How to do permanent recruiting in Dubai?

How to do permanent recruiting in Dubai


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If you’re wondering: How to do permanent recruiting in Dubai? You’ve come to the right place because we’ll answer all the questions you may have regarding this process.

There are different methods your company can use to hire the staff that it needs to achieve its business goals, and one of these is permanent recruiting. It’s important to know what does it means and how the process is done so you can be aware of everything that it’s involved in this matter.

Permanent recruiting is an important decision, so you should be clear about how to do it properly. In this article, we’ll be addressing some of the most common concerns company have about this hiring method. Let’s observe:

  • How to do permanent recruiting in Dubai?
  • What is permanent recruiting?
  • What is the permanent recruiting process?
  • What are the advantages of permanent recruiting?
  • Tips for doing permanent recruiting in Dubai
  • How to find a permanent recruiting agency?
  • Why is Connect Resources your best solution to permanent recruiting?

1. How to do permanent recruiting in Dubai?

The UAE is a place where you can find many professionals that are looking for a job to have a better quality of life. For this reason, the Dubai recruitment is a highly demanded process.

If you’re a company looking for hiring permanent staff for a specific department of your organization, you can do the recruitment process by yourself. Still, it’s going to take a lot of time and effort. The second option is to contact an agency that helps you with this.

There are many companies located in this place that count on with the Recruitment license Dubai, so they’re authorized to provide staff to enterprises that require it.

2. What is permanent recruiting?

Before asking: how to do permanent recruiting in Dubai? You need to know what that is and how it differs from the other methods used to hire workers.

Permanent recruitment is the process when a company hires full-time employees to work for a long term with the organization, and it expects them to grow with the business.

If you’re planning to hire a person from abroad, it’s necessary that you also follow the steps for getting the work permit. However, if you have the help of an agency like Connect Resources, its team of experts can do the whole process for you.

2.1 Why should your company hire permanent employees?

When you’re considering hiring workers for your company you have several options to choose, you can opt for a temporary, contract, or permanent staffing, and it’s essential to know which method could be the best for you.

For this reason, you need to know why you should hire permanent employees. Let’s observe:

  • They’re perfect for technical roles
  • They have more insight into business knowledge
  • They get involved in the company’s culture and history
  • You can have engaged staff
  • You ensure your business goals are met in the long-term.

2.2 What is the difference between temporary vs permanent recruitment?

Temporary recruitment is the process a company does when it needs to hire a short-term worker to fill a specific role for some time. Temporary staffing could be a great solution when the company is facing a fluctuating volume of work or when it’s not sure about hiring a permanent worker, so they evaluate their performance first.

2.3 What is the difference between contracted vs permanent recruitment?

Contract recruitment is the process a company makes to hire a specialized worker for a short term assignment, and it’s usually done to decrease the risk of liability of the company. Additionally, the contracted worker doesn’t receive all the benefits of a permanent worker, which is a cost-saving solution for the organization.

3. What is the permanent recruiting process?

Once that you know the difference between this type of hiring and the other ones, you need to ask: how to do permanent recruiting in Dubai? It’s a process that is done with the help of an agency like Connect Resources.


The first step is when the company contacts the Recruitment consultant Dubai to have a detailed discussion about the requirements and qualifications that the organization is searching in the permanent staff.

If you contact Connect Resources, they will analyze and understand your business to establish the search criteria, so you can receive the best match for the job position that you need to fill.


Based on the information that you give to Connect Resources, its team of experts are going to start the search to select the candidates that could fit your needs.

The consultants prepare a list with the candidates, and after that, they start the screening process where they evaluate the CV and skills to select the ones that advance to the interview process. Agencies with the recruitment license Dubai have access to a comprehensive database to search for staff.


The next step is when the agency contacts the candidates to discuss the job offer and evaluate if they meet the requirements established by the company. The candidates that meet the criteria are submitted to the company.

The company arranges interviews with the candidates selected by the agency, and after that, it picks the workers it needs.


After the company has selected the workers, it makes the employment offer, and the agency starts the negotiation process with them. All the conditions are discussed between the workers and the agency, so the company doesn’t have to involve in these details.


The agency will agree with the workers after the whole negotiation process is done, so they sign the contract, and they’re ready to start working immediately.

4. What are the advantages of permanent recruiting?

advantages of permanent recruiting

If you’re hesitating about which hiring term could be the best one for your company, then, you need to know the advantages that permanent recruiting can have for your business.

