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When you have great workers on your company, you want to ensure their continuity, for this reason, it’s crucial to know the best employee retention strategies to keep top talent. By following some practices, you can ensure that your high-level professionals stay in the long term with your business.

In this article, you’ll learn how you can apply a practical approach to retain your top talent in your company, so your business can continue in its road to success. Let’s observe:

  • The best employee retention strategies to keep top talent
  • Know why employees quit the job
  • Have a reliable recruiting process
  • Give recognition and reward to your employees
  • Offer learning opportunities
  • Have excellent communication
  • How can Connect Resources help you retain top talent?

1. The best employee retention strategies to keep top talent

Applying innovative employee retention strategies is going to help you have a stable business because this way, you make sure that your best workers stay with you, delivering their best service.

All of these strategies apply for any type of worker that you have, even when you decide for employee leasing in Abu Dhabi because you need to retain the best personnel, it doesn’t matter if they’re permanent or not.

1.1 Why is employee retention necessary?

Once you apply the best employee retention strategies to keep top talent, you are going to keep the irreplaceable workers in your business, and you won’t have to do hiring and recruiting process so often because you’ll already have the professionals that you need.

What happens if you don’t have excellent retention of your employees? Let’s observe:

  • The best employees will leave the job
  • You’re going to have to invest in replacing employees, which is expensive
  • Your team loses productivity
  • You won’t offer an improved quality of work
  • You may have a decreased engagement
  • You’ll have issues within your organization
  • You won’t have the right corporate image
  • You’ll have to invest more money in training costs for new employees
  • You risk losing more employees

As you can see, when you don’t pay attention to your workforce, they will tend to leave when they find a better job opportunity. If you would like to have a good position in today’s tight talent market, then you need to ensure employee retention.

2. Know why employees quit the job

Thinking from the perspective of your workers is one of the best employee retention strategies to keep top talent. Knowing why they quit the job in the first place is going to make you develop strategies that fit your employees’ requirements, ensuring that they stay in the long run.

What are some of the reasons why employees quit? Let’s observe:

  • Lack of growing opportunities
  • Too much work pressure or high workload
  • Work-life imbalance
  • A bad relationship with coworkers or bosses
  • There’s no recognition for their work
  • They’re not treated fairly
  • they can’t afford an unpaid leave
  • They don’t have any benefits for their work
  • They feel neglected or like they’re not being taken seriously

You can get excellent employees if you decide on outsourcing, and Connect Resources can help you process everything you need so they can start working immediately for you. It’s an agency that can handle the work permit for your employees so that you can retain the best ones.

2.1 How can you know the reasons why people are leaving?

If you see that more than one employee is quitting the job, especially if they’re all from different departments, you need to evaluate what is happening so you can address these issues and fix them.

What are some of the best ways to find out why the employees are leaving?

  • Exit interviews: when an employee is leaving, you can arrange an exit interview to find out more about the reasons why they decided to quit.
  • Employee surveys: every particular time, you can measure employees’ sentiment with engagement surveys and employee satisfaction surveys, so you can determine if there’s any warning sign
  • Honest conversations: you can have conversations with your employees to have honest feedback about how they feel in your company.

The best part is that once you have the results of how your employees feel about your company, you can solve the issues and start creating a better work environment so you can have an engaged workforce.

3. Have a reliable recruiting process

the best employee retention strategies

One of the best employee retention strategies to keep top talent is having a reliable recruiting process since from the beginning you need to know if that person you’re going to hire is planning to stay for a long time with you.

With a great recruiting process you can reduce employee pain because you’ll have a stable workforce that is going to work together to reach the strategic goals, and they’re going to feel comfortable with each other.

3.1 Why is recruiting important?

Employee retention starts with the recruitment process because when you evaluate a potential candidate, you need to be able to determine if that person is going to stay in the company for a long time.

Recruiting is essential because when you identify that the candidate is going to stay longer in your company, you’ll see that they will become more productive over time.

So, why is it essential to hire a candidate that will stay longer working for your business? Let’s observe:

  • They will make an effort to work with the team
  • They will be committed to doing their job and even other activities
  • You can prepare and train them to perform as you want
  • They will feel invested in the company’s goal

If you’d like to have an excellent recruitment process, but you don’t have enough resources or personnel, you need to know the advantages of outsourcing HR services and how it can positively impact your hiring process.

3.2 Don’t forget the onboarding process

The onboarding process is equally important in terms of recruiting because this way, your new employee will feel welcomed, and it will be their first impression from your business.

