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MOL UAE (Ministry of Labour UAE)

In the UAE, there are several federal departments that govern different regulation areas. In this regard, the MOL UAE is one of the most important for both employers and employees. This is because you can request several services and enquiries related to the labour relationship.

So, knowing everything about the UAE MOL is a must for both employees and employers. By learning how to request information at the MOL and how to conduct several requests you can be sure that you will be protected by this governmental body.

In this article, you are going to find out more about the Ministry of Labour and its importance in the country. Similarly, you will know which services it offers and how to contact it. Let’s observe:

  1. Do you know what MOL UAE is?
  2. Get to know the responsibilities of the MOL UAE
  3. Here are the online services and enquiries you can carry out at the MOL UAE
  4. Why is the MOL UAE so important in the country?
  5. Learn all the steps about how to file a complaint at the MOL UAE
  6. Contact the MOL UAE easily

Do you know what MOL UAE is?


Whether you are an Emirate or expat employee, you probably have heard already about MOL UAE or MOHRE.

The UAE Ministry of Labour is in charge of overseeing the workforce, as well as regulating the employment process in the public and private sectors. On February 9, 2016, the Ministry of Labour (MOL) was renamed, and from that date is known as the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, or by its abbreviation, MOHRE.

Thus, the old website was then changed to It is important to note that it still offers the same services although the name was changed.

The ministry of labour Dubai is also known as the Labour Department, because it deals with everything related to labour matters, such as the UAE Employment Law, employment issues in the UAE, labour contracts in the UAE, and more.

Are you aware of the MOHRE initiatives?

Another important aspect of MOL UAE is that it has taken various initiatives over the past couple of years. This is with the aim to boost and strengthen the job market, which in turn can also benefit the local economy.

Also, the MOHRE has emphasized some policies or programs to support local talent. This is because there are many expatriates that want to know how to land a job in Dubai, and thus, they travel to the country to work, and Emiratis get displaced in job positions.

One of the most prominent ones is the MOHRE Tawteen Program, also known as Emiratisation. This enables locals between the ages of 18-60 to land a job in the private sector.

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    Did you know the Ministry of Labour can help you with its trademarks?

    The Ministry of Labour works continuously to offer the best attention to both employees and employers. Therefore, it has developed several trademarks to provide comprehensive assistance:

    • TWAFOUQ: these are dispute centres located across the UAE to help resolve labour issues among employers and employees.
    • TASHEEL: this is a government-backed online system used to simplify payments and related transactions and processes, for employers and employees.
    • TAQYEEM: it facilitates workers in the UAE.
    • TAWSEEL: provides assistance to employers and employees with its well-equipped cars driven by customer representatives. It is aimed at those that cannot visit government centres.
    • TAWJEEH: in these service centres, employers and employees can request more information about Labour Law. It is also in charge of granting permits and employee contract in the UAE.
    • TADBEER: a system available to those that want to employ domestic workers in the UAE.

    Get to know the responsibilities of the MOL UAE (Ministry of Labour)

    Another important aspect every worker and employer in the UAE should know is all the responsibilities the MOL has.

    By getting to know this, you can call the labour contact number UAE to request information about any of these matters.

    In this regard, the first division of the MOHRE, in charge of human resources, has the following responsibilities:

    • Supervise the implementation of federal labour law.
    • Enforce regulations and rules that employees and employers must follow.
    • Manage the job market.
    • Develop and propose labour policies that boost the job market.
    • Manage labour relationships.
    • Create jobs in the UAE and increase productivity.

    Its second division, in charge of Emiratisation, has the following duties:

    Here are the online services and enquiries you can carry out at the MOL UAE


    The Ministry of Labour UAE offers a variety of services and enquiries an employer or an employee can do easily. This is with the aim to make processes easier and providing effective assistance to all.

    You can request services or enquiries online by visiting the official portal www mol, calling the contact number, or you can also go personally to any of the service centres in the UAE.

    In this regard, the MOHRE has available several services and mol enquiries for employers and employees differently.

    MOHRE offers several services to employers for a great workforce management

    The services and enquiries available for employers are the following:

    Check the labour card status of employees.

    Issue salary certificates to employees.

    Issue salary certificates to employees.

    E-Quota status.

    Wage Protection System.

    Payment of fines.

    Provide the labour contract.

    Company employee list.

    Company and employer information.

    Work Permit Receipt.

    E-Abscond Approval.

    Immigration Establishment Link Status.

    MOHRE caters for the needs of employees with services and enquiries

    As an employee, you can request the following services and enquiries:

    Issuance and renewal of Absher Card.

    Settlement of salary issues.

    Bank guarantee liquidation.

    Coverage in case of occupational hazards.

    Salary complaint submission.

    Employment contract information.

    Application status.

    Complaint resolution.

    MOHRE provides employers with services for managing their workforce.

