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Usually, recruiters and employers are not the only ones who evaluate during the recruitment or hiring process of new employees. As a matter of fact, candidates can also evaluate their recruiters based on how they carry out the recruitment process. Therefore, the employer brand of these recruiters or employers can be affected positively or negatively depending on their recruitment methods.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about your employer’s brand and how recruitment affects it. In addition, you will learn about some reasons why the employer branding of companies is important during the hiring process. Furthermore, we will give you some tips to carry out the recruitment process correctly and improve your employer brand effectively.

  1. What should you know about Employer Branding and why is it important?
  2. Why is your employer brand a vital element during the recruitment process?
  3. What does your recruitment process say about your employer brand?
  4. How can you use your employer brand to recruit candidates?
  5. How can you improve your employer branding and maintain it strong?
  6. What can you do to drive your employer brand with video content?
  7. How can you measure your employer branding efficiently?
  8. What tools and technologies should you use to build a strong employer brand?
  9. How can Connect Resources help you improve your recruitment strategies effectively?

1. What should you know about Employer Branding and why is it important?

When we talk about employer branding, we refer to the perception that your employees have of your company or business. In other words, your employer brand is your company’s reputation that can be used to attract potential employees. And it can also be used to position your company as the employer of choice for your target candidates.

And when employer branding is used as an action, it will deliberately involve establishing certain elements, including your company’s values. Plus, it can also involve your company’s work culture, personality, and other factors that must align with your ideal candidates’ aspirations. However, you must not misunderstand this concept and be completely honest about your company’s values, work culture, and personality.

In other words, employer branding must not be used to mislead people into thinking that your company is better than it is. In fact, this concept is something that will help you define your unique employee value proposition. That means that you must define what benefits your company will offer to employees in exchange for their skills and capabilities.

2. Why is your employer brand a vital element during the recruitment process?

There are three main reasons why your employer brand affects your recruitment process and vice versa. And if you desire to attract more candidates and increase employee engagement, you should take these reasons into consideration:

  • An excellent employer branding will help you compete in the market when looking for talent. As you may know, competing with large companies that have prominent brand names can be complicated. But if your brand is authentic, it will automatically attract talent.
  • You can reduce turnover rates and retain your best employees if your employer brand is strong enough. So, your brand will not only help you to recruit candidates but also retain current employees.
  • It is also possible to reduce cost per hire if your company has a strong employer brand. And companies with weak brands could spend almost double on cost per hire.

3. What does your recruitment process say about your employer brand?

As you may know now, your employer brand is a vital element that your candidates will evaluate through your recruitment process. And by doing this, they can decide whether they want to work in your company or opt for other options. So, you must not forget that a recruitment process is not about a one-way assessment since candidates will also test you.

Therefore, you should be careful and avoid carrying out a complicated or disorganized process that may affect your employer branding. In fact, your process has to improve your brand and show candidates that you are an employer worth working for. If you desire to know what your process says about you and your company, take a look at these details.

3.1. The way you treat employees

This is a vital element that all employers must take into account when recruiting employees. And as little as it looks, treating your employees nice is something that makes the difference and everyone will notice. Otherwise, if your candidates notice that you do not treat your employees respectfully and friendly, they will probably quit.

And being respectful and friendly includes interacting with people with ease, thanking candidates when the interviews end, etc. Your questioning style is another detail that can be outstanding whether it is conversational and friendly or interrogative and intimidating. Being flexible with your employees and candidates can also improve your recruitment process significantly.

3.2. What you are like to work for

One of the things that your candidates will desire to know is what you would be like to work for. And during the recruitment process, they will be able to find out this detail about you and your employer brand. If your process is well organized, clear, and transparent, candidates will be sure that you are an employer worth working for.

Having a transparent and communicative environment during the recruitment process will also have a positive impact on your brand. So, make sure to try making yourself open and approachable during the interview, as well as available to answer questions. This will increase your chances of improving the recruitment process and your company’s employer branding.