There are some actions that you can take so you can make your new hire feel like staying for a longer time, like a small gift, or a team breakfast. The point is to make them feel part of the team as soon as possible.

With Connect Resources you’re going to have an excellent onboarding process since they know how important this is for your employees, so you can contact them to see what they have to offer you in terms of recruitment.

4. Give recognition and reward to your employees

When you offer the best benefits for your workers, you’re following one of the best employee retention strategies to keep top talent.

Every worker needs to feel valuable, and you prove their worth when you offer them the benefits that they deserve to feel appreciated.

Employee benefits are part of the rewards that they expect, and it’s an excellent way to keep them engaged, happy, and healthy, which in turn increases productivity.

What are some of the benefits and rewards that you can offer to your employees? Let’s observe:

  • Flexible work schedules
  • Incentives, compensation, and bonuses
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Employee recognition

4.1 How can you offer better benefits to your employees?

If you own a small business and you can’t afford to provide some of the best benefits for your employees, you should consider contacting Connect Resources because they can help you solve this issue related with your workforce.

One of the ways in which outsourcing companies in Dubai can help you is by offering excellent benefits packages to your employers, and this is great because you will be saving money and providing the rewards to your personnel.

5. Offer learning opportunities

the best employee retention strategies
Human Resources concept. Choosing the perfect candidate for the job

One of the best employee retention strategies to keep top talent is providing a work environment that encourages development and learning in each field. You can achieve this by offering training opportunities.

How can you have a better strategy in terms of learning opportunities? Let’s observe:

  • Offer ongoing education
  • Make clear paths to advancement
  • Invest in corporate training
  • Offer tuition reimbursement from outside courses
  • Establish professional development programs in your company

5.1 How can you promote a learning culture in your business?

Your company has to understand that learning shouldn’t be only an afterthought; you need to put it as one of your core activities. Don’t see it as a waste of money because if you have well-prepared workers, they’re going to give their best effort to take the business to the highest level, and this benefits your company.

What are the benefits of putting a focus on employees’ education?

  • It’s a key component of higher retention rates
  • You’ll have employees with top skills and qualifications
  • It’s an incentive for employees to continue giving their best performance
  • It helps you retain intellectual property in your business
  • It gives you a better corporate image
  • You can challenge your employees to give their best effort

5.2 Why is it essential for your employees to improve themselves?

When you have workers that feel like they’re enhancing their capabilities and that are experiencing growth in their professional area, you reduce employee pain, and you have people working for you with a great attitude.

If you’re looking for improving your training and learning strategies, you should know that PEOs can help you solve all your needs, even the ones related to having a well-prepared workforce with chances to grow.

6. Have excellent communication

Having excellent communication with your workers is one of the best employee retention strategies to keep top talent. It’s important because this way your employees feel like they are being taken into account, and they want to hear from you what you want from them.

How can you improve your communication with your employees?

  • Make regular meetings with your managers and encourage them to do the same with their teams, so they can ask questions and offer ideas.
  • Have a “suggestion box” so your employees know that their input will be heard
  • Communicate the shared vision and strategic goals of your business, so the employees know where they’re going
  • Encourage team building activities so employees can have a good time outside of work while they share some quality time
  • Your employees are not robots, so you can have casual conversations with them and this way they’ll see you as an open person

6.1 Why is it important to be transparent and clear?

Your workforce needs to feel that they’re being taking into account and that they’re a valuable part of your business, and one way to achieve this is by keeping communication open.

It’s essential to remain as a transparent and clear employer, especially during these difficult times where you need to consider all the options for the remote workforce in the UAE, and you can have a team doing their best job for you even in the distance.

7. How can Connect Resources help you retain top talent?

Connect Resources

Once that you know all the strategies that you can apply to retain top talent, you should know how to address them to have satisfied employees properly. If you need extra help, you can count on one of the top-leading recruiting agencies in the UAE to have an excellent workforce.

With Connect Resources, you can apply innovative employee retention strategies because they can help you in several areas. Let’s observe:

  • They offer HR outsourcing so you can have an excellent management of your workforce
  • They offer great benefits for your outsourced employees, even for temporary and contracted ones.
  • They have a team of specialists dedicated to helping you develop great strategies for your employees
  • You can have a streamlined recruitment process so you can hire the top talent from the start
  • You can hire senior executives with their help, to ensure having excellent management of your personnel

Would you like to contact Connect Resources for employment solutions? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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