    As an employee, you will have access to the following consultations and services:

    1. Issuance and renewal of your Absher Card.
    2. Resolution of salary-related issues.
    3. Payment of bank guarantee.
    4. Coverage in case of occupational risks.
    5. Submission of salary complaints.
    6. Information pertaining to the employment contract.
    7. Status updates on your application.
    8. Resolution of complaints.
    Why is the MOL UAE so important in the country?

    The Ministry of Labor Dubai is a very important government agency that assists employers and employees in the country.

    In case there happens any issue, such as an employer delaying visa cancelation, or you want to get more information about a specific matter like can I resign after 6 months in an unlimited contract? You can contact the ministry of labor UAE to receive assistance.

    Therefore, the Ministry of Labour plays an active role in everything related to employment. And it is necessary to ensure the regulations and labour rules are fulfilled by everyone involved in the working relationship.

    Moreover, it allows employees and employers to carry out any ministry of labour enquiry and request any service. Therefore, it is a helpful resource for many people.

    Particularly, if you are an expatriate worker, it is very useful to have support on any employment matter in the country, and the one that can help you is the MOHRE.

    In this regard, if your employer is treating you unfairly or does not comply with the changes to the UAE’s New Labour Law, you can contact MOHRE to get help.

    Similarly, if you are an employer that wants to learn more about regulations, such as the new Emiratisation rule in the UAE, you can also contact MOHRE to receive support.

    Learn all the steps about how to file a complaint at the MOL UAE

    Sometimes, issues can be solved by just calling the labour office Dubai contact number. However, in some cases, the issue has to escalate to filing a complaint in the Labour court Dubai.

    This is because the employer or the employee may not agree to solve the issue amicably. Therefore, the affected party has to contact the labour court number to get advice or to get more information about how to proceed in a specific case.

    In this case, if unfortunately, you have to take the issue to the court, it is recommended to take follow the next steps.

    1. First of all, avoid making a drastic decision, such as leaving your job without notice or abandoning your position suddenly. Otherwise, you will face more issues.
    2. Call the Dubai labour court toll free number or the helpline to clarify your current status.
    3. Contact a lawyer to get legal information.
    4. Go to a Tasheel office to file your complaint
    5. The Tasheel centre will file a case against your employer

    Once you have followed the previous steps, it is important to point out that the MOHRE will contact the employer because the first action is to bring the two parties together. This is to discuss and try to solve the issue.

    If the two parties cannot solve the issue, the MOHRE will then proceed with arbitration to reach a settlement. You can call the labour court Dubai toll free number to request more information about a determinate issue.

    5.1 Solve any issue with your employer with MOHRE assistance

    As an employee in the UAE, sometimes you may face issues with your employer. If your employer is abusing, threatening, or assaulting you, or any other similar, it is advisable to go to the police or call the MOHRE.

    Below we have some of the most common cases you may face with your employer and how to solve them:

    • Visa or passport retention: if your employer is retaining your visa after your notice period, or retaining your passport, you should know this is illegal. You have to visit Dubai Courts and they will enforce your employer to return your documentation after holding a meeting. However, before filing a complaint, make sure to request documentation from your employer first. If they do not hand it over to you, then you can proceed with a complaint.
    • Unpaid salary: if your employer is not paying you your leave salary in the UAE, or your monthly basic salary, you have to file a complaint. However, if your employer has gone out of business or does not have money, it may be difficult for you to get your payment.
    • Salary less than minimum wage: if your employee is offering you less than the minimum wage in the UAE, you have to discuss it and not sign the contract, because that is illegal.
    • Unfair dismissal: This issue is more complicated to solve. Even if the dismissal was unfair, you will get your salary, but not more than that. For this reason, it is important to learn as much as you can about the termination terms on your contract and especially termination during the probation period in Dubai, so you can be clear about when is it legal or not.

    Contact the MOL UAE easily

    Whether you are an employee or an employer, you must have the UAE labour contact number in hand in case you might need it.

    Here we have the labour office number, ministry of labour helpline number, and more:

    • Email:
    • MOL contact number: +970-680-27666.
    • Helpline: 80060.
    • Social media: @MOHREUAE.
    • Website:

    If instead of calling the ministry of labour contact number, you prefer to go personally to solve a particular issue or request a service, you can go to the following locations:

    • Abu Dhabi: Sultan Bin Zayed the First Street. Timings: 07:30 a.m. – 02:30 p.m.
    • Dubai: 62 Doha Road. Timings: 07:30 a.m. – 02:30 p.m.

    The Ministry of Labour also has offices in the following locations, and each one has its own labour contact number:

    • Al Ain (Abu Dhabi).
    • Ajman.
    • Dalma (Abu Dhabi).
    • Al Melaiha (Sharjah).
    • Al Zaid (Sharjah).
    • Madinat Zayed (Abu Dhabi).
    • Dibba (Sharjah).
    • Fujairah.
    • Ras Al Khaimah.
    • Umm Al Quwain.

    If you want to learn more about MOL UAE, we kindly invite you to visit our blog. Here you will find out information about similar topics, such as everything about the UAE’s new labour law or how to track MOHRE cEomplaint.

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