The best tips for effectively managing productive remote working teams

productive remote working teams


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Having productive remote working teams is essential for any business that can’t continue its operation in their office place. Since the covid-19 pandemic has forced companies to send their employees to work from home, many challenges have arise and have required to implement many policies to regulate it.

In this article, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about how you can have a better management of your remote team by following some recommendations to increase productivity. Let’s observe:

  • The best tips for effectively managing productive remote working teams
  • Good communication is essential
  • Use the right tools
  • Give your team freedom and flexibility
  • Online meetings are a must
  • Focus on the outcomes
  • How can Connect Resources help you with your remote team?

1. The best tips for effectively managing productive remote working teams

Since the beginning of the lockdown because of the coronavirus, many businesses have asked themselves the following question: How to collaborate effectively if your team is remote?

If you have never had the need to manage a remote team, it may be a whole new experience to you, and if you’d like your business to continue operating normally, you have to follow some tips to help your workers to continue giving their best performance as if they were working at the office.

Knowing some excellent management tips could make the difference between a highly productive team and an average one, so if you’d like to obtain excellent results from your efforts, you have to implement these strategies.

1.1 Why do you need a productive remote team?

Why is it essential to have productive remote working teams? Let’s observe:

  • It allows your business to work around productivity obstacles
  • It helps the company to overcome issues surrounding remote working
  • It encourages a collaborative environment
  • It ensures every worker is on the same page regarding the objectives

The best way to start having an excellent remote team is aligning them to the company’s goals, since everybody will work with those in mind, and this can increase productivity. It’s necessary to have committed workers to achieve the objectives.

Learn more about the recommendations to align your remote teams goals.

2. Good communication is essential

performance management for remote workers.

Managing a remote team means that you have to invest a lot of effort in communication since you and your workers are not in the office and you don’t have the possibility to talk to them as easily.

Therefore, you have to use all the communication tools available to continuously talk to your workers and guarantee that everyone understands the assigned tasks since this can improve the performance management for remote workers.

If you’re considering hiring remote workers perhaps you have thought about contacting an employer of record to help you find the perfect employees. If this is your case, you have to know what aspects you have to consider when selecting an EOR service provider.

Learn more about what you should and shouldn’t do when considering choosing an EOR platform.

2.1 Why is necessary to communicate a lot with your remote team?

If you’d like to have productive remote working teams, you must make communication a priority, but why is it necessary? Let’s observe:

  • It helps diminish the sense of loneliness and isolation your workers may feel
  • It promotes teamwork
  • You can hear your workers input regarding any tasks or project
  • You can determine if your workers are able to fulfill the objectives

2.2 How can you improve your communication with your remote team?

Since your remote workers are far away from you, you have to use all the tools and resources available to have solid communication channels that allow you to carry out the work easily. How can you do it? Let’s observe:

  • Have daily meetings with your team to check how they’re handling their assigned tasks
  • Use apps and software like Skype or WhatsApp to have constant communication
  • Encourage your team to communicate with each other

Having a solid communication with your team is essential for achieving success, but there are many other factors that you have to consider. If you don’t have an outstanding HR team to manage your workforce, you can always trust in Connect Resources so they can help you handle everything related with your employees.

Learn more about the HR Consultancy service offered by Connect Resources.

3. Use the right tools

productive remote working teams

Technology can be your best ally for achieving productive remote working teams, so you have to know which tools can help you increase productivity among your workers. You have to take advantage of all the great resources developed for remote teams.

There is a variety of tools designed to carry out an outstanding remote working process among your team, you just have to know which ones could be the best fit based on your needs. Since there are many resources, you have to evaluate all the software available to select the best apps and programs.

Learn more about the best tools for remote teams to increase productivity.

3.1 Why do you need to take advantage of technology?

Perhaps you’ve wondered how to collaborate effectively if your team is remote, and this is a common concern among many managers and employers. The best way to achieve an outstanding collaboration is by using the best tools and software.

If you’re not familiar with the latest technology, you have to start learning because you need to take advantage from it to increase your team’s productivity.

