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The United Arab Emirates offers great job opportunities for foreigners who want to come to the country. However, to do this legally, they must apply for an employment visa in the UAE. Thanks to our proven experience on Connect Resources, you can carry out this process easily with the help of the best experts.

In this article, you will find all the necessary information to carry out this important procedure for your job aspirations. This includes the necessary documents, the process and the entities that issue these permits. In addition, you will discover the characteristics of this visa. Let us see:

  1. What is an employment visa in the UAE?
  2. Who is eligible for a work visa in the UAE?
  3. UAE work visa rules
  4. What are the types of work visas in the UAE?
  5. What documents do you need for an employment visa in UAE?
  6. Procedure for the UAE work visa
  7. For how long is a UAE work visa valid?
  8. How is the process to renew the work visa?
  9. Dubai work permit costs
  10. Check the status of the Mol visa
  11. How can we help you with the process of obtaining the UAE work permit?

What is an employment visa in the UAE?

An employment visa in the UAE is a permit that allows foreigners to work in the country for a certain period of time. If you want to get a job in the UAE, you can apply for a work visa for 60 days. This document allows you to start working immediately in any of the seven Emirates.

In addition, during this period, you can request and obtain a residence visa through your employer in the UAE. It has a validity of two years, including the renewal of the work permit visa. Also, depending on the nationality, the applicable rules may be different, with fewer or more requirements.

Who is eligible for a work visa in the UAE?

Any foreigner over the age of 18 can apply for a work permit in Dubai if they meet the eligibility criteria. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) of the UAE is in charge of setting these standards.

On the other hand, there is no maximum age for who can work or apply for an employment visa in the UAE. However, for workers over 65 years of age, contracts will usually vary. Foreign workers are divided into three categories, based on their academic qualifications or skill sets.

Eligibility levels

The eligibility levels for visas are as follows:

  • Level 1: These are people who hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher. These are qualified professionals such as Managers, engineers, doctors, teachers, accountants, account managers, marketing specialists, pharmacists, etc.
  • Level 2: People who fall into this category are those who have completed their diplomas in any field. Generally, it involves people who are in mechanical and technical jobs.
  • Level 3: If they have a high school diploma and work experience such as supervisor, administration employee, or tour guide, among others. These are eligible for a work permit in UAE.

UAE work visa rules

To work in the UAE as a foreigner, both the employee and the hiring company must meet the following conditions:

  • The employee must be at least 18 years old.
  • The business license of the hiring company must be valid.
  • It is critical to ensure that the hiring company is not facing non-compliance issues.
  • The work you do must correspond to the nature of the company.

What are the types of work visas in the UAE?

To obtain work visas in Dubai, you generally need to apply for a resident visa and a work card. Also, to get them, you must first pass a medical examination with a certified specialist. A work card is an ID that you must carry with you at all times, as it is essential during your stay in the country.

4.1 Types of work visa

There are several types of employment visas in the UAE. These are:

  • Business visa

The UAE offers business visas for skilled workers who contribute to the prosperity and economic growth of the country.

  • Mission visa

This is a 90-day work visa, which must be sponsored by a company in the United Arab Emirates. This is a great way to explore jobs in the UAE for US citizens or for talented nationals from any other country.

  • People with special talents

This visa includes talents and researchers specialized in the fields of science and knowledge. It applies to doctors, specialists, scientists, inventors, as well as people in the field of culture and art. Jointly, all categories must have a valid employment contract in a priority specialized field in the UAE.

  • Self-employment visas

The first requirement for a work visa in Dubai for self-employed individuals is to find a sponsor. For this visa, sponsorship is obtained through a free zone as a company contractor or as an individual. Keep in mind that work visas of this type are often referred to as freelance visas.

employment visa

What documents do you need for an employment visa in UAE?

When applying for an employment visa in the UAE, you need several supporting documents such as:

  • Original passport along with a copy of it.
  • A passport-sized photo, under UAE prerequisites.
  • Copies of academic qualifications. Note that these must be authorized by the UAE embassy or consulate in your country. In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country must do so.
  • A medical certificate, issued by a government-approved health facility in the UAE.
  • Documents from the hiring business, such as its business license or company card.

