which is necessary for living legally in the UAE.

With this document, you’ll now be able to do many things in the country, such as opening a bank account or opening a PO Box.

5.4-. Get the ID card

After getting the work permit, the employee can now receive the Emirates ID card, which is necessary for doing daily activities in the UAE that requires identity verification. It’s the document that the employees can carry with them instead of the passport.

When will the employee receive the ID card? It takes about 10 days after receiving the residence stamp. After the employees finish all of these steps, then it’ll be legal for them to work and live in Dubai.

Since it’s a process that needs to be done quickly, it’s best to count on with experts that help you getting the Dubai Work Visa for your employees, so you can focus on the organization of your company and your core business so you can receive your foreign staff and make them start working immediately.

Once you finish doing the process, you’ll start receiving all the benefits and advantages of outsourcing for your company.

With Connect Resources you can have an ally in the HR Management for getting new personnel for your company according to your requirements since they’re fast, reliable, and flexible in their service.


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