What is the Procedure for Hiring International Contractors?

Hiring International Contractors


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Due to the amazing technological advancements, different companies and businesses can now improve many processes, such as their hiring procedures. Now they can get additional help by hiring international contractors, which is a great advantage in many cases. Therefore, you will surely upgrade your business efficiently by hiring these professionals.

Hiring Contractor

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about international contractors and how they work. Besides, we will also provide you with relevant information about the benefits that they can offer to your company. On the other hand, here you will also find some tips that you should follow when hiring an international contractor. Let’s observe:

  1. What is exactly an international contractor?
  2. How can you classify an independent contractor and an employee?
  3. What are the advantages of hiring independent foreign contractors?
  4. How to create an independent contractor agreement correctly?
  5. How should you pay foreign independent contractors?
  6. What are the risks of non-compliance?
  7. Important things you must keep in mind when hiring an international contractor.
  8. How can Connect Resources help you get the advantages of an international contractor?

What is exactly an international contractor?

Before you start hiring international independent contractors, it is important to be aware of the functions of an international contractor. Regardless of the sector, you belong to, you can expand your talent pool internationally by hiring an international contractor’s services.

However, it’s essential to know where your hired contractors are from, so you can learn about their rules and laws. For example, if you start hiring international contractors in India, you must know about the laws to avoid any legal issues.

On the other hand, hiring international employees independent contractors is a simple procedure that can bring you many advantages. Therefore, let’s take a look at the relevant concepts regarding this affair so you can have a clear understanding of it and Here you can learn about hiring Employer of Record services for independent contractors

Who is an independent contractor?

Just like other professionals, an independent contractor is someone who offers special services to a specific client. And to obtain these services, it’s essential to concrete a foreign independent contractor contract after understanding all conditions. And since a contractor is usually a self-employed business person, it is vital to learn about his/her terms and conditions.

Who is an independent contractor


Companies that decide on hiring independent contractors abroad usually do this for a determined period. And in some cases, they do it on a per-project basis, which varies according to their needs. But companies must know that independent contractors are not employees because there is a certain degree of control.

In other words, the payer will not control the contractor’s actions but the results of the work only. Meanwhile, the contractor can freely choose his/her working hours and activities when doing the work. But if the payer controls these elements, the professional will no longer be an independent contractor but an employee.

Who is an employee?

As we mentioned before, the independent contractor will become an employee if he/she doesn’t have the independence he/she needs. Put in other words, the service provider is an employee if the company that hired him/her controls the performance completely. Besides, there are other vital elements involved in this important matter.

For example, when the company controls the individual’s expenses, tools, training, paid vacations, and benefits, this individual is an employee. Furthermore, if there exists an employment contract, it is evident the actual service provider’s status. Therefore, companies must classify employees and independent contractors to avoid misunderstandings.

How can you classify an independent contractor and an employee?

Company owners sometimes tend to forget that their contractors aren’t employees, especially if they’ve been working together for so long. Therefore, it is important to determine if they are employees or employees before making mistakes.

In cases like these, you can ask for professional help from an recruitment agency or an authority to help you with this matter. For example, you can use their services to get more information about the correct relationship between independent contractors and companies, and Click here if you need to learn about the most outstanding features of an international employment contract.

Why is it important to avoid the misclassification of an independent contractor?

In many cases, companies may tend to misclassify workers accidentally or intentionally for different purposes. For instance, by classifying a contractor as an employee, they can deliberately reduce payroll costs. Moreover, misclassifying them can also deprive them of protections, rights, and benefits.

As a consequence, these actions can lead to employment law violations, which can generate tax penalties and other punishments. And instead of saving money, the company will lose a lot of it due to these actions. Therefore, it is vital to avoid misclassifying contractors and employees if you want to avoid legal issues.

What are the advantages of hiring independent foreign contractors?

advantages of hiring independent foreign contractors

Hiring international contractors can bring you lots of benefits for your business in the short term. For example, some of the most outstanding advantages that you can get by hiring international contractors are these:

  • Staffing flexibility: if you require help to carry out a certain project, you can hire an international contractor for a limited period. And in case your chosen contractor does not fulfill your requirements, you can easily opt for not renewing the agreement.
  • More efficiency: it could take valuable time to find, hire, and expect good results from a new employee. But if you let a contractor hire new employees for you, you will be able to save time and effort.
  • Cost per employee savings: you can also save money by hiring contractors since they are responsible for covering payroll taxes, worker’s compensation insurance, and employee benefits.
  • Access to global talent: once you start hiring international contractors, you will be able to access a wider range of talents. Besides, it will be easier and faster to find the workers you need regardless of their country of origin.
  • Reduce office and supply costs: independent contracts usually don’t need to work in an office. They work remotely most of the time. Therefore, you don’t need to spend extra money on office space and supplies for a contractor.
  • No training expenses: since contractors specialize in finding workers for you, you don’t have to spend time training them or training the employees that they find and In case you want to opt for hiring a global workforce of freelancers, here is what you need to know.

