Recommendations on How to Plan Your Manpower Needs to support your expansion

How to Plan Your Manpower Needs


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When you’re considering expanding your business, you should know how to Plan Your Manpower needs to have an excellent management of your workforce. It’s important to have a great planning so you can prepare your staff to adapt to your continuous grow. In addition, it will help you to have a better handling of your expansion tasks.

In this article, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about how to develop a solid strategy for organizing and creating the workforce that is going to be available for your expansion. Let’s observe:

  • Recommendations on How to Plan Your Manpower Needs to support your expansion
  • What is manpower planning?
  • Why is manpower planning important while expanding?
  • How to start with manpower planning?
  • What are the steps you should follow for planning your manpower needs?
  • What are the factors that affect manpower planning?
  • How can Connect Resources help you with your expansion needs?

1. Recommendations on How to Plan Your Manpower Needs to support your expansion

If you want to know How to Plan Your Manpower Needs when it comes to expansion, you have to understand this process. A rapidly growing business is excellent because it allows you to gain more revenue, but it also brings some additional challenges.

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Most companies don’t give enough importance to the planning process regarding their employees but this is a huge mistake. If you want to have success with your expansion, you should invest some time in considering several areas related to your workforce.

1.1 Why do you need to plan your manpower in advance?

An expansion means that your business grows, but your human resources capacity should also keep up. But, why do you need to plan ahead? Let’s observe:

  • To ensure the right people is in the right position
  • It’s important because it helps to have workers ready to assume their new responsibilities
  • To prepare and train the workers that are going to be in your new branch or office

Running a business in the UAE means that you must follow the laws and regulations established by the authorities. One of the most important rules is to hire national workers, and if you need help with this, Connect Resources can assist you with Emiratisation.

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2. What is manpower planning?

What is manpower planning?

Manpower planning is a common term that you may hear when you’re considering How to Plan Your Manpower Needs for your expansion. Let’s observe all the factors involved with this concept:

  • Having workers with the right skills
  • Counting with the right number of employees for the various jobs of your company
  • Motivate your employees to be productive and to give their best performance
  • Create a unity between the organization’s business goals and its resource planning activities

So, we can say that manpower planning involves a set of strategies and processes designed to achieve an outstanding workforce. It’s a dynamic process that adapts to the organization’s requirements and ensures getting rid of talent gaps.

There are many misconceptions regarding the work carried out by EORs. For this reason, it’s advisable to be well-informed about this service, so you can know what to expect when you decide to opt for this partnership.

Learn more about why partnering with an EOR could benefit your business.

3. Why is manpower planning important while expanding?

Your workforce is one of the greatest assets of your company. For this reason, asking How to Plan Your Manpower Needs should be of big importance for your business. Some of the best reasons why it’s important are the following:

  • It’s a smart way of forecasting your future
  • It allows you to anticipate the needs your business may have in the future
  • You will put ahead of your competition because you’ve already considered several factors that will help you smooth your operations
  • You can solve your needs with time
  • It allows you to address these potential problems or needs you may have

One of the most challenging aspects of expanding your business abroad is when it comes to hiring workers. An EOR can help you finding the best staff for your new branch or office since they follow the best practices for hiring international employees.

Learn more about how you can hire international employees with an EOR.

4. How to start with manpower planning?

How to Plan Your Manpower Needs

Before knowing how to Plan Your Manpower Needs you have to learn where to start. It’s important to understand that you have to carry out some tasks before developing your plan. It’s crucial because it will allow you to determine where you are and what the best plan is for your workforce.

4.1 Align your long-term goals with your manpower plan

Before starting the manpower planning process you have to define your short and long-term goals. If you expect to expand yourself in a determinate period then you also have to know how you will prepare your workforce to meet your demands.

Once the management has clarity with its goals you can start thinking about the manpower plan because the purpose is to achieve the same goals.

4.2 Take an inventory of your current workforce

Think about your current workforce and make an analysis that allows you to determine the following:

  • The internal resources, assets and qualifications that are your strength
  • Consider your weaknesses so you know which areas need more attention
  • Take into consideration your opportunities of improving and how you can take advantage of the market
  • Consider the external conditions that could be negative and how you can overcome them

Once you know your needs and goals with international expansion, you can start researching about the third-party that can help you. The best part is that you can get an outstanding solution from an EOR provider that helps you reach your strategic goals.

