Staffing Industries Becoming Latest Trend of Recruiting Employees?

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Managing your workforce can be a challenging task, particularly due to resignation rate. For this reason, Staffing Industries are becoming as Latest Trend of Recruiting Employees that can help you improve your employee retention.

More and more companies are starting to use staffing services to build a solid workforce. This is because the recruitment industry trends 2024 are addressing the most common problems with employees to ensure they make a long-term commitment with the company.

In this article, you’re going to learn how a contract staffing agency can help you retain your top talent. In addition, you can gain insight about the most recent trends that can boost your recruitment. Let’s observe:

  • Why Staffing Industries are Becoming as Latest Trend of Recruiting Employees?
  • What do staffing firms do?
  • Why do businesses use staffing agencies?
  • Why are staffing agencies implementing new trends?
  • What are the new trends in recruitment?
  • How can Connect Resources assist you with recruitment?

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Why Staffing Industries are Becoming as Latest Trend of Recruiting Employees ?

After the COVID-19 pandemic many businesses were severely affected both economically and regarding their human resources. Since companies had to reduce their staff, many people were unemployed.

However, now in 2022 we’re seeing how the world’s economy is starting to bloom again. This was mainly because of the recruitment trends during covid-19.

But, there’s still one problem and that is the employee retention rate. Companies in the UAE are starting to see how their turnover rate increases.

And, although not all turnover is bad, it’s a problem for those organizations that don’t know how to retain their top talent. For this reason, many businesses are starting to contact a service provider that can help them with this problem.

Therefore, Staffing Industries as Latest Trend in Recruiting Employees are becoming highly popular to solve the issues related to human resources. As a business owner, you can learn about these trends so you can know which key areas you have to assess.

But, you can also contact a great agency that can help you solve your main issues causing your high turnover rate.

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What do staffing firms do?

Staffing agencies, also known as staffing firms, are companies that provide hiring and recruitment services for their clients. A staffing agency focuses on providing high-quality talent for their clients to fill their open positions.

Here we have some of the most common tasks a staffing firm does:

  • Screen CVs
  • Receive applications
  • Background screening and check references
  • Shortlists candidates
  • Arranges and schedule interviews
  • Place candidates
  • Onboarding

Since these organizations provide a top service, it’s common that many businesses are now considering Staffing Industries as Latest Trend in Recruiting Employees.

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Employers contact staffing agencies to recruit candidates on their behalf. This is because a company wants to fill job openings and want to build a great team, but sometimes it may not have the necessary resources to carry out a great recruitment.

In addition, candidates can also get many benefits from these businesses. This is because a staffing agency helps candidates to find career opportunities in their field. In the UAE it could be difficult to find a job, so a staffing firm can help employees find their dream job.

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Why do businesses use staffing agencies?

Since nowadays we’re seeing Staffing Industries as Latest Trend in Recruiting Employees, it’s normal to wonder why businesses use them.

Here we have some of the reasons why companies use staffing agencies:

  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Help improve employee retention
  • Assist to overcome challenges with the recruitment process
  • Supply short-term staff
  • Save on training and time
  • Get access to a wide talent pool and network
  • Hire employees quickly
  • Get more knowledge about the industry market

Since staffing industries are being so popular nowadays, it’s helpful to learn which strategies they use. Staffing industry analysts can help your business to retain top talent by implement recent trends and overcome challenges of retention.

Why are staffing agencies implementing new trends?

Once we already know what staffing agencies do and how they can benefit a business, it’s important to know why they implement trends.

When a company hires employees, it’s expected for them to stay for a long time. However, sometimes this may not happen.

Employees may resign for several reasons, but when a company starts receiving a lot of resignations from their workforce and they don’t know why, it could become a problem.

In 2022 we’re witnessing how many companies are facing the same issue. Businesses in the UAE need to retain their top talent but they don’t know how. So, in this case is when Staffing Industries as Latest Trend in Recruiting Employees become useful.

A staffing agency analyzes the current market to understand why employees are leaving their positions. And then, the agency’s team develop a solid strategy that can help their clients retain their workers.

By implementing trends, they can boost the employer’s image of their client to make sure their employees make a long-term commitment. So, if you’re looking for assistance with recruitment industry trends 2022 you have to look for experts.

How can trends improve employee retention?

Since a staffing agency can understand the workplace and behavior changes within a workforce, it can provide valuable assistance to solve internal problems that can be causing a high turnover rate.