How to create an independent contractor agreement correctly?

After finding the contractor you want to work with, it is important to create a written agreement. This way, both the service provider and the payer will get protection and avoid misunderstandings in the future. Most importantly, both parties will make sure to hold up their end of the agreement or deal.

If you search an online contract template, you’ll realize that there are no one-size-fits-all independent contractor agreements. Therefore, you should take your time to create a unique agreement that covers the labor regulations of both involved countries. However, you must make sure to review the contract from time to time and modify it, if it is necessary you must also know What is the true cost of an employee? Find out more information about this matter here.

Outstanding elements in a well-written agreement.

As we said before, you must create a written contract when hiring international contractors for protection purposes. And it is essential to include the following elements:

  • Details of the services that the contractor will provide.
  • Expenses and compensations if the situation requires them.
  • Data protection and confidentiality clauses.
  • The relationship between both parties (status of each one, liability, indemnification clauses, etc.).
  • Ownership of the work and intellectual property according to the regulations of each country.
  • A non-compete clause. With this, the contractor will be limited from doing the same work for a competitor.
  • The duration of the contract should be outlined by termination and notice clauses.
  • And the governing law that appoints the legal body responsible in case of any disputes.

How should you pay foreign independent contractors?

The payments to foreign contractors for services are more than sending money to their bank accounts. You must consider every possible option when it comes to payment methods for paying international contractors. For example, some of the available options are the following ones:

  • International wire transfer, which uses a global transfer network that connects several financial institutions from multiple countries.
  • Another option is the international money order or the traditional paper check.
  • You can also pay contractors through a global Employer of Record.
  • And lastly, you can opt for using PayPal or any other digital payment platform.

For Employer of Record you can Go Here:-  Here you can learn how to choose a suitable Employer of Record (EOR) to ensure satisfying results.

Things you should consider when paying a foreign contractor.

Foreign companies hiring independent contractors in the US or any other country must consider certain factors during this process. For example, they must be aware of how the workers are truly classified. In addition, the penalties for misclassifying their workers should also be considered at all costs.

Employment paperwork and permanent establishment risks are other vital elements that companies must consider when paying foreign contractors. In the first case, companies must require contractors to complete a form to comply with the relevant laws. And the second case is that all companies should avoid permanent establishments since it could lead to certain consequences.

What are the risks of non-compliance?

risks of non-compliance

When hiring international contractors, taxes law must be taken into consideration if you don’t want to face penalties.  Therefore, knowing the foreign independent contractor tax law is vital for obtaining satisfying results from hiring a contractor. One of the most important things you must do is to make sure you’re working with a contractor and not an employee.

And that detail will become more important the more you work with that person. If the local authorities find out that your contractor was an employee, there will be serious consequences. Other related risks could be the risks of triggering a permanent establishment or taxable presence and Discover some interesting details that you need to know regarding strategic workforce planning.

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Important things you must keep in mind when hiring an international contractor.

There are other things you must keep in mind when hiring international contractors. For example, it’s essential to know which tax form to use for overseas contractors. There are many types of tax forms that contractors can complete. For instance, there is the W-8BEN form (for individuals), the W-8BEN-E form (for entities), and many others, but they can vary according to the situation and Find out how you can hire employees from India with this step-by-step guide.

How can Connect Resources help you get the advantages of an international contractor?

Connect Resources

You should know that you can improve your business in the UAE by requesting our advice and available services. We offer a wide range of services that you can find useful for operating your company. And one of those services that you can request is our Employer of Record service, which can bring you many benefits.

On the other hand, you can also find and request many other services to make your business more efficient. For example, we offer Professional Employer Organisation, staff outsourcing, , recruitment services and Freelance Visa Dubai to help you find the workers you need. And some other available services that you can get from Connect Resources are employee relocation, HR consultancy, and many more.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources to obtain more information about the procedure for hiring an international contractor? If you have any questions, call us on +97143316688. Or you can email us at contact@connectresources.ae, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will gladly answer all of your questions.

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