3.3. Do your actions match your values?

In many cases, companies tend to show off their corporate values, but they do not show them during recruitment processes. For example, in some cases, position descriptions require candidates to demonstrate behavior consistent with corporate values. Nonetheless, those values are not an active part of the companies’ employer brands, which do not help candidates to trust them.

Therefore, if you desire to improve your employer brand and make candidates trust you, your values must match your actions. Everything you say must match what you do, so make sure to be transparent, honest, and authentic with your candidates. This way, the process will be smoother and your employer branding will have a positive impact during the recruitment procedure.

4. How can you use your employer brand to recruit candidates?

One of the first steps that you must follow is understanding your candidates’ needs during the recruitment process. And, of course, you have to define your target group of people who you want to reach when introducing your brand. Then, you should use an effective employer brand strategy to customize your offer when negotiating with candidates.

These are some of the methods and techniques in which you can use your brand in order to recruit new employees. However, make sure to follow the tips we mentioned before and the tips we will mention below. Then, you will ensure a successful recruitment process.

5. How can you improve your employer branding and maintain it strong?

If you desire to improve your employer brand, make sure to follow these tips:

  • You should make employer branding a vital part of your company’s HR strategy, which is a long-term plan.
  • Make sure that your employees are happy and motivated. Otherwise, there may be internal conflict and your brand will get a negative impact.
  • Besides your employees, you should also make happy your candidates and help them get a satisfying experience.
  • By crafting a meaningful story about your organization and its work culture, you can make potential candidates connect with your business.
  • Donating or volunteering to benefit a cause can let people know what your company’s values are and what it cares about.
  • Make sure that your company has an active online presence through social media platforms.

6. What can you do to drive your employer brand with video content?

Creating video content can be an effective way for companies to share their messages to candidates and customers as well. For example, by creating employer branding videos, you can show potential candidates what your business is about. And in that video, you can interview your current employees or do an office tour to show what it is like to work in your company.

On the other hand, you can also add videos to job ads instead of simply using written job advertisements. And using pre-recorded video interviews is another great option to improve your recruitment process and employer brand. In fact, these videos will benefit both your candidates and your company’s reputation.

7. How can you measure your employer branding efficiently?

There is a variety of ways in which you can monitor and measure this ongoing process known as employer branding. And you should do this frequently in order to analyze your employer brand and make improvements constantly to attract talent. Now, some of the methods you can use to measure your branding are these:

  • Conduct eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) surveys to measure employee satisfaction and loyalty. This type of method includes asking your workers how likely they are to recommend your company as an employer.
  • If there is dissatisfaction among your employees and you are frequently using retention strategies, you must find out the reasons. Make sure to conduct surveys and exit interviews to analyze their data and collect employee feedback.

8. What tools and technologies should you use to build a strong employer brand?

Although improving your employer brand is more about interacting with people than using technology, this element plays an important role. And you will need certain technologies and tools in order to build a strong brand successfully. Some of those elements that you will require are the following:

  • Social media management: you can promote your brand by sharing content through social media platforms. But besides platforms, you should also use social media management tools, which will help you save time. With them, you can schedule your posts and analyze performance as well.
  • A career page: you can consider this element a tool to boost your employer brand and attract perfect candidates. However, you need to provide information, demonstrate your company’s personality, and optimize this page for mobile as well.

9. How can Connect Resources help you improve your recruitment strategies effectively?

Now that you are aware of the importance of your employer brand for recruiting candidates, you should revise your strategies. If you think that your brand does not match your recruitment process, make sure to get help from recruitment specialists. With Connect Resources by your side, you will be able to improve both your recruitment process and employer branding effectively.

Besides, with our recruitment and HR services, you will be able to find the candidates you need without wasting time or energy. Furthermore, we can provide you with the guidance you require on the development of effective recruitment strategies and other solutions, like our HR consultancy. And you will need to do is to contact our team and request our services to start making significant improvements.

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