how to attract passive (but highly qualified) employees to your team

Finding outstanding workers for your business could be challenging, especially if you’re aiming at people that are not actively looking for a job. Therefore, it’s essential to know the greatest strategies on how to attract passive (but highly qualified) employees to your team.

Companies highly seek passive candidates because those are usually the most prepared ones. But, it’s challenging to engage them and convince them to change jobs. If you’d like to have the best employees for your business, you need to start looking for passive candidates.

In this article, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about how to approach passive candidates and convince them to join your business by applying some innovative and creative methods. Let’s observe:

  • The greatest strategies on how to attract passive (but highly qualified) employees to your team
  • Why should you have an interest in passive candidates?
  • Why do you need strategies to attract passive candidates?
  • Strategies for attracting passive candidates
  • How can Connect Resources help you find passive candidates for your business?

1. The greatest strategies on how to attract passive (but highly qualified) employees to your team

When it comes about hiring workers for your company, you may employ the usual methods to attract talent, and they may work for active seekers, but are entirely ineffective with passive candidates.

If the candidates you’re targeting aren’t looking for a job, you’re missing a great opportunity of reaching them, and for this reason, you have to apply some of the best employee recruitment strategies.

One way of improving your hiring and selection processes, whether for active or passive candidates, is by contacting Connect Resources, which is one of the top-leading recruitment agencies in the UAE that can offer you an outstanding service.

1.1 What are passive candidates?

Before knowing the greatest strategies on how to attract passive (but highly qualified) employees to your team, you first need to understand what these types of workers are and what their difference is with other candidates.

Passive candidates are those that are currently employed workers that aren’t investing any effort in searching a new job or new opportunities. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re uninterested candidates because if something better comes along, they’re willing to change position since they know they’re a valuable asset for any company.

One of the most wanted passive candidates are those for the executive positions, so it’s essential to know the dos and don’ts when recruiting senior workers for your business.

2. Why should you have an interest in passive candidates?

the greatest strategies on how to attract passive (but highly qualified) employees to your team.

Maybe you’re wondering why you have to put interest in the greatest strategies on how to attract passive (but highly qualified) employees to your team if you’re not bothering in getting them in the first place.

Why should you aim passive candidates if they don’t want a new job anyway? There are several reasons why you should design some strategies to attract them; let’s observe:

  • Since passive candidates aren’t looking for a new position, you’ll be the only one interviewing them, which translates to less competition.
  • These workers don’t exaggerate their skills or knowledge on their resumes
  • They’re not desperate to move to another job, which means that they could compromise to your offer
  • These candidates are highly skilled, so you’ll spend less time training
  • They represent a vast talent pool that it’s usually overlooked

Knowing why you should hire passive candidates is very important because once you decide to do it, you have to be prepared for the most frequent difficulties to hire workers and how to succeed in this process.

3. Why do you need strategies to attract passive candidates?

Once that you know all the benefits of targeting these types of workers you have to see the importance of the greatest strategies on how to attract passive (but highly qualified) employees to your team.

You may think that it’s not necessary to use creative and innovative strategies for sourcing, because you already have job boards, but they’re not as effective as preparing and designing a great plan.

Why should you bother in using sourcing strategies? Let’s observe:

  • The quality of candidates attracted by job boards tends to be low
  • Passive candidates don’t scan job boards
  • Creative and innovative strategies are perfect for getting in front of the quality talent.

When doing the recruitment process, it’s essential to keep in mind the most important aspects of hiring senior, executive and passive workers so you can design effective strategies that allow you to attract the best potential employees.

4. Strategies for attracting passive candidates

Digital and traditional lead generation processes that work - College of  Will Writing

The first step for designing a recruitment strategy plan consists in knowing the variety of innovative and creative methods that you can implement.

Keep in mind that there are many basics aspects that you have to take into consideration when looking for employees, so make sure to align your goals to the strategies that you’re going to implement.

4.1 Have an engaging website

If your business doesn’t have its website, you may be losing the opportunity of attracting passive candidates. Having a substantial digital presence is essential for making connections with potential employees.

What are some of the strategies you can apply to your website to attract passive candidates? Let’s observe:

  • Mention your company’s benefits and perks
  • Post descriptive and attractive job descriptions
  • Share information about your business to make your company shine on a more personal level
  • Provide quality information about your operations or activities

Having a great website is one of the best pieces of advice for starting an excellent recruitment and selection process because you can use it to attract workers that are interested in working with you.

4.2 Social media sourcing

One of the greatest strategies on how to attract passive (but highly qualified) employees to your team is using the social media in your favor, to make your company promote in these platforms so these candidates can get to know you.