For this reason, implementing recruitment trends can be helpful. This is because they’re focusing on a recent problem that employers are facing and therefore they can provide a better work experience to their workforce.

Organizations and leaders have to know how to respond to their employees’ needs. They can achieve this by knowing which key areas have to be addressed to match the requirements of the new world of work.

Why do employees resign?

There are many reasons why an employee may decide to leave his or her position. Some employees may feel like they’re not appreciated. Others may not receive the benefits they expect from their employer.

Either case, it’s important to identify what are the causes for your employees leaving. Learning about the trends that are addressing the current needs of employees in the UAE can make a long way to improve your strategy.

By offering a better workplace, more career development opportunities, good benefits and more you can improve your employee retention.

In this case, having a partner like Connect Resources with expertise in staffing industry trends and challenges can help you take your workforce to the next level.

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What are the new trends in recruitment?

Staffing Industries as Latest Trend in Recruiting Employees are necessary to know how to improve employee retention.

Here we have the latest one you should consider:

Focus on mental health:

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees faced anxiety and depression due to several factors. In addition, many companies didn’t have any specific guidelines to safeguard the health of their employees.

Considering all of this, employees nowadays are looking to workplaces that respect mental and physical health. Some of the tips you can follow to implement this trend are the following:

  • Offer a great work-life balance to your employees
  • Make an effort to develop personal connections within your team
  • Make sure there’s a clear end to the working day. Nobody wants to get home and continue working
  • Offer additional perks and benefits related to mental well-being
  • Carry out outdoor activities or team building activities
  • Offer mental health workshops

Employees that don’t see any effort from their employers to drive well-being are surely going to resign.

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Different approach to productivity:

Another of the important trends that you can follow in your business to improve your employee retention is considering your approach to productivity.

Employees are now looking for companies that don’t focus on long hours of work but instead re-define productivity based on merit and output. This is because employees consider that their productivity should be measured on results.

Companies tend to put an emphasis on hours worked because they wrongly believe this is related to productivity. So whenever an employee finds in a toxic workplace that doesn’t value results, they will likely resign.

So, if you want to follow the latest trends, you should start building a results-based culture. However, you should be clear in this aspect, since employees want to know how they will be measured.

Leadership style:

According to the recruitment trends during covid-19, employees are now looking for a company that focuses on culture building. This refers to the leadership style of the management.

An employee wants to work with a leader that has empathy, great communication skills, a supportive attitude, and demonstrates trust.

All of these personal traits are hard to find on a manager, so if you really want to improve your retention you have to focus on training your leaders.

It’s important for you to instruct your management on working on building connections with their teams. A great manager can have a positive influence on your workforce. And, a bad manager can also make your employees want to leave.

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Career development:

Another important area that staffing industry analysts are addressing is career development.

Employees will likely stay in a company where they see opportunities to grow and flourish. And, employees will leave if they feel stuck in their position.

So, how you can implement this trend in your business? Here we have some tips:

  • Offer training and development opportunities for your employees
  • Work on developing an employer’s brand that focuses on the employees’ long-term careers
  • Offer opportunities to up-skill and re-skill to your employees
  • Create initiatives to encourage your employees to continue mastering their skills

A company that focuses on driving employee satisfaction regarding career growth will retain its employees and increase loyalty among its workforce.


When it comes to managing a workforce, it can be complicated because each employee may have his or her own needs. In this regard, another common trend that is rising regarding hiring and recruitment is offering customization to your employees.

This may sound like something highly innovative, but in reality many companies are now implementing hybrid working.

It means that employees have flexibility to customize their working arrangement. Some of the things you may offer are the following:

  • Employee’s own schedule
  • Offer better benefits that can be customized regarding the employee’s needs
  • Allow employees to customize their work environment
  • Let employees choose if they want to work remotely or at the office

When you’re interviewing a candidate and you state that he or she has flexibility to work for you, and that your productivity is based on results, you’re going to attract top talent.

These are just some of the latest trends that staffing agencies are implementing. They are advising companies to develop safer workplaces and a good culture to promote well-being among their employees.

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How can Connect Resources assist you with recruitment?

Here in Connect Resources we want to assist you to overcome the challenges related to your workforce. Our team of specialists can provide assistance with your hiring and recruitment so you can get the talent your business deserves.

We can understand the Staffing Industries as Latest Trend in Recruiting Employees, so we know how to find the employees that are going to stay in your business for a long time.

Our team of specialists are experts in staffing industry trends and challenges. Contact us to get a customized service that can solve your needs.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources for staffing services? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.


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