Learn more about how EOR services can assist you with expansion.

4.3 Define your talent management model

When you learn about the types of manpower planning you understand that it doesn’t matter if your hiring strategy is the best because you also need to put a focus on your retention plan.

If you want your manpower planning to be successful over time, you should have an excellent management model to keep your workers engaged and willing to give their best performance.

By having engaged workers you’re likely to achieve business results, and this is very important when it comes to expanding your company.

5. What are the steps you should follow for planning your manpower needs?

There are some steps you have to follow if you want to know How to Plan Your Manpower Needs properly. By considering all of the following aspects you can be sure that you’re going to develop a solid plan for your workforce.

5.1 Define roles and responsibilities

It doesn’t matter which types of manpower planning you want to apply, the most important you should do first is to define roles and responsibilities. It’s the best place to start because it will allow you to have clarity about what you need to accomplish. It also helps you understand the skills and experience that you require from your prospects.

Global mobility should be a fundamental part of any business that is looking to expand abroad. But, if you still don’t know what it is and how it can be beneficial to develop a solid strategy for your business in this matter, you should read all the information we have available.

Learn more about global mobility and how it’s a great solution for your business.

5.2 Create an integrated HR plan

Once you know the workers that you need and the top workers you want to attract, the next is creating an HR plan. This plan should include the following:

  • Develop a recruitment plan that includes your social media
  • Carry out a thorough screening process to select the perfect candidates
  • Consider implementing training so your employees feel interested and continue making progress
  • Think about how to develop a positive and inspiring work environment and how to implement it

5.3 Outline your HR needs

After defining how you’re going to hire and retain your top talent, there’s another aspect you have to take into consideration. It’s important to define the HR capabilities you’re going to need to achieve all of these. Some of the areas you have to cover are the following:

  • Have a dedicated team to define your job descriptions and the responsibilities of each one
  • Draw your organizational chart so you can have a better organization of your workers and to determine if your structure is going to give excellent results or if you should change it
  • Have a hiring schedule so you can know how to handle the new hires you have to make depending on the milestones you hit

Your expansion also involves having to relocate employees to your new office in your target country. It’s important to know how to carry out this process efficiently so your workers can adapt to the host country and give you excellent results.

Learn more about the process for relocating employees while expanding.

6. What are the factors that affect manpower planning?

What are the factors that affect manpower planning?


When considering on how to Plan Your Manpower Needs you must take into account the factors that may affect you. If you know how to address these aspects and how to overcome them you’re going to get an outstanding result.

Keep in mind that partnering with an agency may be the best solution for your business since they can help you solve these issues effectively. Connect Resources could be the perfect answer to not face any problem with your expansion.

6.1 Changes in technology

Technology changes continuously in our world and it can be a problem for your manpower planning. Some of the areas that you have to update in terms of resources and technology if you want to have a better planning are the following:

  • Management techniques
  • Production technologies
  • Marketing methods

Keep in mind that you need to process the working visa and residence permits for the employees you’re planning to send to the UAE for your new branch. For this reason, you should contact Connect Resources to get assistance to obtain these documents for your international workforce.

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6.2 Shortages of skills

Finding high-quality prospects could be a problem for your business, even if you plan ahead your hiring needs. And if you expect to hire leaders or senior positions for your expansion then it can be tougher.

For this reason, partnering with an EOR like Connect Resources could help you find the best candidates for your new open positions.

6.3 Changes within the organization

An expansion is a great change that happens within your organization. For this reason, you should consider every scenario of your expansion when you carry out the manpower planning process.

Understanding how PEOs operate in the UAE and how they can be beneficial for your business is crucial for choosing the perfect agency that can help you with manpower planning. For this reason, you must know everything about this kind of partnership.

Learn more about how to understand the work carried out by a PEO.

7. How can Connect Resources help you with your expansion needs?

Connect Resources

When considering your expansion needs, you should have an ally by your side to help you achieve your goals. In this case, Connect Resources could be your best option to plan your workforce needs.

We have a team of HR experts with enough experience that can assist you on each step of your company’s growth. You can contact us and one of our specialists will be readily available to solve all of your inquiries so you can receive a comprehensive service that adapts to your requirements.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources for assistance with your business? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.


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