Procedure for the UAE work visa

Once all the Dubai work visa requirements have been obtained, the process begins with a work permit. This must be requested at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) of the United Arab Emirates. For that, the hiring company or organization must first issue an entry permit for work purposes.

In the same way, through this same ministry, you can obtain a residence permit. After that, the work permit approves the holder to enter the UAE to work legally.

Those who opt for self-employment do not need to fulfill any additional visa requirements for the UAE to work before entering the country. However, this type of worker does need to obtain an entry visa for arrival in the United Arab Emirates. When the worker lands in Dubai, they will collect an employment entry visa before the immigration checkpoint.

This is valid for 60 days while the work visa in Dubai is being processed.

Apply for a job in Dubai

To get a Dubai working visa, it is essential that the person first obtains a job offer. For this, you can go to the company office in the UAE or have it requested by a new employer. Otherwise, you cannot apply for an employment visa without a job. On the other hand, it is also common for foreigners to travel to Dubai and look for employment opportunities once they are in the country.

Start the UAE work visa process

Once you found a suitable employment offer in the UAE, your employer is responsible for submitting the initial documentation. You must send it to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) to begin the process of obtaining your work visas for Dubai.

Furthermore, the employer is required by law to pay the fees associated with the worker’s visa. In total, the initial stages of the visa process in the UAE take between two and three weeks. Likewise, the MoHRE will then send a UAE entry permit for two or more months to start working.

Paperwork for Dubai work visas

With your work permit in the UAE at hand, you can start gathering your employment visa requirements. These documents may include:

  • Completed work permit application.
  • Valid passport with a minimum duration of six months.
  • Copies of the employment contract.
  • Education certificates.
  • Foreign applicants must go to a local hospital for a medical examination and health certificate.

Submit documentation

With the required documentation for the work visa, you can send them to the Dubai Ministry of Labor office. There, they will review, approve and issue your employment visa in the UAE.

employment visa

For how long is a UAE work visa valid?

A work permit in Dubai, after approval, is valid for 30 days and can be extended for another 30. This is the time needed to obtain a residence visa, Emirates ID, and work card. Note that it is the residence visa and the work card that will allow you to live and work in the UAE legally.

Also, residence visas are issued for 1, 2, or 3 years, depending on the purpose and discretion of the authorities.

What is the process to renew the work visa?

Work visas for Dubai are issued for 1 to 3 years with the possibility of renewal. Also, the sponsor must renew it within 30 days before it expires. Likewise, the procedure for renewing it is similar to when it was obtained for the first time.

The sponsor must submit the application to the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs in the corresponding emirate.

Dubai work permit costs

The employer must cover the cost of applying for your work and residency visas. In addition, the amount you will have to pay depends on the skill level at which your work is classified.

  • Level 1 workers are those with degrees of bachelor’s or equivalent qualifications. This can include jobs such as doctors, accountants, teachers, and others. Visas cost about 300 AED.
  • Level 2 categories include people who have completed diplomas. The cost varies from AED 500 to AED 2,000.
  • For people with level 3 qualifications, those working in administrative functions, the charge is AED 5,000.

Also, these figures may vary depending on requirements such as medical evidence, legal fees, and translation costs. The employment visa in the UAE for those aged 65 and over cost an additional AED 5,000 every two years. In addition to the application fees, there is also a fee for issuing the ID card.

This generally varies depending on whether you apply in-person or online.

Check the status of the MoL visa

To inquire about the MoL visa status, you need to send the application number and the reference number to the corresponding entity. Then, with this, the person can trace the visa through the relevant channels for that purpose.

When applying in Dubai, check the status at the address of the General of Residence and Foreign Affairs-Dubai. Alternatively, if applicable in another Emirate, check the progress at the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Protection – ICP.

How can we help you with the process of obtaining your UAE work permit?

To summarize, in order to legally work in the UAE, you must apply for a visa and a work permit. To obtain it, you must meet the established UAE visa requirements. These include a valid passport and a health certificate. As a result, this will allow you to work in the country, taking advantage of the many benefits this region offers to professionals.

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