4.1 Focused employees

The main reason to hire permanent employees is that they’re always going to be focused about their job and how to do it better, this is because they aren’t looking for another job and they’re happy where they are.

4.2 Engaged staff

When the workers get involved in the company, and they feel identified with its culture, they’re engaged and have loyalty to the business. They are committed to staying in the organization, so in result, you have workers doing their best to achieve the objectives.

4.3 Advancement and business growth

With temporary and contracted workers, the company can’t invest in training because they’re working for a short term. But, with permanent employees, the company has the option to prepare its workers to take on future leadership positions, and this in result, causes and advancement in the department and the business grows.

4.4 Planning

With permanent staff, the company can develop strategies and plan for the future, because it knows that it can count on with the workers to stay longer since they won’t be looking any other job offer.

The permanent recruiting has many advantages, especially in these difficult times of COVID-19 crisis that we’re living in because this way you can have the employees that your company needs and they’re going to be available after all these measures are eliminated.

5. Tips for doing permanent recruiting in Dubai

When you ask: How to do permanent recruiting in Dubai? You need to know all the best tips to achieve a great solution.

Evaluate your requirements

If you’re planning to do permanent recruitment, you need to know that it’s an important decision, because the employees will be part of the company, and you need workers that are willing to grow with the business.

So, if you’d like to have a strong talent pool, you need to evaluate all the departments of your company to determine where the permanent worker could be the best fit. By doing it this way, you ensure that you’ll have the best specialists working for you in the long term.

Choose the employee’s role

Whether you’re looking for an employee to fill a junior position, or you’re planning to do an executive search, you need to define the role that you need, as well as the skills and qualifications you’re expecting in the worker.

Contact an agency

Many Gulf recruitment agencies can help you find the perfect employee for your company, but since there are so many, you need to select the right one.

Connect Resources is one of the top-leading outsourcing agencies in Dubai that can offer you a solution fitted to your requirements since they’ve been working in this field for over 20 years. Its team of experts have enough expertise to assist you in each step of the process.

Make contact at the right time

It’s essential to contact a Recruitment consultant Dubai for receiving the permanent staff that you need at the right time because making premature hiring could also be detrimental for your company. Additionally, if you wait too much time for recruitment, you’re at risk of not achieving your business goals.

6. How to find a permanent recruiting agency?

permanent recruiting agency

When you’re planning to contact an outsourcing agency in Dubai to find the permanent workers that your company needs, you have to do a thorough search to determine if that firm is going to be the best one for you.

  • Access to a pool of talent

The first qualification you need to look for in a recruiting agency is that they have access to an extensive database where they can find the best candidate for you.

  • Expertise

It’s best to work with an agency that has consultant experts readily available to solve all your inquiries and to help you in the negotiation process. It’s a reliable agency that has been providing this service for over two decades.

Stay away from agencies that don’t have experience providing this service, because the hiring is probably going to disappoint you, and you’re going to start over again.

  • Experience

Connect Resources has been offering the permanent recruiting service to several companies in a variety of industries, so its experts will understand your business and they will find the best fit for you, both in skills and culture fit.

To know: How to do permanent recruiting in Dubai? You need to have an ally that provides you with the employees you’re requesting. Connect Resources is going to be your best ally in finding the best workers for your business.

6.1 What are the benefits of contacting the right recruitment agency?

After you evaluate all of these requirements, and you see that the agency is trustworthy, you can receive many benefits. Let’s observe:

  1. You’ll get access to better candidates: doing the recruitment process by yourself will not provide the excellent results as contacting a reliable agency.
  2. Save time: you’ll get the workers that you need quickly; additionally; you won’t have to invest time in the negotiation process because the agency is in charge of doing this.
  3. Assistance in the process: if you don’t have enough expertise in the recruitment process, it’s best to contact an agency that can assist you along the way.
  4. You’ll have a better employer branding: the agency will represent you as a business, and this helps you have a better image.
  5. Less risk: you won’t incur in wrong hiring, because with an agency you can choose the best candidates for you.

7. Why is Connect Resources your best solution to permanent recruiting?

Connect Resources is one of the Gulf recruitment agencies that can help you find the best match for your business when it comes to permanent recruiting.

If you’re asking: How to do permanent recruiting in Dubai? You don’t need to worry, because with Connect Resources you’ll have all the assistance that you need during the process, so you can receive the workers that you need and start improving your business.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources for Permanent Recruiting? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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