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Companies that want to grow in Saudi Arabia typically need to set up payroll, hire personnel, implement benefit management plans, and control remuneration. All of this effort is on top of creating a subsidiary that can legally operate in the nation. Therefore, it is important to have knowledge about the Saudi Arabia payroll employee process.

In this article, we will talk about the Saudi Arabia payroll employee process. Its benefits, drawbacks, and how you can hire payroll services. Outsourcing payroll services is an easy solution if you want to save time and money in the process. Let us observe:

  1. All you need to know about the payroll employee process
  2. Benefits of hiring payroll companies
  3. Challenges of hiring employee payroll services
  4. How can Connect Resources help you

All you need to know about the payroll employee process

The simplicity of doing business in this Persian Gulf nation places it among the top 100 places to establish a firm. The main factors luring international investors to this nation are its cutting-edge healthcare system, technological advancements, the government’s privatization of particular industries, and rich culture.

You should know all about the Saudi Arabian payroll process, employee benefits, and payroll costs if you are thinking about opening a company there. Here, we will help you gain the knowledge you need about Saudi Arabia payroll outsourcing:

Tax rules

You must pay some taxes as an employer on account of your employees, as well as make sure they can pay taxes on their own behalf. Each employee’s Saudi social insurance tax (GOSI), based on their base pay, must be paid by the employer. Typically, you should set aside 10% of the employer’s expenses for this. Additionally, you will need to contribute 2% toward the occupational hazards insurance that covers all employees.

Saudi Arabia payroll employee options

You have a number of options for Saudi Arabia employee payroll services, including:

  • Remote payroll: Larger businesses can have the means to add Saudi Arabian workers to the parent company’s payroll. While streamlining the payroll procedure, your Saudi Arabian employees will be subject to different payroll laws than those governing those employed by the parent firm.
  • Local payroll processing companies: Another choice is to cooperate with a Saudi Arabian business that will manage your open payroll. These companies will do your payroll employee process, but you are still in charge of compliance issues.
  • Setting up payroll internally: You might choose to setup an internal payroll if you are sure that you will be staying in Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless, doing so will cost a sizable sum of money and add more HR personnel.
  • Payroll outsourcing company: Finally, you can use Connect Resources to outsource your payroll global process. We can make sure that your workers receive their wages on time and at the correct rate, and we will take care of compliance instead of you.

How to set up payroll in Saudi Arabia?

You must create a subsidiary in order to set up your Saudi Arabia service payroll. This procedure can take many months or perhaps longer. Companies must budget the appropriate amount for several process phases that could incur additional expenditures.

Because we will serve as the PEO payroll agency when you engage with us, you will not need to create a subsidiary. As a payroll services company, we can assist you in starting quickly wit no problems; so you can install your payroll and hire skilled workers straight away.

It is vital to clarify entitlement and termination conditions before hiring staff and establishing payroll employee processes. According to an agreement between the employer and the employee, Saudi Arabia allows for probation periods of up to 90 days. Certain employment contracts specify how much warning you must provide workers before terminating employment, and after employment finishes, an employee is eligible for an “end-of-service award” according to their earnings.

Benefits of hiring payroll companies

PEO payroll processing is more than just cutting a cheque. It includes documenting the hours people worked, handling employee benefits, managing payslips, and making sure that there is full compliance with local legislation. Handling the administration for these and other jobs can be complicated, time-consuming, and ultimately unpleasant. Furthermore, accurate payroll processing is critical in Saudi Arabia because errors can result in penalties and fines.

Businesses, thankfully, have the option of outsourcing their payroll responsibilities. The following are the top reasons why you should consider hiring payroll providers in the region:

Buy time

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to buy time. You can get workforce management solutions by working with PEO payroll companies in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, you will have access to professionals who can provide comprehensive guidance on how to accomplish all HR-related responsibilities most successfully.

In essence, you get to save time by not having to discover the finest methods on your own and the hard way. Moreover, you let yourself concentrate your restricted strategic attention on the motivations behind starting your company.

Save money

Although there are financial costs associated with PEO payroll services in Saudi Arabia, you can perform a cost/time analysis. You will immediately recognize the advantages of working with great PEO services outsourcers as you proceed.

Outsourcing can take up significant time for you to calculate your payroll for each pay period, prepare, and send the money to the government. It would be wiser to spend this time focusing on your company’s key competencies; such as customer service and marketing.

Full compliance

Businesses having employees in Saudi Arabia are subject to a number of payroll-related duties. Social Security and tax payments fall under this. Employees based in Saudi Arabia are not required to pay income tax on their salary, but nonresident withholding tax and social security payments must be submitted.

Social security payments are now assessed to Saudi nationals at 10%. At the moment, withholding tax is paid between 5% and 20%. In Saudi Arabia, online payslips are available. Payroll reports must be kept on file for a minimum of seven years.

Do not miss tax remittances

Whether you have a single worker or hundreds, you may ask your PEO employee to send tax remittances to the appropriate authorities. Late remittance penalties are expensive in Saudi Arabia. Depending on the infringement, the General Authority of Zakat and Tax, or GAZT, can fine a company up to SAR 50,000. The yearly payroll expenses you pay for payroll outsourcing in Saudi Arabia may end up saving you a lot of money.

Work with a great team

As a businessman, you understand the importance of your staff. What you want is to assemble a fantastic team. This implies you must always compensate them timely and appropriately. Payroll processing services in Saudi Arabia will keep you informed of bank closures and public holidays in your area. You will also avoid the laborious work involved in writing cheques; as well as the possibility of cheques being delayed or running late.

A professional PEO outsourcing company can provide you with customized implementation alternatives. They exist to assist you in ensuring that appropriate salary estimates, deductions, and accruals are established to match your individual needs.

Challenges of hiring employee payroll services

Inexperience can lead to mistakes: When looking for a payroll processing outsourcing business, you should thoroughly research your options. It is critical that the business you choose for payroll employee outsourcing has extensive experience in all aspects of payroll activities, whether it is unionization, restaurant employee tips, or any other thing your business may be relevant to. Minor issues can have a significant impact on your company’s administration if not handled properly, and you cannot blame the outsourcing company.

The penalty is paid by the business owner: While it is extremely rare, there have been instances where outsourcing corporations fail to pay taxes and other governmental dues on behalf of the business on time, resulting in substantial penalties. Companies in Saudi Arabia are required to pay a 20% tax rate on time. If the business you engaged for payroll services fails to pay these taxes properly, you will be held liable for the penalty.

Expensive service packages: When making a sales presentation to you, many payroll outsourcing businesses provide a variety of services combined in a package. You must ensure what services your firm requires from them in order to avoid paying for services that you do not require. It is usually good to specify the services that you require from them and determine whether you desire to receive bundled services or pay for a single service that is less expensive.

How can Connect Resources help you

With Connect Resources you can find an ally for your payroll employee process. We provide the most cost-effective HR services in the region, including:

Do you want to outsource your payroll employee services with us? Contact us now! Send us an email at or call us at +971 43 316 688. With our company, you are guaranteed to succeed!

In addition, if you are looking for employment in the region, you can go on and find open job vacancies for you. Connect with employers and find the job of your dreams with our support! Send us your resume or CV at and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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