Why is it necessary to use resources and tools with your remote team? Let’s observe:

  • It helps to keep your team connected
  • Every worker can feel engaged to their job if they have the right tools to carry out their tasks
  • Using tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams can improve communication and collaboration
  • You can keep track of your team easily
  • Your team can be more disciplined and focused on its goal

4. Give your team freedom and flexibility

Working from home may not be easy for everybody; in fact, many workers may feel reluctant from working remotely because it can come with some issues like not being able to separate their personal life from their work.

For this reason, if you want to have productive remote working teams you definitely have to manage your expectations and start being more flexible.

Keep in mind that every worker of your remote team should prepare their workday structure and do their tasks at their rhythm, but they also have to comply with the goals set, so you have to continue being flexible so they can be productive.

Learn more about the best tips for remote workers to prepare their perfect workday.

4.1 Why does your team need flexibility?

When it comes to performance management for remote workers you don’t have to be so strict with your employees, because remote teams have a lot going on given the current environment and difficulties we’re dealing with regarding the pandemic.

How can you be flexible and obtain productive results from your team? Let’s observe:

  • Working from home it’s not an excuse for being lazy, but it doesn’t mean that you have to put excess pressure on your workers
  • Try to measure your team’s productivity in terms of achievements instead of in working hours completed
  • Give your team freedom to get work done but also encourage and motivate them to work smartly

Although you have to provide flexibility to your team, you can neglect their payments because you have to give them enough benefits to receive their best performance. If you need help you can contact Connect Resources to get assistance with Payroll and more.

Learn more about the Payroll service offered by Connect Resources.

5. Online meetings are a must

The best tips for effectively managing productive remote working teams

Carrying out online meetings is a great way of ensuring productive remote working teams, since you no longer see your workers every day you have to ensure that your team sees you and you see them.

You have to schedule daily meetings to check on your workers, preferable via video so you can see each other faces. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a 5-minute video meeting, it’s important to hold it so you can set the agenda and review the goals and tasks assigned.

5.1 Why is daily check-in necessary?

At first you may feel like it’s not necessary to carry out daily meetings since you probably didn’t do it at the office but it’s essential for having a highly productive remote team.

Why are meetings good for having productive teams? Let’s observe:

  • It helps you ensure better communication with your team
  • It encourages your workers to be ready to do their job
  • It’s great for receiving feedback from your workers
  • It the best way to explain the tasks to your team and you can see if they understood it
  • You can define the scope, deliverables and deadlines for each tasks and receive comments and suggestions from your workers

Having a remote workforce could help your business to continue its production even when a crisis like the Covid-19 we’re facing happens, so if you still don’t know how to organize your workers, you have to know all the options available to achieve it.

Learn more about the alternatives for having remote workers in your business.

6. Focus on the outcomes

Once you have set the goals and each worker knows exactly what they have to do, there’s still one more advice to achieve productive remote working teams. You have to focus on the outcomes instead of the activity since the most important is to achieve the objectives.

Managing a remote team means that you can’t know every aspect and supervise your workers as if you were at the office. So you have to know how to measure success when working remotely.

6.1 Why do you have to focus on outcomes with your remote team?

A remote team works together with a given set of goals in mind, so the most important is not the hours worked but the achievements and outcomes. Why is it necessary? Let’s observe:

  • It helps your team feel relieved regarding work pressure and working hours
  • It gives your team flexibility to carry out their tasks and to give their best performance
  • It helps you to establish the productivity measures for your team
  • It’s the best way to manage teams that are distributed across different locations
  • It helps you to focus on the most important which is obtaining excellent results
  • It helps manager to distribute responsibilities better among the workers

Since working hours are no longer your measure for productivity, you still have to advice your workers to continue having a perfect life-work balance because they may start working extra hours or during the night to achieve the goals set, and this is detrimental for your business and for your workers’ mental health.

Learn more about the tips to implement for having a great work-life balance.

7. How can Connect Resources help you with your remote team?

How can Connect Resources help you with your remote team

Facing the challenges of handling a remote working team could be overwhelming if you don’t have enough tools and resources. However, it’s essential to know how to successfully implement remote working since it has become in an excellent way to cope with talent shortage and many other issues.

If you’d like to get some extra help with your remote employees you have to trust in Connect Resources. We’re one of the top-leading outsourcing agencies in the UAE and we have helped many companies in a variety of industries to overcome their recruiting and hiring needs.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources for assistance with remote teams? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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