Our Response Towards Ukraine Crisis

Learn how we’re helping People with Crisis in Ukraine , We are Helping Clients from Ukraine and Belarus to Relocate and Grab the Business Opportunity in Dubai.

Our Contribution Towards Ukraine Crisis
We are Helping People, Employee and Companies to Relocate to Dubai

Immigration is the process in which individuals become residents or citizens of another country. People can go through this process due to a large number of reasons that range from pursuing job opportunities to escaping conflicts. However, these motives have something in common: searching for a better life. Without a doubt, immigration is now in the mind of many Ukrainian citizens during Ukraine Crisis, looking to escape from the ongoing war. If you are from Ukraine, and you are reading this, we hope you are safe, and our hearts are with you. We want violence to stop, and peace to return. Therefore, we can assure that during Ukraine Crisis, for Ukrainian citizens, Dubai is a good destination to end their difficult journey. In other words, relocating people or employees from Ukraine to Dubai is a smart decision, in both temporary and permanent cases. It will be turning a hard situation into a good opportunity.

Relocating employees from Ukraine and Belarus to Dubai Connect Resources

Our Contribution Towards Ukraine Crisis

As it has been since the conflict’s beginning for the Ukrainian population, it is a difficult present for Ukrainian companies. The ongoing Ukraine Crisis has made working operations in organizations extremely complex, or near impossible to perform safely. In this sense, they must make smart moves to keep running. This is also happening to foreign companies with employees working in Ukraine. Thus, for both cases, the word they are looking for to define their next maneuver is relocation. By relocating their human talent to a safer environment, these companies can survive this Ukraine Crisis that we hope ends quickly. Let us now show you information about relocating your employees from Ukraine to Dubai. 

Immigration concerns

The first step for starting the relocation process is for your employee to perform the immigration required steps by the UAE authorities. However, these steps are different for employees than the ones followed by individuals. In essence, they need to be supported by their company to work in the city. This support comes in the form of legal documents. In other words, to enter Dubai and start working you will need an employment contract that fulfills the requirements of UAE authorities. Besides your valid passport, this contract is the one that will allow you to get a work permit. Most importantly, unless you intend to work from Dubai remotely, your company will need a local entity. Its function will be to serve as your local employer during your stay in the city. 

Immigration concerns connect resources
Cross-Border Employment connect resources

Cross-Border Employment

The definition of this type of employment is the one in which a foreign company (Overseas Entity) sends its employees to the UAE with the support of a corporate presence in the UAE (Local Entity). The main requirement here is for the Overseas Entity to understand the UAE Labour Law.

The UAE authorities will require a clear contract that states which must state the legal relationship between the Overseas Entity, the Local Entity, and the employee. In addition, both entities must clarify which one will be paying the employee’s remuneration.

On the other hand, most companies today use the remote working program to avoid legal issues during their employee relocation to Dubai. But, we considered it important for you to know both scenarios, to be properly informed in the matter.

Working remotely from Dubai

From March 2021 onwards, the UAE enabled the possibility of foreign citizens issuing a residence permit to work remotely within its territory. This permit is both valid for employees of local companies and foreign organizations and allows a one-year stay. The process of getting this permit is very simple. It is this simplicity that has made this program the most demanded method for working in Dubai legally. All of this, while living similarly to residents. As an applicant for this remote work visa, you will need the following documents:

  • Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity remaining at the moment of the application.
  • Health insurance with UAE coverage validity. It can be a Local Health Insurance or a Travel Insurance.
  • If you are an employee: proof of employment from your current employer with a one-year contract validity, a minimum monthly salary of US$5,000, and bank statements of the last three months.
  • If you are a business owner: proof of ownership of the company for one year or more, with an average monthly income of US$5,000 and bank statements for the last three months.

Additionally, we must clarify that the remote work visa allows you to leave the UAE for a maximum of 6 months without it being nullified. Besides, it will require you to do a new application process after one year. In other words, it is not renewable. Today, Dubai is also a technological hub, with IT companies from all over the world having offices in the city. This will assure you as a relocated remote worker to have all the required tools for your job. In essence, it is an excellent opportunity you cannot miss.