What are some of the creative and innovative strategies you can use in social media? Let’s observe:

  • Use Facebook to find passive candidates: source potential employees manually, create appealing job posts, join groups and communities to share your information, use paid ads to target the right audience.
  • Use Twitter to promote your job posts and get people to share them
  • Post videos on YouTube related with your work culture
  • Post exciting blogs and information in your social media profiles
  • Use LinkedIn to post your job ads and to make connections with potential employees
  • Use Instagram to post pictures about your workers and useful information about your business

Nowadays, social media sourcing is becoming in one of the most powerful tools to attract passive candidates.

4.3 Implement referral bonuses for your employees

If you’d like to take things further, one of the employee recruitment strategies that you have to implement is the referral program. It’s becoming more and more common in many businesses that want to hire outstanding personnel.

How can you attract passive candidates with a referral program? Let’s observe:

  • Offer referral bonuses for your employees when they bring a candidate or do any other action to attract potential candidates
  • Motivate your employees to share information about the company in their social media
  • Ask your team to look for candidates in their network

4.4 Build a pipeline of talent

Building a pipeline of talent is one of the greatest strategies on how to attract passive (but highly qualified) employees to your team. Although it might seem ineffective and like a waste of time, it will eventually give results.

What is a pipeline of talent? It’s composed by those candidates that aren’t ready to change jobs or to be hired, but you want to make sure to have them on your contacts list. Additionally, you have to stay in their minds, so they can choose you when they decide to work or to make a change.

4.5 Define your employer branding

If you’d like to save time and money with effective recruitment strategies, you have to begin by defining your employer branding because from this you’re going to attract the proper candidates that you have in mind.

The employer branding consists of defining your ideal candidate and apply some strategies to appeal to them. Let’s observe:

  • Portray the aspects that passive candidates are looking for
  • Express that your company’s goals are aligned to their interests
  • Make your company stay true to itself in its culture
  • Incorporate a unique message to appeal your selected audience
  • Attract your candidates by pointing out how they can contribute to your business
  • Show that you value your employees’ opinion

4.6 Host live events

Hosting live events is an innovative factor of any recruitment strategy plan that you’d like to implement in your business. It’s one of the most effective ways of getting people to know your business and to promote it.

Why are live events great for attracting passive candidates? Let’s observe:

  • It’s essential to make contact with potential workers in real life
  • You can invite top talent to get to know your business
  • Potential employees can interact with future colleagues to get to know more about the job
  • You can do a short presentation to promote your business
  • You can hire candidates from the event
  • Potential candidates can see your office and meet your team
  • You get all the prospective talent in one room

You don’t have to host formal events; you can even host nontraditional recruiting events where you do other activities that your potential candidates might find appealing.

4.7 Short skills challenges and rewards

One fun and exciting way of attracting passive candidates is by getting the applicant’s attention with short skills challenges. This way, you’re making the process fun, simple, and competitive. You can design a skills test instead of asking applicants to send you their CV.

What are the advantages of using skills tests for passive candidates? Let’s observe:

  • It could be the first step of the recruiting process
  • It’s an effective way of doing a candidate screening
  • It’s a catchy way of attracting the attention of candidates that aren’t actively looking for a job
  • It’s a way of getting attention to your company

You can also give rewards to the best performers to motivate them to participate. You can put these skills test on your website and promote them on your social media profiles.

If you’d like to have experts working with you, but you think you can use some help from a third party, you can contact Connect Resources to find permanent workers for your business in the UAE.

4.8 Engage with passive candidates

One of the most effective of the greatest strategies on how to attract passive (but highly qualified) employees to your team is engaging with them to form meaningful relationships so they can remember you when they decide to change their job.

Not all strategies have to be done online; you also have to engage with passive candidates offline. You can reach them by doing the “old-fashioned” way of recruiting, which is inviting them out for a coffee or a drink.

This is considered as one-on-one networking, and it’s beneficial because not many employers do this, and you’re showing genuine interest in the people, without trying to convince or force them to join your team.

5. How can Connect Resources help you find passive candidates for your business?

Connect Resources

Once you’ve applied some of these strategies to target passive candidates, you may want to have some extra help to increase your chances of hiring excellent talent for your business. In this regard, Connect Resources could be the best solution.

Connect Resources offers a comprehensive service of executive search that is designed to attract passive candidates specifically. So, if you like to boost your business by hiring the perfect candidates for the job positions, then you can trust in our agency to begin to take the road to success.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources for assistance in hiring passive candidates? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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