Using relocation services During Ukraine Crisis connect resources

Using relocation services During Ukraine Crisis

As you may have figured out, the process of relocating your employees to Dubai may require some assistance. In the city, there is a type of company that can help you with this process, in which there is a lot to handle. These companies are the ones that provide relocation services. Hence they can assist you with the following matters:

  • Immigration assistance: Their goal is that you follow the guidelines and rules established. This will allow your company to perform the relocation of its employees as a smooth move.
  • Employment visa and work permits: It takes out of your hands the tedious process of getting all the required documentation. A working visa, a work application, and a residence visa can be obtained with their assistance.
  • Temporary accommodation: It involves the aspects of relocation that are beyond work. A home to live, school for their children, or learning the local culture, are some of those aspects.
  • Foreign language assistance: In this case, they can provide you with language schools courses if your employee has a language barrier regarding the local language.

In conclusion, the use of a relocation service can facilitate this process tremendously. This is important when, with a conflict like the one in Ukraine, there is a lot to deal with in your organization. You can even use these services to relocate your employee’s family if it is required.

Why should I choose Dubai as my employee relocation destination in Ukraine Crisis?

As a key commercial hub in the Middle East, there is probably no better location for employees to work than Dubai. Its fast-growing economy has made of the city a preferred location for international companies. Therefore, success in Dubai is practically guaranteed. With the ongoing conflict, Ukrainian employees will find your decision of relocating them to Dubai as a life-saving opportunity. This will also be like this for your foreign employees that were working on Ukrainian soil before the violence started. For them, it will be a truly necessary new beginning. In addition, Dubai has a 90% of its population conformed by people of other nationalities. Consequently, your Ukrainian employees will find friends from all over the world, which is beneficial for them during this change, after what they have gone through. On the other hand, as an employer, having a part of your employees in Dubai can be the first step in your way to relocate your business there. Remember, you would be moving your company into a tax-free and prosperous environment.

Why Choose Us connect resources

Why Choose Connect Resources During Ukraine Crisis?

Choosing the right EOR UAE is a crucial decision for obtaining an excellent global employment solution.
We want to help your business in its goal of entering the UAE market, and for this reason we assist you with sourcing, hiring, recruitment, payroll, benefits, expenses, taxes and many more, so you can focus solely on your expansion strategy and how to boost your company’s productivity.
If you’re looking for a fast market entry while you stay compliant, you can trust in our vast range of services to support you.


Find Your Answers

We will Wave off the Visa fee and Connect Resources will pay for New Employees.

No, the same methods would be applied. We will waive setup fees and will provide immigration assistance for your employee.

The correct action here is to evaluate the case of each employee and their family individually. From the result of that evaluation, you can decide the best location in each case. However, Dubai is always a good option.

By now, we can assure you that alternative ways of providing additional funding to supported employees are being investigated. Remember, legislation in this matter is different in every country.

As of March 12, 2022, sanctions cut off from SWIFT the following banks:

  • Russia: VEB (Vneshekonombank), VTB (Vneshtorgbank), Novikmbank, Promsvyazbank, Sovcombank, Otkritie, and AKB Russia.

Belarus: Belagroprombank, Bank Dabrabyt, and Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

This is a fast-evolving situation, even economically. For this, we are analyzing the sanctions and the financial transaction restrictions closely; to make adjustments with our partners to guarantee business operations are still being performed.

You can contact us by sending us an email to Ukraine@connectresources.ae or russiaHR@connectresources.ae. Above all, please stay safe.

No, there are more banks affected. The remaining affected banks are the following:

  • Russia: Sberbank, Alfa Bank, Bank Otkritie, AKB Rossiya, Promsvyazbank, Credit Bank of Moscow, Gazprombank, Rosselkhozbank, Sovcombank, Transkapitalbank, VEB and VTB.

Belarus: Central Bank of Belarus, Belinvestbank (Belarusian Bank of Development and Reconstruction Belinvestbank Joint-Stock Company), Bank Dabrabyt (Bank Dabrabyt Joint-Stock Company).

If your supported employees were receiving their payroll by one of the sanctioned banks, please contact your client account manager as soon as possible.